Light Spirit Epic Chapter 407: The journey is the journey (7)


Chapter 407 Departure for the journey (seven)

Arthur hurried to the backyard.

After the treatment of the Holy Spirit White Phoenix, all the wounds on his body have healed, and the Holy Spirit and evil spirits in his body have stopped making trouble for the time being. But he was covered in blood, his clothes were all dyed red, and the gaps in the black dragon armor were soaked with blood and extremely sticky. He had long wanted to take a bath and relax.

As Arthur worries, the backyard bathing pool is also made of candy. Very similar to the original wooden house bathing pool, the pool is surrounded by four walls. The only difference is its magical chocolate wall.

Bubbling pool water is also hot soda. Arthur took a handful and drank it, only the scent of lemon, but no taste. Is this an unsweetened soda?

The tiredness on his body made Arthur forget what logic is. He simply didn’t bother to think about it. After stripping, he jumped into the pool and washed his clothes and armor with soda water by the pool. These magical carbonic acid water touches the stains on the clothes and immediately decomposes all the stains.

Just as King Other can take out food out of thin air in his house, this piece of Avalon must have its own uniqueness.

For example, change whatever you want…?

Arthur tries to focus on conjuring some gold. Instead, he found himself wasting time. Of course, how could things be as he imagined.

Just when he was in a daze, a voice sounded in Arthur’s ear: “Arthur?”

“Pfft!” Arthur almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Surprised, he grabbed a handful of clothes to cover his lower body.

Greenville appears in front of Arthur in a white bikini.

“What are you doing?!” Arthur exclaimed, his voice sharpening in surprise.

“Of course I’m taking a shower.” The girl jumped into the pool, and the soda water raised a burst of foam and made a sizzling sound.

Arthur watched Greenville walk slowly across the pool, and he flinched as if escaping: “Don’t, don’t come here! I haven’t finished washing yet——“

“Ahaha, what are you shy about? Can’t we just wash together?” Greenville was already approaching, her plump and moderate **** were shaking up and down with the quiver in front of Arthur’s eyes. More elastic under the support of the bikini.

Something came out of Arthur’s nose, a teenager’s nosebleed.

I feel dizzy. The hot soda gave Arthur a throbbing pain in his lower body.

“Arthur.” The girl stretched out her slender hand and held the boy’s face: “Let’s wash together——“

Her lips were about to fall.

No way! Such a Greenville is absolutely strange!

The real Greenville would definitely do such a thing!

Arthur’s whole body went limp, but he reached out and grabbed his King’s Sheath at the last minute, and activated the sheath’s [Spellbreaker]! The golden light exploded in front of Arthur, making people dizzy and dizzy.

“Go away!” Arthur pushed Greenville away.

“Ugh!” The girl fell into the pool in a daze, and she slowly got up: “Why? Arthur? Don’t you think I’m not attractive enough?”

“Stop pretending, you’re not Greenville at all! Greenville wouldn’t be so bold!——Who are you?!”

“Arthur…” The girl looked at Arthur with a pitiful look, as if begging the knight’s love.

“Stop pretending! Give me back the old Greenville! I hate this wild Greenville now!” Arthur shouted.

The girl was silent for a while. For a moment, white light began to radiate from the girl’s body, and finally condensed on the diamond on Greenville’s chest pendant. The water-transparent diamond immediately turned milky white.

“…Huh!? Ya, Arthur?!” Greenville came back to her senses, saw Arthur with only a piece of cloth hanging in the bathtub, and then looked at herself in a bikini: “Wow! Ahhh!”

“Pfft…” Arthur couldn’t help but smile while reaching out to wipe the blood from his nose.

“You, what did you do?!” Greenville said angrily.

“What did [you] do, Greenville. How could you be taken over by your spirituality?” Arthur retorted, burying his body in the water.

“…I remember…I summoned my spirituality on the altar of the Holy Land, in order to rush back to save you——“

“Sure enough. I thought you were weird just now. You didn’t know how to use the Holy Spirit, so you dared to summon the spirit directly?” Arthur sneered, “Be careful that your body is occupied by the Holy Spirit, and you will lose your body forever.”

“This, you don’t need to remind me about this!” Greenville said angrily, and hurriedly retreated to the pool, her face was redder than the sunset, and the night was reflected in the excess of magic power in the pool, “Hurry up, hurry up. After washing! I have something to say to you in a while!”

Next there is a **** waiting for Arthur. Arthur looked at the figure of Greenville hurriedly leaving, and felt depressed for a while.

He lowered his head and glanced at it, feeling even more depressed, wishing he could immediately find a hole to burrow into.

In the middle of the night, in the Grick clan’s territory, in the side hall of the patriarch’s house.

Sleeping on animal hides is neither uncomfortable nor comfortable. The fur of Warcraft is hard and rough, almost as hard as the ground, and the only advantage is durability. Bedivere suddenly missed the mattresses woven from grass like those of the Terran: that at least had a certain softness and didn’t thorn flesh.

The werewolf boy who tossed and turned, opened his eyes and looked at Albert sleeping on another animal skin beside him.

“Al, are you asleep?” he asked in a low voice.

“Sleep, don’t disturb me.” Al replied coldly. He was obviously very preoccupied and couldn’t sleep peacefully on such a cold winter night.

“El… let the past pass. Haven’t you become a member of the Turkic tribe and decided to live in a Turkic village?”

“…I know I know, but——“

Suddenly a young tiger man who had just turned sixteen was asked to leave his hometown and struggle to survive in an alien territory, no matter how good his heart was, he would feel uneasy.

And that’s one thing Brady can’t help with anyway. All he can do is his own duty, trying his best to bring peace to every part of the Underdark.

Both humans and orcs deserve a better future. Struggling so hard just to survive… this, too, is so sad.

The next day, Bedivere got up in a sullen mood. It’s raining again today, and the weather is a little gloomy.

He ran out to ask the three Hackett brothers about the situation, but unexpectedly saw a familiar face: the patriarch of the Fierce Fang (Kigren), Roble!

“What?!” Bedivere took a step back, and Roble had come up, “Good morning, Silver Wolf Belveref.”

A man rushed out of the side hall bedroom and rammed awkwardly behind Bedivere, “Old, Dad?!” Albert’s voice sounded right behind Bedivere.

“Al.” Roble said coldly.

“What are you doing here?!” Brady glared at Roble angrily.

The golden eyes of the black tiger and the blue eyes of the silver wolf met each other, sparks of hostility.

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