Light Spirit Epic Chapter 447: Moving to disaster (7)


Chapter 447: The calamity (seven)

At the same time, in Athens, Kaos took a bottle of blended Warcraft milk, stuffed it into the baby’s mouth, and fed the leopard baby.

“Brother Kaos.” Diana quietly walked into the room and set her eyes on the baby.

“I know what you’re thinking. But there’s no way.” Kaos didn’t even look at Diana, just focused on feeding the child.

“I didn’t come to **** the child from you. I just wanted to tell you that this little guy has no future.”

“Humph. What nonsense.” Kaos smiled disdainfully.

“It’s true. He has no value as a slave. How much feed do you need to raise him? What if he really does? He’s not a bunny and can’t be a beastman. He’s also seriously Premature birth, the body has collapsed, even if you do not die prematurely and grow up safely, it is absolutely impossible to become an excellent warrior. This is just a piece of meat that will be used to feed the monsters.”

Kaos stared at Diana with wide eyes: “It’s actually a piece of meat—“

He paused for a moment, then said angrily: “What about me. This is still my property, and it’s my business if I want to spend money to raise this guy. Even if I end up feeding him to Warcraft, this It’s up to me to make the decision, and it has nothing to do with you outsiders.”

“You’re just pranking, you don’t want to give your things to others in vain, brother.” The girl chuckled, “But think about it, what are the benefits of keeping this child? Others know that this is the child of you and a slave, and you will be ashamed. Even if you are not afraid of losing face, he is still a useless waste. You are really willing to spend more than ten years raising a slave’s child Big, just to feed the monsters? What’s the point of doing this?”

Kaos couldn’t answer for a while.

“Give it to me, brother. You don’t want to give it to people just because of that boring ego. Give it to me and I’ll take care of it for you. It happens to be [Thanksgiving] tonight, and we I need a sacrifice, and it’s best to hand this waste to me.

Contributing sacrifices to the priests not only saves your face, but also helps you deal with this trouble along the way, killing two birds with one stone, why not do it? “

(*Note: [Thanksgiving] is a ceremony held on the night after the New Year Festival. Simply put, it is a ceremony held by the Leopard people to celebrate that they “finally passed the most difficult day of the year”. They would offer sacrifices to thank the gods—usually animals that starved to death during the New Year festival.)

Listening to Deanna’s persuasion, Kaos began to be moved.

That’s right, this is just a child born from a slave. Although the blood of Chaos flows in his body, he is still a slave — he can’t become a monster or a warrior, it’s useless waste, even as a slave is an unqualified existence.

Deanna’s suggestion may be the best way to deal with this troublesome little guy with dignity.

Chaos once again looked at the face of the little black panther. The full baby leopard was sleeping soundly in the basket, not noticing the cruel fate he was about to face.

The Black Panther sighed: “Okay, take him. This useless slave will be given to you.”

High Priest Deanna sneered, picked up the basket, put down a small bag of gold in one hand, “I won’t ask for your contribution in vain. This is the fee to buy this slave. Take this money and go out and have a good time, today. Don’t attend the [Thanksgiving] at night.”

“…Of course.” Kaos took the money and forced himself to say calmly: “It’s just a child, you can have as many as you want. I’ll go out and find a woman to help me give birth to a dozen babies. Leopard.”

In this dark age, life is worthless. Just give birth to it, kill it casually, feed it for a while if you find it interesting, and simply deal with it when you get tired of it. That’s all.

It was just a lump of flesh dedicated to God.

In the evening, Rome.

“Wow—that’s a really good movie. I wanted to watch it in the movie theater a long time ago!” Charlotte walked out of the movie theater with a face full of spring breeze.

“Really?” Sha Xing followed behind the girl, with a puzzled look on his face, “I feel like this is too fake. Why would a poor boy with no money smuggle on a luxury cruise ship and dare to shout at the bow of the boat? What are you [the king of the world]. Isn’t that what an idiot does?”


“And I don’t know how to save myself after hitting an iceberg. I have to wait until the ship is really sinking before taking measures. How stupid and arrogant a human being must be——”

“It’s just a movie, don’t care too much——“

“And that old woman threw billions worth of precious gems into the sea like this, she’s an idiot. If you want to throw it, why not throw it when the ship sinks, and have to wait until decades later? Illogical——“

Charlotte couldn’t take it anymore: “Enough! That’s acting! Do you understand?! Acting! How naive are you talking about logic? You don’t know what romance is?”

“I really don’t know. I’m not human.” Shaxing retorted.

Charlotte sighed helplessly. And the Shaxing theory is to play the piano to the dragon.

“However, it’s really a good movie. The shipwreck is very bold. You humans are really fun geniuses. You can act so **** a ship that is about to sink into ice water. The actors who committed suicide by jumping into the ice water while acting are also very dedicated, I have high respect for There are so many places to spit, Charlotte has no strength to spit, just Keep silent.

“So—where do we go to play next?” Shaxing looked at the girl with sparkling eyes.

“Have you not had enough?” Charlotte looked at the evil star helplessly. She took the dragon to all the major food markets in Rome, ran an entire playground, and watched more than a dozen movies. She herself is half dead from exhaustion, does Long still feel that it is not enough? !

Is this guy really a dying dragon? incredible!

Charlotte has more and more doubts suppressed in her heart. Shouldn’t the recording on the phone be a game set up by the evil star? Although this stupid dragon doesn’t look like he can use a phone, it’s even less likely that he will understand how to record. Apart from accidentally pressing the recording shortcut on the left side of the phone to start recording, there should be no other possibility.

But…the guy looks really energetic…

“What’s the matter? Are you tired?” Shi Xing couldn’t help asking when she saw Charlotte was in a daze.

“I’m a little tired. It’s already evening, let’s go to dinner.” Charlotte put aside her doubts temporarily. In any case, Sha Xing himself said that this is the last time to [harass] Charlotte, as long as she survives today.

I won’t have to see this disgusting guy again.

When she thought about it, she couldn’t help but feel a little lonely.

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