Light Spirit Epic Chapter 434: Melee in the Festival Night (8)


Chapter 434 The melee in the sacrifice night (eight)

Bedivere rushed into the group of monsters and fought for a while. A wolf’s sharp claws slashed diagonally, and the werewolf boy leaned his left shoulder to dodge over, and stabbed a shot at the same time! His long spear pierced the chest of the sitting wolf smoothly in the flaws exposed by the monster, ending the life of this monster!

But Bedivere didn’t have time to catch his breath, and another beast was already flying towards him. The porcupine rolled its thorny body and crashed into Bedivere, who immediately turned into a silver wolf and got under the belly of the warg he had just killed.

The porcupine slammed into the corpse of the Warg and knocked the Warg over, but Bedivere was unharmed. After the porcupine finished hitting and stopped, it had already emerged from the Warg’s belly and stabbed with a spear. , remove the left eye of the millipig! The millipig twisted its head up in pain, and its sharp tusks made a small incision on Bedivere’s arm! Bedivere saw that the attack failed to resolve the beast, and the opponent was getting a little dangerous, so he quickly pulled out an arrow with moderate power. The powerful shock wave from the magic bow instantly smashed the porcupine’s head to pieces!

There are even more monsters running about in the streets, wreaking havoc everywhere! After Bedivere went mad, he kicked the porcupine’s body diagonally to the right, and then punched the Warg’s body diagonally to the left.

The terrain of Athens is in the center of the city, with a gradient from high to low. Bedivere came from the center of the city, of course, on the side of the higher terrain. After he knocked out the corpses of the two monsters, the corpses of the monsters immediately began to roll, rolling down the lower street! The group of monsters on the street avoided the rolling corpses as a matter of course, and they jumped to the middle of the street and lined up in an approximate straight line.

This is exactly what Bedivere wants. His magic bow, the Fire of Nare, is very stamina-consuming and can only be used about three times a day, so every shot must be used rationally. This was his last shot of the day, and he hoped that this shot would eliminate as many enemies as possible.

Whoosh! ! ! After the bow was fully drawn, a powerful shock wave flooded the sky and hit the street. Hundreds of demon beasts swept up in the shock wave immediately smashed into meat sauce!

After killing hundreds of beasts in one blow, Bedivere was exhausted, and he half-knelt down to take a breath. But he didn’t have much time to breathe, and more monsters had already gathered around!

“Today’s battle is really endless.” He reluctantly raised his spear to fight.

In the east of the city, Papho raised his axe and slashed at a porcupine, slicing off half of the beast’s head. The porcupine fell weakly, but the other warg had already pounced. Pavu threw the chain attached to the end of the axe, wrapped around the Warg’s leg, and threw it out before the wolf hit him! The Warg smashed heavily on a porcupine, and the porcupine’s thorns pierced it into blood, and the porcupine was also smashed into blood by the weight of the huge monster!

Pavu had already retracted the chain, and threw the axe out in one hand, smashing the head of the other wolf, he pulled the chain again, and the beast hit by the axe flew away, and smashed the other beast again. superior!

A monster had already taken this opportunity to rush past Pavu, making a big hole in the Elephant Man’s shoulder. The Elephant Man endured the pain, provoked rage, and swept the giant axe on the chain. Pulled by the iron chain, the huge axe swept across the army like a whirlwind, knocking all the nearby beasts flying!

The axe and chain are made from the bones of the Hydra. Although there is no special enchantment, they are unparalleled in power due to their heavyness and hardness. Everywhere it hits, there is a sound of bones shattering, and blood splatters everywhere it sweeps! The beasts were smashed to pieces on their heads, shoulders, stomachs, and legs. Because of this huge kinetic energy, they flew out one after another, hitting more beasts in the distance, causing even more damage!

“Ha, ha, ha,” Pavle was exhausted after using such a heavy move, and had to stop to take a breath. When he was gasping for breath, a porcupine had already rolled its body and flew over! As a last resort, Pavle had to raise his arms in a defensive posture, and the porcupine slammed into Pavle heavily!

“Ugh!” The Elephant Man was knocked out dozens of yards, but a large group of beasts were already waiting at his landing site, ready to rush up to tear the Elephant Man to pieces! Papho endured the pain in his arms, grabbed the chain and rolled in the air!

Boom! ! ! ! ! ! The giant axe volleyed twice in the air under the traction of the iron chain, and smashed to the ground with the iron chain! The powerful shock wave raised made all the monsters in the line smashed to pieces! The shock wave even shook away dozens of demon beasts next to him, making a way out for the fallen Pavu!

As soon as Pavu landed, he didn’t have time to breathe, he immediately pulled up the chain and rolled up the giant axe and swept away the beasts within a ten-yard radius! The porcupine, who had just bumped into Pavu and continued to chase after him triumphantly, just hit Pavu’s whirlwind axe, and was directly smashed into several pieces of flesh and blood from the waist and abdomen!

Puff paused again to take a few breaths. More monsters continued to pour in. The number of them was too staggering. Pavu had just killed a hundred monsters, and he was already exhausted. Now this large group of monsters is even more difficult to deal with!

A large number of Wargs rushed forward, about to tear the Elephant Herbalist to pieces. Elephant Man saw that there was no way out, so he took out a bottle of black potion from his arms.

The demon beasts rushed over, knocked down Papho, surrounded them, and began to frantically bite, opening countless wounds on the elephant man, and biting off the head of the elephant man’s arms and thighs!

“Haaaaaaaa!” Besieged by countless As a final counterattack, the elephant man used the maddening technique. The huge elephant man thirty feet tall was red all over and smoking white smoke, which was the effect of his drinking banned drugs. He waved his arms frantically, smashing the surrounding monsters into flesh, blood splashed everywhere, and it was impossible to tell whether it was the blood of the monsters or the blood of the elephant man Pavu!

The demon beasts rushed up frantically and bit the feet, abdomen, and even arms of the elephant man. Pave felt no pain at all. He kept grabbing those monsters from his body, smashing them to the ground, and at the same time running towards his destination, his huge feet trampled the monsters along the way!

The mighty Hero’s Elixir is effective against armies of beasts, but it also destroys Papho’s body from within. Bones began to crumble, muscles began to tear, and even internal organs began to fail.

“…Little…Black!” The elephant-human herbalist, who still had a trace of consciousness, looked into the warehouse where the rabbit-human slaves were being held. At this juncture of life and death, for some reason, the only thing he cared about was the bunny girl.

After drinking this violent anesthetic, he knew that he would not live long, and the only thing he could do now was to use his limited life to protect the people he could protect.

The anaesthetic developed by his father, Pavle Sr., which little Pavle loathed, should be used at least once. Not for killing and destroying, but for saving and protecting—this is the last resistance of the herbalist little Pavu to his father.

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