Light Spirit Epic Chapter 433: Melee in the Festival Night (7)


Chapter 433 The melee in the sacrifice night (seven)

At twelve o’clock in the evening, I realized that the climax of the festival had passed, and a large group of monsters lurking outside the city rushed in frantically. These thousands of monsters, mainly composed of wolves and porcupines, began to wreak havoc on the eastern side of Athens!

“The attack of monsters?” Albert heard what the priests said, and quickly asked: “How can this happen, what should we do?”

“No, you don’t have to do anything.” Deanna quickly bandaged Albert’s wound and wrapped Al’s burnt body with a bandage, “We’ll take care of it, you can rest well tonight. .”

“No, you can’t handle it!” Bedivere looked at the army of demon beasts rushing frantically in the distance, and the astonishing number startled him, “Take El to refuge! I’ll try to block it here!”

Dozens of beasts have already rushed over, only fifty yards away! Bedivere launched a maddening, and instantly drew a full bow, shooting a powerful shock wave! The shock wave shot straight out, involving the oncoming army of monsters, tearing all the monsters into pieces!

“Give me back the magic knives!” Baggs shouted, “I’ll stop them!”

“I want it too! — Give me back the gun!” Argus also got up, enduring the serious injury. The priests had just bandaged him, but the blood on his body had already dyed the bandage red. .

Beddie and Al looked at each other and handed the captured weapons back to the Hackett brothers. Even if they were mortal enemies who fought each other just now, in this emergency situation, they had no choice but to trust them.

The monsters are all attacking from the east of the city, and it seems that they only need to defend this direction. However, it is easier said than done, who can defend a city under the attack of more than 1,000 monsters?

“Okay, let’s split up and head east in three separate ways.” Bedivere said timidly, “I’m the least injured, so I’ll take the lead. Al, you only have a dagger, you absolutely cannot To compete with those huge monsters, stay here to protect the high priest, right?”

“I can do something too ——“

“Just protect the high priest!” Bedi said in a strong tone, turning into a huge silver wolf at the same time, grabbing his magic bow, and running towards the east of the city at a high speed.

The two Hackett brothers looked at Bedivere away and planned to leave. Argus complained: At this time, where did Kaos fool around? !

They know that the only shortcoming of the third brother Kaos is that he is lecherous. But there should be a limit to the nonsense. Today’s [Death Tour] is a duel that gambles on life and death, and the position of the patriarch. This guy Kaos actually missed such an important duel!

However, there is one person from Bedivere missing, and the fight is fair.

Although Argus and Bagus have hatred in their hearts, they can only resent their unlucky and inferior skills.

At the same time, on the outskirts of Athens, through the small hole, I saw the monster army outside attacking in a big way, and Papho couldn’t wait.

“Let me go. Right now!” he turned to Ryder.

“No. If you rush into that group of monsters now, you’re going to kill yourself.” Ryder stopped, “Wait a little longer! It will be soon.”

“Can’t wait.” Puff pulled out his weapon and pointed at Rabbit Ryder.

Ryder looked at Pavre helplessly: “If you really want to court death,… go ahead.”

He used the [Lord of Time and Space – Andrew Lalot] in his hand to draw a large circle in mid-air.

“Go out.” Ryder sneered.

Pavle didn’t understand at first the point of Ryder’s sneer. But when he tried to climb out of the large circle at the exit of the warp, he immediately understood why Ryder was sneering. The huge Elephant Man was stuck in the exit of the subspace, only the upper body was squeezed out, and the lower body from the abdomen below was stuck, but it couldn’t be squeezed out!

In order to hold Pavre down, Ryder controlled the exit to a size that the Elephant couldn’t get out of, so Pavu didn’t see clearly and headlessly drilled out, and was immediately trapped Living.

Rabbit proudly poked Elephant Man’s **** from behind Pavle: “Hey, you’re such an idiot with only muscles, just get stuck here and have a good rest, don’t worry about it.”

“Damn…” The Elephant Man took a deep breath, gathering strength for the next big explosion.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Under his brute force, his lower body had already squeezed out a few inches!

“What?! You lunatic—-” Before Ryder could finish speaking, Papho had already moved out a few inches, and his abdomen had already run to the exit of the warp, leaving only the **** below. part.

“Wait a minute! Don’t do this! You’re really going to die!”

Rabbit’s words have two meanings: if you use brute force on the exit of the warp, it is very likely to tear your own flesh and blood, and be twisted by the sharp edge of the warp and cut off the lower body!

And, what if Pavu was forced out by brute force? Did he really think that he could deal with thousands of crazy monsters by himself? !

This kind of stupid practice, in addition to courting death, is courting death. All the rabbit people who think about problems with utilitarian logic are completely incomprehensible!

“Mmmmmmmmm!” Elephant Man struggled to pull himself out, he could hear the sound of some bones breaking, but he deliberately ignored it.

“Why?! Those leopards are not related to You don’t have to work so hard!?” Ryder shouted.

Pavu didn’t agree, just continued to pull his body out.

“Clap!” Something really broke. Puff’s tail. That was the only thing left to prevent the elephant man from going out. Now it has been torn and broken, and a lot of blood has poured out. The blood that spreads on the Elephant Man’s pants has a lubricating effect, and the Elephant Man immediately slipped out of the exit of the warp!

Pavu fell to the ground, took a breath, and rushed into the group of beasts without looking back.

“Unbelievable…” Ryder looked at Pavre far away in surprise, “Is this lunatic just wanting to die?”

“Let him go.” Ser Arctor, who was half drunk and everyone thought he was asleep, finally spoke up, “This is his fate, you can’t stop him.”


Ryder looked at the tail of the Elephant Man falling to the ground, feeling guilty for a while.

The so-called clustering. Everyone with Bedivere is such a lunatic.

Ryder envied such lunatics. These men possessed a precious quality that Ryder had never possessed, a quality that was indescribable, yet possessed a powerful and terrifying power.

In the language of Ryder’s most hated human being, this trait is called ————–[meaning].

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