Light Spirit Epic Chapter 449: Moving to disaster (9)


Chapter 449: The calamity (nine)


An arm blocks General Cass’ knife.

Shaxing stretched out his left arm and used his arm bone to block Cass’s attack.

The general’s knife is very sharp and is a physical weapon with powerful enchantments. But no matter how sharp it is, it can’t cut through a dragon’s arm bone. ——The dragon’s bones are full of inherent photons, which the dragon moved from all over the body.

Although Sha Xing has lost its original strength, he can still make a part of his body extremely hard, hard enough to block this fatal blow.

Of course, it’s just the bones that block it. The blade was still deeply sunk into the flesh of Sha Xing’s arm, opening a big bone deep wound. Sha Xing’s left arm suddenly splattered with blood!

“…Boy, what did you just do?!” Cas looked surprised. It is absolutely impossible for a human arm to block Cass’s big sword, only the arm bone is cut off together. The blond boy in front of him was so unusual!


“…Finally swallowed.” Shi Xing swallowed the food smoothly into his stomach, and then said, “Despicable guy, don’t bully the old man who is poisoned and can’t fight back—– – Shall I play with you?”

Feeling an inexplicable threat, General Cass subconsciously jumped back and away from the evil star, while commanding the guards: “Don’t worry about that old man! Kill this kid first!”

The guards raised their spears and stabbed the evil star. Dozens of sharp spears plunged into the dragon’s body!

“Hey!” Sha Xing spat out a mouthful of blood. But he didn’t move, very calm.

“Stop!——Flee, Alexander! This has nothing to do with you!” The Roman emperor exclaimed as he looked at the blood-covered evil star.

“…you hide.” The evil star smiled bitterly, “I had a very pleasant day today. Even if it’s your favor.”

“” Roar ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah !!! “” A dragon roar shocked all the guards around him.

Before the guards who fell to the ground had time to get up, the dragon had already drawn his spear and threw it out. Several spears easily penetrated the guards’ chests, and Shaxing killed the three guards in an instant.

The other guards drew their swords from their waists and rushed over to attack the Star Dragon. But Long had already grabbed two large fireballs with both hands and threw them at the oncoming guard. The blazing flames not only ignited the guard, but completely melted the guard’s armor.

The molten steel of the armor splashed out and sprinkled on the other guards who followed, burning holes in these unfortunate soldiers! The dragon killed the other six guards in an instant!

Justin I exclaimed from the side: “No… Where do you get these powers? Are you——“

Exactly. The power of the evil star has been completely sealed. The key shards in his body constantly **** away the free photons flowing through his body, so he can’t absorb the free photons in the illusion to cast magic.

But he can use more than just the free photons in his environment: he can use the intrinsic photons stored in his body. The inherent photons are accumulated in the dragon’s body like fuel. When he is in a hurry, he can obtain the power source for casting magic by decomposing these inherent photons.

However, consuming the inherent photons in the body is equivalent to consuming one’s own vitality. Especially now, when his body is so weak, further reducing his vitality is equivalent to accelerating death. Dragons certainly wouldn’t use this power if they could choose not to.

But in such an emergency, he still had to use it. Not only for himself, but also to protect Justin I and Charlotte next to him.

(This is… the end.)

(Just let me play handsome for the last time.)

(Even if you can’t arrive handsomely, you can at least end handsomely.)

(This is my life without regrets.)

The evil star, the dragon lives up to its name, appearing like a shooting star, streaking brilliantly across the night sky, and then disappearing like a shooting star.

This is the last time in the male star’s life, a gorgeous fireworks display.

“Hoo!” Shaxing spit out a huge pillar of fire, igniting the three soldiers who rushed up to attack at the same time. The guards did not expect the dragon’s breath to spit out of the dragon’s mouth at all. They thought they could avoid the dragon’s fireball attack by paying close attention to the dragon’s hands.

“This guy…is a dragon*!!” General Cass shouted, reminding the six remaining guards.

(*Note: General Cass did not know the secret that the evil star is a dragon. In fact, only a few people such as the emperor of Rome knew about it. In the previous battle, the evil star also changed into a dragon before going to battle. The Roman one The generals have never seen the evil star transformed into a human.)

But the general’s shouting had the opposite effect. The guards heard that the evil star was a dragon, and immediately fled in fright!

It’s too late. The evil star has thrown a huge fireball, and the fireball drew a parabola in mid-air and exploded on the guards’ escape route. When it touched the ground, it produced a huge explosion! None of the soldiers involved in the flame storm were spared, and they were all burned to ashes! The other two soldiers were only blown by the blasting wind generated by the fireball, and were instantly dehydrated due to the high heat, turning into mummified corpses and falling to the ground powerlessly!

“Now, it’s your turn.” Sha Xing grabbed the fire in his hand and squeezed it into a spear shape. This is a very powerful fire magic, the flame magic gun. If you are hit by this kind of thing, you will definitely melt your armor and see your bones, and it will be vanished in the raging fire in the next second.

Cass saw the light blue terrifying high-temperature flame at the gun head, and knew that he was doomed: “Wait a minute! If you have something to discuss, discuss it——“

“You ruined my happy dinner time.” Shaxing said angrily. It’s obviously the last supper, but because of this villain, he can’t enjoy it well. He must make this guy Cass not die!

“Please, I have a wife and children at home——“

“Did you ask Alexander to beg you when you killed him?” Sha Xing roared, raising the flame magic spear in his hand, ready to throw it at Cass at any time!

“I didn’t kill him, Framter arranged for someone to kidnap the kid——” Cass’s eyes slyly turned, and he took a sneak peek at Charlotte.

“Stop talking nonsense! Go to hell!” Sha Xing waved his hand vigorously and threw the flame magic spear at Cass!

“Ha!” Cass saw this opportunity to dodge, and at the critical moment, he dodged the flame magic gun!

Although the power of the magic gun is amazing, it concentrates the heat to a high degree, and the killing range is not very good. It only swiped on General Cass’s shoulder, eroding a large area of ​​Cass’s shoulder armor, but allowing Cass to dodge the rest of the attack!

Cass didn’t take the opportunity to run away but tumbled towards Charlotte. As soon as he stood firm, he grabbed the girl and put the dagger in his hand against Charlotte’s neck: “Don’t move! If you move again, I’ll cut the girl’s throat!”

Long looked at Charlotte, who was kidnapped by General Cass, and flinched: “——Damn! Despicable humans!”

“Hehehe, that’s mean? You’re such a young brat.” Cass smirked smugly.

“Your Majesty, although it was a little different from what I expected, I still retreated first. Only I have an antidote for the poison you are in, so you can just wait for the poison to die!”

“You think I’ll let you go?!” Sha Xing roared.

“You will, you care about this girl. We’ve been following you all day, you’ve been dating her all day, they’re just a couple of lovers.” General Cass sneered.

“…Uncle, you’ve got two things wrong.” Charlotte couldn’t help but interject.

“What’s wrong?”

“First of all, he and I are not lovers at all. I’m just responsible for taking him to play; second, you want to kidnap me with this kind of knife? It’s useless.”

Charlotte had already pulled out the dagger in her arms and stabbed Cass fiercely. General Cass felt a sharp pain in his abdomen and became angry, and he slashed the dagger in his hand to Charlotte’s neck!

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