Light Spirit Epic Chapter 412: Lost in the magic realm (4)


Chapter 412 Lost in the Demon Realm (4)

Pavu looked at the rabbit first, and then looked around. Those beasts were originally locked in iron cages.

Seeing that the other party was silent, Xiao Hei first asked, “Sir, what are you doing? Follow me?”

“The three Hackett brothers,” Pavre answered briefly, putting away his weapons.

“Oh, you’re looking for Master Kaos.” Little Black hung the torch on a hole in the wall of the dark room, which was a rough hole dug out of the stone wall of the cellar.

“Sorry, the master has gone inland and will be back tomorrow.” Xiao Hei sat down beside the stone wall.

“Wagon?” Puff asked.

“Hehe, that’s a tool that the owner only needs when he needs to transport supplies. He can run faster than a horse-drawn carriage himself, so he can run it for short trips.”

That’s right. Leopard people’s life is really convenient.

“Sir, it’s time for you to leave. The smell of medicine on your body makes the beasts restless.” Xiao Hei reached into the cage and touched the shoulder of a Warg, as if comforting the Warg.

But at the same time, Pavle also saw the scar on Little Black’s hand. Those wounds were still very new, and they seemed to have been cut out by knives. One by one, the incisions cut through the fur and formed on the Rabbit Man’s arm.


Xiao Hei hurriedly hid his arms in his sleeves: “Oh, this?—There is a new monster with a bad temper, and it is not easy to communicate.”

The ability of the gypsies (rabbit people) to control animals stems from a power similar to telepathy. Instead of relying on hypnosis to control animals, they rely on telepathy to communicate with animals and allow them to help themselves.

As a result, they also encounter animals that cannot be tamed. Especially those animals that are very temperamental and difficult to get along with, often take a long time to gain the animal’s trust.

Pavle looked at Xiao Hei’s face. He couldn’t tell the truth from the other party’s words. Without a clue, he could only leave first.

“Okay. Goodbye,” Puff said, walking to the door of the cellar, ready to leave.

“Oh, I’ll open the door for you, sir!” Xiao Hei quickly got up and reached for the handle of the door.

This is a cellar where monsters are held, and the door for transporting monsters out is also huge. Blackie’s little body, less than three feet, was pulling the huge door handle with all his might, looking very funny.

But he actually pulled the door. The wooden door inlaid with iron, which seemed to be several times heavier than the black rabbit boy, was pulled by this little guy.

While Puff was a little surprised, he also saw blood oozing from Xiao Hei’s two sleeves. The clothes were already dirty, with new and old bloodstained on top of each other, and even if today’s rain had washed away most of the dirt, it was still ridiculously dirty.

The door opened wide enough for Pav to get out, but the Elephant Herbalist remained motionless.

“Undress,” he said.

“What?! Sir, you——” Xiao Hei took a few steps back with a look of fear. In his days as a slave, he had encountered many such things, “No , I am a servant, how can I serve you, Mr.——”

“Quickly take it off.” Pavle didn’t understand Xiao Hei’s words at all. He just took out the herbs and bandages from his pocket, and chewed the herbs in his mouth.

Xiao Hei took off his shirt and sat on the ground with his buttocks on the ground. He was terrified by the huge figure like a man: “Do you want to tie it up? … Sir, please be gentle—– “

Pavle looked at the bandage wrapped around Xiao Hei’s chest, and realized that the little rabbit was actually a woman.

Too many traveling women among the Orcs bandage their **** and disguise themselves as men to protect themselves from being violated. Slave owners also sometimes asked slaves to do this so that their “property” would not be touched by others.

The herbalist Pavu had no idea what the phrase “please be gentle” means. He just grabbed Xiao Hei’s arm, put the crushed herbs in his mouth, and wrapped it with a bandage.

“First, sir?!” This move surprised Xiao Hei. She thought that Pavlov would do such rude things to her like other men, but she didn’t expect that instead of being raped, she would be treated.

“The other hand. Quick.” The elephant man wrapped Xiao Hei’s left arm with great speed, and immediately grabbed Xiao Hei’s right arm to help her apply medicine.

The smell of herbs reverberated in the cellar, and the beasts in the cage began to claw at the iron fence uneasily.

Xiao Hei watched the elephant man help him bandage, while using a strange tone to soothe the beast’s emotions.

“The bandages will be removed tomorrow.” Pavu said briefly, seeing that there were no other injuries on Xiao Hei’s body, so

Turns his head to leave.

“That —— Mr., thank you. You are a good person.” Xiao Hei put on his shirt and thanked him repeatedly.

“Yeah.” Puff just agreed coldly, walked out the door, and closed the door.

He couldn’t ignore the pain of others. Seeing other people’s wounds bleeding, just like his own wounds were bleeding, he always wanted to bandage those bleeding wounds.

In the Elephant People, pharmacists refer to those professions who study various deadly poisons and narcotics, with the purpose of taking people’s lives and making their armies win in wars; while herbalists rely on herbal medicines to treat the wounded , the profession of saving lives.

This is the essential difference between [Herbalist] Little Papho and his father, [Pharmacist] Old Papho.


“You, are you sure this is really safe?” Arthur asked in a low voice, looking at the raft made of wood and vines in front of him.

He just went to test the lake water. The temperature of the cold ice lake is close to zero. Let alone swimming with bare hands, if you fall into such ice it will take less than ten minutes to twitch because of the cold. He eventually died of cardiac shock.

This wooden raft doesn’t look very strong either. The golden vine that Greenville didn’t know where to find it was even more suspicious. Is something like this really okay? !

“Change the plan, let’s go around the lake.” Arthur said.

The girl only tied the raft firmly with the tree tent for the last time, but when she heard the knight say this, she immediately became angry: “Walk around the lake, and then walk for dozens of kilometers? It took so much effort. Going to build a raft, only to change the plan now?!——Haha, this joke is too much of a joke.”

Arthur saw Greenville’s scowl with a smile and knew that it was useless to say anything else, so he said, “What do we use for power? No sailing, just the two of us paddling-” —–“

“Your wings.” Greenville sneered, “You sit in the middle of this raft, hold the wood between your legs, and become one with the boat. When you spread your wings, it’s a good sail.”

Only then did Arthur know the purpose of the soon-to-be-raised stake in the middle of the raft. He subconsciously felt a pain in his lower body.

“Huhu, it’s alright, according to this trend, you can reach the other side after about an hour of patience.” Greenville sneered, “You can definitely hold on to that part.”

Is this some kind of punishment game? ! Arthur hid his face in despair.

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