Light Spirit Epic Chapter 411: Lost in the magic realm (3)


Chapter 411 Lost in the Demon (3)

Albert is looking forward to being taken to a place like the Thieves Guild by the thief teenager. There, he was able to quickly get information on the Griks – words familiar with those thieves.

However, to Albert’s surprise, Jack takes the tiger boy to a completely different place.

“Temple?” El frowned and looked at the temple in front of him. The temple has been severely damaged, and now there are only dozens of stone pillars standing and a large number of collapsed stones. All kinds of vegetation have taken their place around the temple.

Even if it is dilapidated, the carvings of this temple are still exquisite, revealing its original glory. This is the perfect fusion of art and architecture. It doesn’t seem to come from the Leopard people (the Leopard people prefer light and easy-to-build wooden buildings), but from an older race…?

“Welcome to the ruins of the Parthenon.” Snow Leopard boy Jack introduced, “Come on, let’s go in and talk.”

The road to the temple ruins is not easy at all. They climbed over the broken walls, walked through the bushes covered with thorns, circled east and west for a long time, and finally reached the center of the temple ruins.

El looked around. This temple was originally a rectangular square, but now most of it has collapsed. Only by the arrangement of those pillars, its original shape can be vaguely identified. Among several large stone ruins, there is a cave that shelters the wind and rain, and traces of people living here can be recognized.

“You… live here meow?” Al asked suspiciously. For thieves, this is indeed an excellent hiding place.

“Oh, no.” Snow Leopard boy Jack shook his head and let out a urchin chuckle, “This is one of my hiding spots, but it’s too troublesome to get in and out, and I rarely come.”

“Yes meow.” Al was wary. Being taken to such a remote place and being ambushed by this thief boy’s accomplices is no joke.

One of his hands was placed on his waist, and there was a dagger made of the teeth of the Hydra that had been hunted before. In an emergency, the only thing that can keep El safe is this dagger.

“What do you mean by [the opportunity to make a lot of money]? Come on, I’m very busy.” Albert urged. He didn’t want to stay in such a murderous place for a moment.

“Okay, right now.” Jack was already rummaging through his hiding spot, but he looked relaxed, as if he didn’t mean to plot against Al.

It took him a long time to find a box.

The old bronze box is rusted and the carvings on it are unrecognizable. But the fine workmanship of this box is perfectly reflected in its trim, which is the hardest part of the box, made of unknown substances, so hard that the body of the box has been corroded to perfection, but the trim still looks like a frame The same holds the box.

When the Snow Leopard boy opened the box, it was not gold and silver treasures, but three green beans with a metallic luster. These finger-sized peas look eerie and don’t look like seeds of any kind of plant in the world.

“Don’t you mean… want me to eat this?” Albert asked gloomily. Other than that he couldn’t think of a use for the beans.

“No! These are magic beans. I got them from a traveling merchant last year.” Jack said, “These beans are said to be able to grow gold and silver jewelry!”

What a lame lie. This guy Jack is either deceiving or being deceived.

Seeing Albert’s sneering face, Jack couldn’t help but get angry: “I’m telling the truth! These beans can indeed grow gold and silver jewelry — in ways you can’t imagine!”

“Oh, meow? Then why don’t you grow some of your own, so that you can enjoy the wealth and wealth?” Al couldn’t hide his sarcasm, the other party was really stupid.

Seeing Al’s skeptical face, Jack knew that he couldn’t persuade him with his words, so there was only one thing left to do: “What happens, we’ll see soon.”

He walked to the wasteland on the side, found a piece of land that was considered neat, quickly dug a hole, and buried all three beans in it. Since it was a rainy day, there was no need to shower, and everything was done quickly.

“The seed is planted… and then what?” Albert asked, akimbo beside him.

“How can it grow right away. Just wait a night.” Jack stood up and smeared a few times on the stone pillar beside him to remove the soil from his hands.

Albert shook his head in disappointment and turned to leave: “Waste time. I’m leaving.”

“Oh, wait!” Jack suddenly exclaimed, “It’s starting to grow!”

Al looked suspiciously. Just as he turned his head, something gave him a smack from behind.

“Ugh…” Al turned his head and found that Jack was throwing the stone in his hand with a wicked smile, and came over to tie Al’s hands back——

At the same time, east of Athens.

Pavu walks aimlessly. He doesn’t have the good nose like Bedi and Al, and his eyesight is only average. Humans don’t have any outstanding abilities other than their strong physique (acceptable hearing). .

The herbalist regretted that he didn’t bring the smell-increasing medicine (who would bring this when they went out?).

The rain made the elephant man soaked and in a state of embarrassment. He began to doubt the point of his doing so. Just when he thought it was stupid and was going to find a place to rest for a while——

A black figure caught the Elephant Man’s eye.

The bunny slave “Xiao I saw before was twisting his **** and got into the alley.

The slaves of Chaos are here, which proves that Chaos is not far away.

Thinking like this, Pav closely followed, planning to follow Blackie. But he never imagined that Xiao Hei circled the alley twice and finally disappeared in the shadow of the alley.

Afraid of losing the target, Papho, who hurriedly chased after him, accidentally stepped on the air and fell sharply.

He slid down a tunnel, which should be the passage that the Leopard people used to quickly transport supplies.

Pop! Pavle landed heavily on a platform with a muffled sound.

The young Elephant Man got up, already nervously reaching for his weapon: a chained battle axe.

In the dark space, the elephant man could hear dozens of demon beasts roaring at him! trap? ! Pavu felt deeply that he was trapped in such a small black room and had a trapped beast fight with dozens of monsters. No matter how powerful he was, he would definitely die!

“Ai! Shh—shh!” Someone was making a strange tone, seemingly communicating with the monsters.

The beasts soon calmed down.

Click! Click! —— The flint flashed a few times, and a torch was lit. The dark room gradually became brighter.

Little Black Rabbit is holding a torch and looking at Papho the Elephant with big, curious red eyes.

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