Light Spirit Epic Chapter 413: Lost in the magic realm (5)


Chapter 413 Lost in the Demon Realm (5)

Ten minutes later, the two dragged the raft into the water.

“Okay, you go first.” Greenville said.

“…You definitely made the raft look like this on purpose.” Arthur reluctantly jumped onto the raft, he sat down in front of the middle stake, and clamped the stake between his legs.

The raft sank by about half an inch due to Arthur’s weight. The water splashed from the gap made Arthur’s pants completely wet, his buttocks were cold, and his legs began to become numb from the cold, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

Greenville jumped on the raft again, the raft was deeper, and Arthur felt his **** hit the water!

“Huhu, let’s go.” Greenville took the oar made of branches and shoved it to the shore.

Arthur balances with the paddle, spreading his wings as he rides the wind. The wind on the lake was very fast, and as soon as Arthur spread his wings, he was blown forward by the wind. He clamped the stakes with his hands and legs, and used all his strength to drive the raft forward.

“Wow, this doesn’t feel good.” Arthur only persisted for five minutes before complaining.

“If it’s a man, be patient.” Greenville did not deliberately hide the smirk on her face, “Did you not see me paddling hard?”

The raft was indeed moving at a very high speed, and it came to the middle of the lake in an instant. According to Arthur’s visual estimation, he probably walked two kilometers in half an hour. He adjusted the angle of his wings according to the wind, and slowly explained how to control the raft. All was well, except for the soreness and pain between his thighs…

No, if it goes on like this——

Suddenly there is some kind of shadow floating at the bottom of the lake.

It is suspicious that the clear lake water can see the city hidden in the bottom of the lake, but the strange dark shadow cannot be clearly seen.

Greenville squinted and watched carefully, trying to figure out what the shadow was.

That is, a large mass of things in motion.

Creatures? !

That mass is approaching at high speed!

“Arthur! Speed ​​up! What’s catching up!” Greenville shouted. She, who was still paddling slowly just now, started to paddle frantically to speed up the raft.

Arthur also felt that something was wrong. He resisted the severe pain in his lower body and flapped his wings violently to speed up the raft.

Those things are getting closer. Countless flying fish pierced out of the water and shot at Arthur’s raft like cannonballs! They have long, serrated mouths, and if they pierce them, they will open a big hole!

These black and gray fish flew out of the water at an incredible angle, flapping the wings woven by photon blades, and flew at a speed that no living creature could do! These guys aren’t real creatures, but some kind of golem!

“Greenville?!” Arthur yelled, controlling the raft to avoid the flying fish golems.

“You just run away!” Greenville secured herself with a rope made of tree vines, while taking out her own photon hammer: “I will deal with these golems!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a dozen flying fish jumped out of the water and stabbed at the raft! Greenville swung the photon hammer and swiped several times, knocking the flying fish away one by one!

“No, more and more!” Arthur saw countless dark shadows underwater. Flying fish are much faster in the water than rafts, and getting rid of these guys is almost impossible.

“Don’t be distracted, just move forward!” Greenville continued to wield her weapon to repel the flying fish that flew out of the water! Her weapon doesn’t seem to have enough power to kill the golems, and she can only barely repel these flying fish!

Arthur felt a sharp pain in his left wing, and the flying fish had passed through the wing membrane of the boy’s wing, making a big hole in it! While wings can regenerate, that takes time! And now, the raft has been surrounded by hundreds of thousands of flying fish golems, if they don’t get rid of them quickly, Arthur and the others will be tied into a hornet’s nest by the flying fish!

There is only about half a kilometer left to the other side, so there is only one game left!

“Greenville, go to the bow!” At the same time as Arthur shouted, he spit out dragon flames, compressing them in the palm of his hand, turning the dragon flames into a powerful fireball that could explode at any time!

“Don’t you think ——“

“Grab it!” Arthur turned and threw a fireball, spreading his wings to the maximum.

The girl stared at the fireball, and immediately rushed over and hugged Arthur tightly.

Boom! Boom! ! ! !

The moment the fireball touched the water surface, a strong explosion was generated. The air waves and big waves set off by the explosion became a powerful driving force for the raft. Travel hundreds of yards!

“Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” The girl hugged the knight so tightly that the knight could hardly breathe. Break Arthur’s nose! Arthur couldn’t see the front, so he could only kick with all his strength in the direction of the flight! He slammed his feet on the raft that was about to disintegrate, wrapped himself and Greenville with his wings, and used the momentum brought by the streamline and the raft to fly farther at a higher speed!

Smack! The two plunged into the water at the same time. The lake was so cold that Arthur shivered. He paddled frantically, trying to get to shore from this distance!

“Only less than fifty yards, you should be able to swim in one breath!” Greenville shouted while paddling in the water, “Don’t choke on the water! It will **** the ice water into your lungs!”

Arthur was paddling indiscriminately. He took a breath and didn’t plan to take a breath. He used his hands and feet, and even his wings, to paddle together, and he quickly reached a dozen yards!

However, the Flying Fish Golems are chasing after them! The explosion just now did not destroy them, and there are still many flying fish left, rapidly approaching Arthur and Greenville!

They can’t do anything in the icy water, they can only swim to shore!

Thirty yards, twenty, ten yards, coming soon!

Arthur felt a pain in his left calf, then his right arm, then his right foot! He didn’t bother to pay attention to it, he just swam and finally reached the shore!

“Arthur! Get off!” Greenville was already dark, and she was on guard with the photon hammer. As soon as Arthur climbed ashore from the edge of the reef, she waved the photon hammer and patted it! Shoot the dozens of flying fish that followed Arthur out of the water one by one!

“Ouch!” Arthur lay flat on the reef, disregarding the pain in the wound, and broke the palm-sized flying fish golem stuck in his arm! Then he stabbed it into the meat abruptly, and pulled out the fish mouth with the barbs!

Greenville dragged Arthur to the shore for dozens of The flying fish in the lake finally retreated. She turned to help Arthur deal with the injury.

“Ugh!” Arthur pulled the flying fish from his calf again. The thing lost its activity as soon as it got into the water, and was broken by Arthur without much struggle. Arthur still endured the severe pain and pulled out the calf. The thorns on the feet, and then deal with the flying fish on the soles of the feet.

“Ugh—No way.” After the treatment, Arthur was so cold and tired that he could barely move a finger. He lay on the ground, leaving Greenville to help with his wounds.

“It’s done, it’s done.” Greenville dragged Arthur to the tree and lay down, she was shivering with cold, “I’ll go get some wood, just hold on.”

Arthur nodded slightly in agreement. He was so sleepy that he almost fell asleep, but kept telling himself to stay awake: if he fell asleep, he would never wake up again!

Arthur sees Greenville packing up a lot of lumber. It’s great that a girl can be so dependable when it matters.

“Arthur, give me some more support and help set fire to it,” Greenville said.

The knight endured his distress, spit out dragon flames at the wood, and the campfire was ready in no time.

“I…I’ll sleep for a while…” The cold and blood loss brought overwhelming tiredness, and Arthur closed his eyes and fell asleep. In the haze, he felt Greenville ripped off his soaked clothes…

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