Light Spirit Epic Chapter 426: Dancing to the Ritual (7)


Chapter 426: Dancing at the Ritual (7)

Albert sighed, adjusted his sitting position, and tried to sit comfortably in the bathtub.

“Beddie, if I don’t survive,” said the tiger-man boy, “you surrender, find a way to get out of the Grik’s territory, and stop meddling. The three Hackett brothers and the The High Priest Deanna is not a good person, and if you get involved in their intrigue, your end will be miserable.”

Bedevier doesn’t think so. When he saw Albert commenting on Deanna, there was obviously a strange light in his eyes, and he knew that the tiger boy had special feelings for the snow leopard girl.

“Al, do you like Deanna?”

“What meow?! Don’t talk nonsense, there’s no such thing!” Albert hurriedly denied, “I hate that woman the most, actually using me to help her seize power, and making my body look like this ——“

“But you still like her,” Bedivere said sharply.

Al froze for a moment.

After that, he faltered and said: “I just… have a very familiar feeling. I always feel that I… have seen her somewhere. A long, long time ago, I saw her. She.”

It was a sense of sight that even Albert himself could not explain. He had seen this strange leopard girl.

Because of this sense of sight, he will follow “Jack” into the devil’s realm without hesitation, and finally swallow the golden egg to make himself what he is now.

There must be a deep bond (Kama) between Albert and Deanna, and there must be some kind of great fate that brings these two together. Bedivere thinks so.

Whether it is man-made or God’s will, they have no way out, they can only continue to move forward.

At the same time, the herbalist Paphos was lurking on the outskirts of Athens. He used the Elephant Tribe’s [purifying medicine] to remove the odor from his body, making it almost impossible for the leopards to trace his whereabouts. But he knew that doing so would only allow him to escape for a while.

The leopards who were looking for him were actually sent by the High Priest to retrieve Papho so he could help Albert and the others in their [Death Circuit] duel.

Pavre mistakenly thought the leopards were here to hunt him, because he killed a foxman overseer in the warehouse this morning.

Although he was worried about Bedivere and Albert who were still in the hotel, Paphos could only lurch on the outskirts of the city and escape from Athens tomorrow morning.

Walking in the wilderness in the middle of the night is a very dangerous move. There are countless monsters running rampant here. Even a strong elephant like Papho can become a dinner for the monsters if you are not careful.

He found a small cave to spend the night, and he didn’t even dare to light fireflies. Fortunately, there was a net medicine to help him hide his tracks. As long as he didn’t make noises in the middle of the night, he could rest assured that he would not be found by monsters.

In order to be safe, he also sprinkled a lot of potions in the surrounding environment. The smell of these potions was just enough to disgust the monsters, but not so strong that they attracted the attention of the Leopard search team.

After arranging everything, Papho squeezed into the cave, covered the cave with a few dead branches, and then quietly lurked in the night, waiting for the sunrise.

But he never imagined that he would see an amazing scene in this hidden spot on the outskirts of Athens:

Hundreds of giant monsters, led by a human woman in red, are marching towards Athens.

Each of these beasts is over twenty feet long. In the darkness of the night, they opened their eyes with red light, looking very terrifying.

If these guys break into Athens, there will be a bloodbath.

However, there is nothing Papho can do now. He couldn’t stop these monsters from attacking, and he didn’t know how to notify the people in the city to take refuge.

The woman led countless beasts and moved quietly into the city, as if preparing for a night attack.

(Damn human. How treacherous and cunning!)

Pavle crawled out of the hiding place with great care, crawled on the ground, and followed behind the army of beasts at a very slow speed. The deodorant on him is enough to keep him from being detected by the beasts, as long as he moves slowly enough and is careful enough——

Another beautiful day. Today, Arthur is going to practice some basic swordsmanship with his father.

The six-year-old boy raised his wooden sword and attacked his father’s right shoulder.

The knight Uther gently swayed his son’s blow, leaned to the right side and turned, and slapped it with a backhand sword. The back of the wooden sword hit the little boy on the head, knocking him to the ground.

“Ouch!” Arthur fell and bruised his elbow, and when he got up he looked in pain and seemed about to cry.

“Arthur?” The knight Uther dropped his training wooden sword and was about to come over to comfort his injured son.

Pop! The little boy struck his father’s head firmly with a sword.

“Ow!” Although the other party was a six-year-old boy, Uther was hit by his son’s sneak attack and felt very painful.

“Arthur hit Daddy!” the little boy said, holding back his tears.

“You did get it. Well done, Arthur.” The knight looked at his son lovingly, examining the injury on his elbow: “Oh, poor little guy——”

He simply treated his son’s injury with magic. Seeing his son pouting and wanting to cry, he couldn’t help laughing: “What? ?”

“But, the new clothes my mother made for Arthur…” Tears kept falling from the little boy’s eyes and dripping down his round face.

“Just get a patch. Be careful not to get hurt next time, so mom won’t be angry.” Uther touched his son’s head with a smile.

“Wow, you dirty kitten!” Back in the cabin, Iglin looked at Arthur, who was covered in mud. Go take a shower!”

“But…” The little boy hated bathing.

“Oh, little one,” the knight picked up his son, “Dad wash with you, let’s clean up this dirty kitten, shall we?”

“Um… well.” Arthur hates baths, but he loves the time he spends with his father.

The knight is busy with business and only comes to visit the little boy and the boy’s mother for a few hours a day, and Arthur wants to spend as much time with his father as possible.

“Huh!” Arthur jumped into the hot water. The heat of the hot water immediately made the six-year-old boy relax, and he slipped and fell into the pool.

“Hey, little guy!” Uther held his son’s armpit and lifted his son’s chest a few inches above the water, “Is it submerged?”

“Ahem, Arthur is fine!” said the little boy, kicking his feet, trying to stand firm in the bath.

“Hehehehehe——” Knight Uther looked at his lovely son and let out a burst of laughter.

Five minutes later, Arthur and his father leaned back against the edge of the bath, looking up at the starry sky outside the window.

The night sky is so clear and cloudless, and the stars are so splendid, all of which are as beautiful as a dream.

“Arthur,” my father said in a low voice after a long silence, “I really want it to continue like this.”

“What is Dad talking about?” the little boy asked inexplicably, “the days like this have been going on?”

“Well, is that right?” Uther was silent for a while: “…Arthur likes it.”

“Of course Arthur likes The child is snuggled in his father’s arms,” ​​Arthur likes mom and dad the most. “

The expression on Uther’s face was inexplicably solemn. He quickly looked up at the sky, deliberately not letting his son see the expression on his face: “Okay, don’t soak for too long, let’s go to the water.”

He picked up his son from the bath and helped him dry himself with a large towel. Arthur kept giggling because it was itchy. Uther laughed too, teasing his son’s armpit with his fingers.

(Such a happy day, I really want it to continue.)

“YaYaYa Arthur Twitch——” A weak voice echoed in the wilderness, passed through the bathroom window sill, and entered the little boy’s ears.

The little boy had just put on his shirt, and was attracted by the faint voice, and turned his head to look out the window.

A white dove stood still on the windowsill, also looking at Arthur with her emerald green eyes.

“Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, come and come!” The voice kept echoing in the little boy’s mind.

“Arthur? What’s wrong?” Seeing his son in a daze, Knight Uther asked curiously.

“Well…it’s nothing.” The little boy squeezed out a smile and followed his father out of the bathroom.

(Don’t bother me, Greenville.)

(Greenville?…Who is Greenville?)

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