Light Spirit Epic Chapter 428: Melee in the sacrifice night (2)


Chapter 428 The melee in the sacrifice night (2)

After Kaos left the prison where Xiao Hei was being held, as soon as he came out of the house, he saw a coquettish female leopard man with pure red fur and pure red clothes.

She smiled at him: “Sweetheart, why don’t you come with me tonight?”

Kaos frowned: “Morgos, why are you here?”

He was a little afraid of this woman.

Two weeks ago, this woman appeared and approached him for no reason. The Red Panther woman was so charming that she quickly became fascinated by Chaos. They often fought hotly and spent many happy evenings together.

However, every morning, when Kaos woke up from the bed and looked at the sleeping red panther girl, he couldn’t help but feel a strange feeling in his heart.

This woman is not a leopard. She’s not even an orc, but some kind of monster in animal skin.

The strong scent of perfume on her body is not just to cover up her alien aura, but also to cover up…a ​​terrifying demonic aura. —— Kaos vaguely felt this, but he deliberately did not expose it. He was afraid that after dismantling everything, this woman would tear off her leopard skin and turn into a real monster.

Now, this coquettish woman who made Kaos fear and adore, unexpectedly, unexpectedly, instead of waiting for Kaos to go to her, she came to Kaos automatically. There must be something odd about it.

“The slave’s house is lonely. In the past few days, people all over the world have been busy with the [Yue New Year Festival], and no one has come to play with the slave’s house.” Os’s waist, his hands began to feel restlessly on Kaos’s body—

“Cough, no, Mogos, don’t do this kind of thing in public.”

“What are you afraid of, the sky is so dark, no one will see it.” The witch chuckled, “Or, you want to go to the back alley——“

“No,” Kaos pushed Morgoth’s hand away, “I still have a duel to take part in tonight, have you forgotten? After tonight’s business is over, I’ll have a good time with you. , okay?”

“Well, the slave family can’t wait, the slave family wants your people now.” Morgos was still restless, and kept dragging the Panthers to the dark part of the street.

“You are such a lingering kitty.” Kaos glanced at the dark street, “Okay, only ten minutes for you.”

“It won’t take ten minutes, the slave family will get you in five minutes.”

The Leopards are fast workers and are a clan known for their speed and efficiency. However, some things are said to be “fast”, which is an insult that a man cannot ignore.

Kaos laughed badly: “You don’t have to sleep tonight, naughty kitty.”

He was afraid of her. But she is still an extremely hot and **** stunner, and even when the young and impulsive Kaos is so scared, she is still willing to deal with this woman. At this moment, he has completely forgotten about [Death Circuit], and just wants to spend a good night with his lover.

A wicked and coquettish smile flashed across Morgoth’s face. The tips of her red lips curved upwards slightly, like the sharp horns of a devil, deadly and seductive. The demon dragged Kaos into the dark alley, like a spider dragging a hunter into its web, ready to prey.

In the darkness, the two figures immediately merged into one and kissed passionately.

However, the moment of intimacy with the beauty that Kaos was looking forward to will not come again. After kissing Kaos, Morgos did not untie her belt, but brought her **** red lips close to Kaos’ neck.

One bite.

The witch’s sharp fangs pierced into Chaos’ neck aorta. Some kind of liquid very similar to blood was injected into Chaos’ body from the fangs like Mogos.

“What are you doing? Morgos…” Kaos felt that he was planning to resist, but it was too late. The liquid injected into his body quickly spread through the Leopard Man’s body along the aorta, controlling Kaos’ entire body at an extremely fast speed.

“Hehe, very obedient, this is a well-behaved kitten.” Morgos sneered, fondling Kaos’s body recklessly.

With a strong sense of release, Kaos only felt that his consciousness began to detach from his body and flew out of his body.

The emptiness after the release made Kaos extremely frustrated: he was like a puppet now, he could only watch Morgos manipulate his body, and see the victorious smile on the face of the witch, but he was completely powerless. .

“The second phase of the [Blood of Chaos] improvement experiment seems to be very successful.” Morgoth sneered, “You know, big cat? Your orcs are so resistant to photons, if the improved [Blood of Chaos] is If you can control you all, the slave family can almost control most of the creatures on this planet. In the next war with Morgan, you are all the slave family’s pawns.”

“Damn the witch…”

“Be careful when you speak, big cat. You are now a puppet of the slave family, and you have to do what the slave family wants you to do. —— Twist off your left hand and let the slave family see it!”

“What?! You’re crazy…” Before Kaos finished speaking, he said a sentence himself: “Yes, Master Morgos——“

Black Panther raised his right arm and twisted his left arm. His arm was immediately dislocated and drooped down limply!

“Um woo woo woo…” Chaos was so excited by the severe pain of the severed arm that he almost screamed, but it seemed that something was pinching his throat, and he could only let out a low voice. groaned, unable to shout.

“Oh, ha, hahahaha! You are too, amazing!” Morgoth stroked Kaos’ body intoxicatedly, seeming to be fascinated by the leopard man’s muffled screams.

“Don’t…!” Kaos gasped, feeling extremely humiliated but unable to resist.

Something was inserted into his body, and he instantly felt a burst of warmth from his lower body, which wet his pants: it was Mogos who used a dagger to stab Kaos’ thigh, creating wounds.

“Hehehehe, you’re five minutes’ worth, right?” Mogos sneered.

The Panther Man did not answer. The blood loss made him weaker and weaker, both physically and mentally.

After playing enough, Morgos asked with a sneer, “Where is [Battleship of Twilight-Nagilfa] hidden by you big cats? Tell me now.”

“I…don’t know…” Kaos resisted with the little consciousness he had Don’t know? “The witch stabbed the dagger into the belly of the leopard man, this time she inserted it deeply, avoiding the internal organs, but reaching the pelvis.

The pain nearly knocked Chaos out, but some force prevented him from fainting, even forcing him to speak. He murmured a few words angrily, but what he said was vague. The hypnotic effect of Chaos Blood is very powerful, and the only thing he can do is to grit his teeth and make his words vague.

“What did you say? The slave family can’t hear you clearly!” Morgos twisted the dagger that had been inserted into Chaos’ body!

The dagger stirred the flesh, pierced the bones, and even more piercing pain spread in Kaos. Finally, he finally gave in completely:

“Nagyrfa is…in the dungeons of Athens….The key to the activation is in Deanna’s hand!”

“Your sister?” Mogos sneered triumphantly, and left the Leopard Man in a corner of the alley, “Very well, the loyal servant of the slave family, let you go get the key.”

“…Hugh, don’t think about it!” Kaos said at once, but the next second he replied: “Yes, Master Morgos.”

He got up, had a broken arm and was covered in blood, looking terrible.

“I’m afraid it’s difficult for you alone? Don’t worry, the slave family will send troops to help you.” Mogos smiled proudly. All the pieces of her plan have been put together.

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