Light Spirit Epic Chapter 406: The journey is the journey (6)


Chapter 406 Departure for the journey (six)

Just when Arthur was about to be torn to pieces——

“Stop!” a voice yelled.

Arthur recognized the voice, and when he turned to look, hundreds of thousands of bright lights shot at him!

These holy white lights changed direction the moment they hit Arthur, and rays of light shot at the evil spirits surrounding Arthur at a wonderful angle!

The evil spirits hit by the white light had their limbs cut off, their heads exploded, their abdomens pierced, and they fell in pieces!

“Arthur! How are you?!” cried Greenville.

Arthur turned his head to look, his vision gradually became clear, and saw Greenville sitting on a white phoenix! The white phoenix exudes a holy white light, and the white wings shake the dots of light particles. Its beautiful emerald eyes are the same color as Greenville’s eyes!

Yes, this is the Holy Spirit. The eternal Holy Spirit, the Holy White Phoenix, was transformed from Greenville’s spirituality.

The strength of one person alone is absolutely impossible to suppress dozens of evil spirits. The only way a smart girl can think of is to go to the altar in the cemetery to summon her own spirituality and use the power of the Holy Spirit to disperse the evil spirits!

“Arthur, don’t take action (if you take action, the evil spirits will find a chance to get into your body), I’ll take care of it here!” Greenville said, she jumped off the back of the Holy White Phoenix, While commanding the Holy Spirit to attack evil spirits!

Greenville’s Holy Spirit is very powerful. She has a strong heart, noble virtues, and her Holy Spirit mirrors her character.

The holy white phoenix raised its twin feathers, and Wan Dao Huaguang shot out, rushing away the army of evil spirits like a flood! The evil spirits had just been smashed to pieces by the first wave of attacks, and they had not had time to recover, and were blown up even more by the second wave of holy light!

The black air dissipated and fled. The power of the Holy White Phoenix is ​​unparalleled, making the evil spirits retreat!

“Saved…” Arthur was half-kneeling and gasping for breath. His condition was not optimistic at all, but at least he was still alive.

“Don’t move around, I’ll help you heal right away.” Greenville said, she commanded the phoenix to descend, and the holy white phoenix spread out its flawless white feathers and wrapped Arthur.

The warmth came, and Arthur felt a sense of relief flow into his body. It was, like a mother’s hug, and also, like a sympathetic caress.

When the white light passed, Arthur returned to reality as if he was in a fairyland. Greenville’s Holy Spirit had disappeared, turning into a milky white diamond and falling into the girl’s hands.

Greenwell put away the diamond and helped Arthur up: “Let’s find a hiding place soon.”

“That…” Arthur turned his head and glanced at it, since just now he has been very concerned about the thing that appeared beside him for no reason.

“It seems to have been found,” he said.

Next to Arthur and Greenville, the original log cabin of King Other was replaced by an even stranger thing.

It was a room with chocolate walls and icing roof, decorated with countless cookies and gummy beans, with cookies as doors and crystal sugar as windows——

——Candy House.

“What is this?” Arthur exclaimed. The sight in front of him was so crazy and so irrational that he didn’t know how to react.

“Well, it looks edible—-” Greenville walked over, grabbed a handful of crystal candy and ate it, “Mmm! Strawberry flavor, crispy. Arthur, you come too Would you like something to eat?”

“…I hate sweets, forget?” Arthur couldn’t understand the situation. Why did King Other’s cabin disappear in exchange for a candy house? Where did these candies come from, and how did they build up the house? !

Is this the Holy Spirit, or is it the work of evil spirits?

“Greenville, don’t eat it! Those candies may be poisonous!” Arthur quickly stopped.

“Nonsense! The evil spirits have been chased away by me long ago, how could these candies be made by them! Well, very good! The sweetness is moderate and the fragrance is strong. Arthur, you must try it!”

What happened to Greenville? The always cautious girl actually dropped her guard and ate the candy from the candy store. She was breaking down the chocolate wall and gulps the chocolate into her mouth.


Speaking of which, Arthur really hadn’t eaten all day. After King Other disappeared, no one gave them food, and there was no food storage in the original log cabin.

It’s better to be poisoned than to starve. Arthur crawled over slowly, took down a wall of chocolate suspiciously, and put it in his mouth.

The milk chocolate instantly melted in the boy’s mouth. It was the highest-grade chocolate that only melted in the mouth, but not in the hands. The silky sweetness spreads softly on the tip of the boy’s tongue.

Yes, this is also the first time Arthur has eaten sweets since he took back his joy.

Sweetness is originally one of the most basic tastes of human beings. When it is felt by the taste buds on the tip of the tongue, it will produce a [pleasure] sensory feedback to the human nervous system, which will also make humans feel that eating sweets It’s a happy and beautiful thing.

Arthur, who didn’t know what “happy” was, couldn’t feel pleasure when he was eating sweets. All he had was the feeling of sweetness spreading in his mouth, like a mouthful of thick phlegm in his mouth, very disgusting .

Because of this, he hates sweets.

Now, the situation has completely changed. Arthur, who knew what [happy] was, fell into a heaven the moment he ate the sweets.

“Difficult, unbelievable!” The boy whispered, “Is there any magic… hypnotism in this thing?!——Green——“

Just as he turned his head to stop the girl from eating, a large piece of crystal candy was stuffed into his mouth.

The fragrant lemon smell spreads in Arthur’s mouth irritating the boy’s nose. The crunchy crystal candy shattered almost without chewing, fell on the boy’s tongue, and instantly melted, bringing a burst of joy and coolness.

“Eat it, don’t worry about it for now, let’s eat it!” Greenville smiled and opened the door: “There must be more here.”

Yes, there are more. There are sofas made of cookies, tables and chairs made of biscuits, and cabinets made of chocolate.

Exception. So unusual! Who would use candy to make furniture that’s about to be eaten?

Arthur grabs a handful of marshmallows from the couch and eats it, and the moment the marshmallow slid down his throat, the gap on the couch disappeared. This never-ending candy house is apparently maintained by some kind of magic.

“We…are we really okay with being here?” Arthur wondered.

“At least better than being attacked by evil spirits outside.” Greenville sat down on the chair, which was stronger than expected.

She seems to know something. There must be a reason why she was so sure that the candy house was safer than she thought.

Arthur relaxes, and now he can only trust Greenville.

“It’s night, wash and sleep.” Greenville said, “You smelled blood, so you took off your clothes and let me wash them.”

Arthur blushed: “No. I’ll handle it myself.”

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