Light Spirit Epic Chapter 435: Awakening to Yehui (1)


Chapter 435 Awakening to Yehui (1)

At the same time, in the central square of Athens, High Priest Diana was treating Albert’s injuries with an ancient cane. There was a soft white light on the cane, and wherever it moved, the photons emitted stimulated the wound cells of the tiger man youth and promoted the healing of the wound.

El looked at Deanna’s cane curiously, knowing that the artifact, like Argus’ Lightning Spear and Bagus’ Flame Sword, could absorb the photons in the user’s body to cast magic, so that Orcs who were originally unable to use magic had the option of using magic. He kept praising the wisdom of the ancients in his heart, and at the same time, he was very anxious, hoping to quickly heal his injuries and help Bedivere and the others to deal with the army of monsters.

“Can’t the power of the Sun Egg be used effectively?” Deanna asked, seeing through Albert’s mind.

Albert asked inexplicably: “That thing has a special power, meow? In my opinion, it just gave me a pair of wings——“

“If it was just such an ordinary ability, it wouldn’t have been so solemnly stored in Typhon in the Demon Realm by the ancients.” Diana thought, apparently she didn’t know what the ability of the Sun Egg was either. “All in all, you must think about it. Use your body to feel the real use of this [Sun Egg]. We have little time left.”

The fact that Deanna is so strong can only make Albert worry. There is no manual for the sun egg to tell El what to do, how does he know how to use the power of the sun egg? ! ——In fact, he has just mastered the control of these wings not long ago, and he can’t even fly, not to mention those more complicated operations!

“Ugh…” At this moment, a leopard man came over.

Deanna was surprised to see that her brother, Chaos, was seriously injured: his left arm was broken and drooping weakly, and there were many wounds on his thigh and abdomen.

“Di… Anna.” Kaos took a few steps forward and immediately fell to the ground weakly.

“Kaos?” Deanna hurried over to check her brother’s situation, “How could you do this?!”

“That… woman, the sorceress of Morgos…” Chaos struggled to get up, “she is the culprit of everything, she plans to lead the army of beasts to attack Athens, in order to **** [ Battleship of Twilight – Nagirfa].”

“What?! How would she know—she said you don’t trust women of unknown origin, you are always victimized by lust, and you will lose your life sooner or later if you go on like this. Move around, I’ll help you heal——“

Just when Deanna took out her staff to heal Chaos’ injury, a strange light suddenly flashed in the Leopard Man’s eyes.

Aware of this, Albert swooped without a word, throwing Deanna away.

He turned his head and saw that a wound had been drawn on his calf with a knife, and Chaos, who was holding the knife, sneered. The Panther was planning to stab Deanna!

“Brother Kaos?!” Deanna screamed in disbelief.

“Stop, he is no longer the brother Kaos you know.” Albert stood in front of the Snow Leopard girl, “He was controlled by someone!”

Yes, Chaos has long been controlled by Morgoth with the blood of chaos. The only purpose of the current Black Panthers is to **** the key to [Battleship of Twilight – Nagirfa] from High Priest Deanna!

Chaos took his severed arm and stood up as if nothing had happened. His black hair began to turn crimson, and he looked very sinister: “Why don’t you die obediently? That would have saved us. A lot of trouble for each other.”

Albert drew his weapon: “Deanna, stand back! I’ll deal with this guy!”

“Stop it! You can’t beat Brother Kaos! He is the strongest of the three brothers!”

“I know.” Albert still stubbornly pushed Deanna back, “That is to say, it’s time for me to figure out how to use [Sun Egg].”

Before Albert could finish speaking, Chaos had already raised the long sword in his hand to attack.

Albert had fought against Bagus, and he had predicted that the weapon in the opponent’s hand had some kind of magical effect. But he never thought that the long sword in Kaos’ hand would be so special:

The sword drawn by Kaos has a bluish-white brilliance, and the blade has a very low temperature, which instantly condenses the water vapor in the air, forming an ice arc as thin as paper and as sharp as a blade! The ice arc took the white vapor and cut to Albert at a very high speed!

The tiger boy raised his dagger subconsciously to block, but he immediately understood that doing so would kill people. The ice arc is so thin and fragile that even if the grid blocks part of it, the section of that part will shatter immediately. The rest will continue to fly forward, cutting the rest of Albert’s body in half!

Realizing the horror of death, El immediately put away his dagger and tumbled backwards. The arc of ice slid past his tail, cutting off a large section of the tail, and he didn’t even feel the pain!

El just finished rolling, and Chaos had already drawn the second and third swords. Two arcs of ice crossed and swept across, each of which was ten feet wide, blocking Albert’s escape route!

Seeing that there was nowhere to hide, the tiger-man boy had to jump high and move his wings in the air to perform a double jump to avoid this terrifying ice arc combo. He didn’t intend to let Kaos send out any more deadly arcs of ice, and flew towards the Leopard Man. Before the Leopard Man could raise the fourth sword, he swung the dagger and The Leopard Man turned the tip of his sword towards A little on the ground, vigorously pick up. An icicle filled with sharp ice thorns instantly formed and stabbed at Albert obliquely!

Al’s dash was very violent, and when he saw the icicles bursting out of the ground, he almost hit it. He could only flap his wings violently, generating a strong reaction force to buffer, and at the same time he frantically raised The dagger slashed.

He still slammed into the icicle awkwardly, but his dagger quickly slashed most of the spikes from the icicle, saving him from being stabbed to death by the sharp icicle. He was stabbed on his calf and arm, causing a lot of small wounds!

Chaos didn’t give El any chance to breathe. He swept his sword, his magic sword smashed the icicle, and smashed the icicle. There are countless small holes in the body. El hurriedly used his wings to block in front of him, keeping his body from at least the most deadly injury!

He flew out far away, flew about ten yards before landing, and glided for several yards. He just put away his wings, intending to observe the opponent’s movements from this slightly far distance, but saw Chaos raise his sword and smash the ground!

As the Leopard Man’s sword pointed to the ground, icicles rose from the ground and hit Albert in a straight line! It was estimated to be the cold air that spread under the ground – a freezing wave. If you can’t avoid it, even if you are not pierced by the sharp spikes of the icicles that burst open on the ground, you will be hurt by the fierce cold!

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