Light Spirit Epic Chapter 425: Dancing to the Ritual (6)


Chapter 425: Dancing at the Ritual (6)

At the same time, Rome.

After hours of “skinning”-style bandage removal, the Fiend nearly fainted.

His injuries basically did not improve. Not only did the dragon scales not grow back, but the flesh also basically did not recover. The old skin just kept sticking to the old bandage and fell off during the process of removing the bandage.

The ointment that was applied only had the effect of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. The therapist didn’t apply any of the ointment, and the dragon felt a burning pain.

It took half a day like this, and I managed to replace the old bandage with blood and put it on a new clean bandage——but it had begun to be stained red with blood.

“Finally, is it finally okay?” The evil star asked in a sullen voice, and at the same time he saw the Archmage Merlin coming. He was in charge of magic healing after Shaxing changed his bandages.

“Leave it to me next,” Merlin said to the therapist. The therapist nodded, cleaned up, and left.

“Mage, your treatment is useless.” Shaxing complained. Merlin came for several days and used healing magic on the dragon every day, but with little success.

“Then you have to persevere. If you don’t even give up the treatment, it’s really hopeless.” Merlin encouraged.

Healing magic is actually the simplest and purest magic. The magician only needs to gather photons in the environment and send them to the part of the patient that needs treatment through the palm of his hand. The photons that slowly penetrate into the patient’s body will stimulate and damage cells to accelerate wound healing.

However, there are as many as six key fragments of the World Wall in the Shaxing. This thing absorbs free photons at an astonishing rate.

Therefore, whenever Merlin used healing magic on Shaxing, the photons released from his palm were instantly sucked away by the key fragments in Shaxing’s heart. In this way, not only did it not achieve the effect of healing the body, but the instantaneous influx of photons also caused a burden on the evil star’s heart.

Because of this, Merlin’s healing magic didn’t work. What he can do is to release a very small amount of photons each time, and treat them little by little, hoping that this incomparably slow treatment method will heal the evil star’s skin without causing the evil star’s heart to explode.

However, the evil star’s body is also deteriorating. Blood loss, infection, and persistent weakness were all counteracting Merlin’s treatment. Not only is the treatment not progressing, it can even be said to be going backwards.

Xinghuilong looked at the gloomy face of the archmage, and asked in a low voice, “How much time do I have?”

Merlin thought for a while, and finally answered, “About three days.”

Shaxing blinked. This is basically the same as his estimate. Dragons can intuitively know many things, and they are masters at using [True Seeing]. And the most predictable thing for dragons is their own death.

When it’s coming, it feels so direct, you can almost hear it whispering to you.

Death is not terrible, it is gentle and peaceful, and it will always give a hug of relief to a suffering soul.

The evil star is not afraid of death. He was just, full of regrets. If he only lived in the form of a dragon, he might not have such regrets; but now, he has existed in the form of a human for too long, and has been involved so deeply with humans that he has left so many fetters.

——If you have never owned, you don’t care about losing it; once you have it, you don’t want to lose it again.

In the form of a dragon, he lived for over 10,000 years. He lives, but never really lives;

In human form, he lived less than a month. He lived a wonderful and happy life.

And he greedily wants to live a better, happier…happier life. It was because he couldn’t do it in the short time he had left, so he felt extremely regretful.

“I won’t ask you to find a way to prolong my life, Mage.” Shaxing whispered, “But, I beg you, find a way to get me out of bed again — a day, a day. That’s enough. Then I’ll die with no regrets.”

“One day? I’ll think of a way.” Merlin thought. It was a difficult request, but the mage is very powerful and will always find a way.

Shaxing closed his eyes, the sleepiness made it impossible for him to stay awake. But at least he fell asleep with hope.

Looking at the comatose male star, Archmage Merlin sighed, lowered his voice and said, “Sorry, child. You could have been saved, but I can’t risk destroying the world just to save you. You are alone.”

Saving a person and keeping the world safe, Merlin put these two things on the balance, and he easily chose the latter.

He easily chose Xinghui Longshaxing as the victim of his fate.

But one thing was his miscalculation.

Even Shaxing didn’t know that the phone Charlotte gave Shaxing with her photo was accidentally turned on by Shaxing and recorded all the conversations between Merlin and Shaxing just now. .

In the evening, Bedivere and Albert waited anxiously for Papho’s arrival after a sumptuous dinner of demon meat. Deanna had already instructed her servants to find Papho, but there was always no trace of the Elephant Herbalist.

Of course, Pavu killed a foxman foreman this morning and is “fleeing in fear of crime”. If he hides deliberately, it will be difficult for the leopards to find him.

“What the **** is [Death Tour]?” Bedivere washed his body and jumped into the bathtub, turning to ask the old housekeeper That is a traditional duel method of my clan. “The old housekeeper put the change of clothes on the wooden bench beside him and lit a scent in the room.” The two teams of the duel each sent out three fighters to fight in a big melee until all three on one side surrendered or died. “

“So, we have to find Papho. It’s going to be absolutely disadvantageous for the two of us to fight against the Hackett brothers.” Albert said, soaking his wings in the water, “Oh , those **** wings are in the way.”

The originally small bath was squeezed in by the winged tiger-men boys, making it even more crowded.

“You should at least be thankful that Puff isn’t here.” Albert said with a wry smile, “If even he was squeezed in, the two of us wouldn’t have to take a shower. And that kind of thing could cost him his life. I absolutely have to take a bath in comfort before facing the duel——“

“What about your leg?” Bedivere asked worriedly, “Is it healed?”

“Hmm.” Al moved his broken left leg. Although he was still splinted, he could no longer feel the pain in his left leg. The golden egg he ate not only gave him wings, but also healed his leg injury.

“Beddie, I want to tell you something, if I don’t survive——” The tiger man boy looked at Simmons, the old leopard man beside him.

Simmons tactfully leaves the bathroom, allowing the two interracial teenagers to talk privately.

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