Light Spirit Epic Chapter 436: Awakening to Yehui (2)


Chapter 436 Awakening to Yehui (2)

Facing the extremely deadly freezing wave, Albert hurriedly rolled sideways, crawling and trying to escape! The icicles spreading on the ground turned a corner and kept chasing Albert!

Tiger scolded the opponent’s weapon’s ability to be insane, as if he was fighting a cheating guy — but he had no choice but to keep running and dodging!

When Kaos released the tracking air-conditioning wave, he was not idle at the same time. He slashed several swords, and arcs of ice swept towards Albert relentlessly, causing the tiger man boy to dodge in a mess.

El had no choice but to run around Chaos. As the freezing air wave spreads on the field, there is more and more ice on the ground, there are sharp ice flowers everywhere, and there is less and less space for activities. Al rolled to avoid the oncoming ice arc, and when he first landed, he found that his tail had been frozen by the chasing freezing wave.

The icy tail froze El to the ground and couldn’t move. If he couldn’t do anything, even his feet would be frozen in the next second! The tiger man boy made a decisive decision, raised his dagger and cut off his own tail, and at the same time dashed forward!

An ice arc is drawn vertically! Ai swayed sideways with the smallest movements, without reducing the speed of the sprint at all, he bet his life with a blow, vowing to defeat the dangerous guy Chaos!

“Ha!” The tiger man stabbed a blow, and Chaos raised his sword to block.

Unexpectedly, this is a fake! El swung to the right long ago, and stabbed another sword!

Chaos’s long sword is not as flexible as the opponent’s dagger. Just after blocking, he can only adjust the direction in time to continue to block the blow. El’s dagger slashes diagonally from Chaos’s arm, only in the There was a not-so-deep wound on it, and he himself continued to roll behind Chaos!

Kaos was about to laugh at the tiger boy’s lackluster attack, but he unexpectedly felt a pain in his feet!

The cryo wave came after Albert, but hit Kaos firmly! The two swords that El stabbed were fake movements, just to distract Chaos, so that he could not detect the arrival of the freezing wave!

The icicles burst under Kaos’ feet, and countless icicles burrowed out of the ground as if they were alive, blooming like lotus flowers!

Kaos’ lower body was immediately frozen and unable to move, and the ice thorns pierced wounds on his legs. None of these wounds bleed, and the blood on Kaos’s legs was coagulated in the low temperature!

“It’s all over. Surrender!” Albert raised his dagger against Kaos’ back.

“Hmph, hum hum hum hum!” Kaos sneered, “Don’t be naive, do you think you can beat me like this?”

He raised the ice demon sword high and stabbed the ground violently!

A huge icy fog began to spread under the ground, freezing the surroundings.

“Run! He wants to die with you!” Deanna yelled.

“Oh, **** it!” Albert ignored Kaos and ran away.

But he only took two steps, and a huge ice wall appeared in front of him. It seems that this great magic is centered on Kaos. First, an ice wall that traps the enemy is created at the outermost periphery, and then the Everyone in the center is frozen!

Albert jumped up immediately, planning to jump over the ice wall with a double jump! late! Everything within the scope of the Great Magic’s influence was rapidly freezing, and El’s wings were also covered with a thick layer of ice, unable to flap any longer, and he fell weakly to the ground!

Countless icicles surrounded the tiger-man boy, and in front of him was a **** covered with thorns, cold as frost, and these icicles continued to grow bigger and thicker, and began to squeeze Albert! The sky above the ice prison has been sealed by countless ice thorns, and this time it is really going to the ground and there is nowhere to escape!

In ten seconds, the tiger man boy will be pierced by ice piercings coming from all directions! He looked at Chaos in the magic center. The leopard man had long been protected by a large block of ice and was frozen in the center of the ice—it would be a waste of time to attack Chaos! Even killing Kaos might not be able to lift this ice prison!

There was no way to save him. Albert reluctantly watched as the ice thorn pierced his leg. He used his wings to protect his upper body, hoping that the ice thorn would not hurt so much——

“Brother El!” Diana looked at the huge ice prison in front of her and knelt on the ground in despair: “No!————“

And then, silence.

The orcs who were still gathering in the center of the square were all quiet.

The breath of the night gradually thickened, and the torches at the festival were all extinguished in a gust of wind. Silence and darkness enveloped the venue.

The strong wind also blew away the dark clouds that blocked the moonlight, pulling the elegant moonlight out of the dark night.

Then, light began to shine.

Deanna was surprised to see that a shimmer of light began to appear in the dark ice prison. The ice cubes are colorless and transparent, and they constantly reflect and refract this ray of light, reflecting the entire ice prison into a translucent body!

Because the ice is so clear, and because the night is so dark, a little light can illuminate the darkness!

The light in the ice prison is getting brighter and brighter, and in this dark environment, it has undoubtedly become the only focus of everyone. Deanna narrowed her eyes and tried to see what the light was all about, but saw countless white smoke roaring out of the ice prison.

These white smokes are the water vapor ejected by high pressure after the ice is in the ice prison is glowing at the same time, and it is also emitting high heat.

Bitter. With a crisp sound, cracks began to appear in the ice prison.

Lili Lili Lili! More rifts are spreading on the walls of the Frozen!

Clap! ! With a loud noise, the ice prison shattered immediately! The originally thick ice wall suddenly shattered into countless pieces of ice and splashed out! The warm air is also continuously sprayed out, melting the frost around it!

In the center of the ice prison, is Albert.

The tiger man boy stretched his wings and floated in the air. That white wing is the source of the light, but it is not the source of the light.

Deanna saw an extremely thin light in mid-air, pouring down from the endless sky, hitting Albert’s chest.

The source of that light is the moon.

The moon is collecting the brilliance of the sun, and then gathers it into a bunch and supplies it to Albert.

Those wings are like a huge antenna, used to receive the light from the moon. If it’s daytime, it’s estimated to be able to absorb power directly from sunlight.

Deanna finally understands that this is the true purpose of the [Sun Egg]. It’s a giant energy-supplying device that absorbs light from the sun day and night. That is pure energy (not photons) that can be directly absorbed and used by the bearer of the Sun Egg!

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