Light Spirit Epic Chapter 427: Melee in the Festival Night (1)


Chapter 427 The melee in the sacrifice night (1)

Seven o’clock in the evening. Glick territory, Athens.

“What should I do if Pavf hasn’t appeared yet?” Albert asked worriedly.

“There is no other way, only the two of us can get on.” Bedivere used a dagger to cut two long slits on the back of Albert’s clothes, “Okay, let’s stretch out your wings and try?”

Al’s wings stretched out smoothly from the opening on the back of his jacket. He tried to flap his wings, and the wings fluttered weakly.

“Wow, this **** that gets in the way! It can’t fly, and it’s too heavy to die——” Albert was annoyed for a while, worrying about his future life. The wings are actually not that heavy, the heaviness is his psychological effect.

“Be optimistic, there will always be a way.” Brady put away his dagger, “Okay, let’s go out.”

The two walked out of the patriarch’s house together. The outside was full of sparks. Countless leopards lit torches and lined up in the aisle, all casting admiring glances at Albert. They took the winged white tiger as their savior, [Sottnes].

Albert, who was very uncomfortable by the onlookers, subconsciously moved closer to Bedy, and the two slowly walked towards the central square in Athens under the guidance of the old housekeeper Simons.

“Ever since I was a child, I have been teased by my clansmen.” The tiger-man boy whispered beside Bedivere, “I am clumsy, unable to be a great warrior like my brother, and I am afraid of seeing blood. How can a waste like me be admired? This world is crazy.”

“Don’t think too much, Al. You’re already brave.” Bedi looked around, carefully observing the topography of the village.

Fighting in the square is very disadvantageous. Although Bedivere has a powerful weapon, the magic bow [the Fire of Nare], it cannot be used in the city of Athens, at least not full of bows – that thing fires The shock wave can blow up half the city!

The only thing that can be used is the hydra tooth dagger given to him by the patriarch Tut. It is a powerful magic weapon made from the fangs of the hydra, which happens to be paired with El’s dagger, which is one of the hydras. There are two fangs on the left and right of the head.

They are no longer poisonous, but the inherent photons attached to the fangs can make the fangs as hard as steel, as tough as rubber, and as light as a feather. The vacuum wave released by the hydra tooth dagger along the blade when slashing the object can make the blade cut into pieces without touching the object. These two daggers can be said to be extremely sharp – Bedivere only hopes that these daggers can really compete with the three Hackett brothers… and not kill the three Hackett brothers.

While Brady was contemplating, the group had come to the center of the square.

High Priest Deanna was waiting in the square, as were the three Hackett brothers.

Or, “The Hackett Brothers”.

Because, the only ones present were Argus, the eldest, and Bagus, the second. The third child, Kaos, seemed to be late.

“Hehe, I’m still worried about one missing person here, so you are missing one too?” Argus sneered and pulled out a weapon—an ancient spear. It appears to have a powerful enchantment on it.

“That’s fair.” Bedivere and Albert also drew their daggers at the same time.

“You have to wait until you are all ready to start the duel.” High Priest Deanna stopped on the high platform, “This is not in line with tradition——“

“Noisy! You gave the [Egg of the Sun] to a foreigner, is it very traditional?!” The second brother Bagus refuted Deanna speechless.

Baggs then drew his weapon, too: a machete, also very old in shape. There are a lot of magic spell patterns engraved on it. Just by looking at the spell patterns shimmering in the dark, you know that this machete has some kind of magic purpose.

The orcs, due to their inability to use magic (as soon as they try to gather photons in their bodies, they become [maddening]), use a variety of weapons with magic or enchantments to expand the available tactics, almost becoming them common sense. Bedivere gestured to remind Albert to be careful with the cursed sword. That thing might fly out of fireballs while waving it!

There are only two Hydra daggers with almost no special magic, and it may be very difficult to deal with the strange magic weapons of the Hackett brothers.

I had to bite the bullet.

Bedivere raised his dagger and charged forward.

An hour ago, in a dungeon in Athens.

Xiao Hei’s hands were tightly bound by ropes, half-hanging in the air. The whip fell and hit the black rabbit **** the back.

“Ouch!” Rabbit grunted, but did not beg for mercy.

“Aren’t you willing to tell me?” Kaos watched from the side, “Murdering a supervisor is a serious crime, especially as a slave, if you commit the murder of your superior, you will really be executed.”

“I, I said it all, it was an accident… The overseer hurriedly approached the cage of the beast and was bitten by the mad beast.” Xiao Hei retorted in a low voice, her whole body was The whip pulled out dozens of wounds, panting weakly.

“Oh, right?” Kaos winked at the leopard guard beside him, and the guard raised his whip again and slapped the bunny **** the back.

“Ouch!” The rabbit was drawn for a while.

“Then answer me, why did the Alex overseer take off his pants [suddenly], and why did he run into the cage with his bare ass, and send his head into the cage of the beast recklessly?” Kaos Asked, “What did you do to him?”

“I, I don’t have…”

“So, what did he do to you?!” Kaos asked after seeing the whole story.

Xiao Hei was silent for a while.

Kaos sneered and waved the executioner to go out. Then, he approached Xiao Hei, stretched out his hand and grabbed the cheek of the Black Rabbit: “You are just a slave, if he wants to play with your body, let him play. As a slave, you don’t even know that. Do you know?”

Xiao Hei did not speak.

“If you don’t know how to be good, you won’t live long. Or do you think you little **** thought I’d pampered you once and thought I’d love you all the time?”

Xiao Hei’s eyes slid down with tears: “Don’t do this, Master Kaos…”

Kaos grinned: “With your strength, it is absolutely impossible to throw Alex to the cage. That is to say, there must be someone else in the warehouse at that time. Come on, you little bitch, you were at that time. With whom?!”


“Really not?!” Kaos hugged the black rabbit girl’s arm tightly, “If you don’t say anything, I will punish you——“


“Then, don’t blame me for being rude—” Kaos tightened the bunny girl’s arms tightly, put his mouth on the girl’s neck, and bit down hard. His hand also touched down restlessly——

“Ugh…No, Mr. Kaos…”

“A mere slave, pretending to be arrogant.” The Black Panthers are rude and Really can’t…where are there adults and your children…”

“What?!” The Leopard Man took a step backwards as if electrocuted. He looked at the Black Rabbit Girl in the dark room at night: “You, what did you say?!”

“I know that my humble body is not worthy of being pregnant with your child, but…”

Chaos was silent for a while.

Then, he said distrustfully: “Why do you say it’s my child? You are such a jerk, God knows who you have had a relationship with!”

The little black reported a moment of silence. Only she knows the truth.

Kaos was silent for a while, and then he snorted angrily: “Humph!…What a disappointment! I should go.”

“Master Kaos… Please give me some abortion pills so that I can abort the child…” Xiao Hei cried and begged.

“No.” Kaos, who had just stepped out of the door with one foot, stopped again, “No matter who the child in your belly belongs to, I will keep it. It is also my slave and my property. , I will not let my property go to waste!”

“Master Kaos…”

Ignoring Xiao Hei’s pleas, the leopard man slammed the iron door of the cell shut and left in stride. The room reverberated with the slight sobbing of the black bunny girl.

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