Light Spirit Epic Chapter 405: The journey is the journey (5)


Chapter 405 Departure for the journey (5)

Yes, surrounded. Arthur could clearly feel it.

Dozens of evil spirits lurking in the apple tree are surrounding the two from all sides.

Arthur knows that the target of these evil spirits is not only Arthur, but also Greenville.

The [Immortal Spirits] are not as self-controlled as the [Eternal Holy Spirit], they will actively attack people.

Arthur is an empty shell without a soul. The evil spirits covet Arthur’s body and want to invade Arthur’s body and leave Avalon.

Greenville is a great beauty, and there are thousands of reasons why evil spirits will target her.

Back to back, the two carefully guarded against evil spirits coming from all directions.

A black crow flew towards him, Arthur raised his sword and slashed straight down, the crow was split in two, and black smoke swept past them!

Another giant centipede also attacked from the left side of Greenville, and the centipede opened its mouth with fangs and bit the girl’s shoulder!

Greenville hit the backhand. Her photon hammer slammed into the centipede’s jaw, causing the monster to fall back and fall to the ground!

At the same time, a giant black spider also flew over, intending to use its terrible fangs to bite Arthur’s arm. Arthur stabbed out with a sword, and before being bitten, the eternal sword pierced the head of the evil spirit!

However, these slain evil spirits regenerate quickly, and the damage to them just now seems to have never happened!

“These guys are immortal, don’t fight, run away!” Arthur shouted, grabbing Greenville’s hand and running.

King Other’s cabin should have some sort of barrier to keep out these evil spirits. Arthur could only hope so.

The two run wildly, and the evil spirits behind them also chase wildly.

Humans are far less mobile than evil spirits, and they will only be caught up in this way!

“Damn!——I’ll stop them! Greenville, don’t stop, just run!”


“Just run!” Arthur let go of the girl’s hand and reached out to grab his scabbard. As soon as he stopped, he immediately unfolded the king’s scabbard and activated [Spellbreaker].

With a flash of golden light, all the evil spirits paused, and Arthur took advantage of this moment’s opportunity to rush up and slash! He cut off the lower body of the centipede, cut off all the eight legs of the spider, and chopped off half of the crow’s wings, trying to delay the time.

“Arthur!” cried Greenville from a distance, and she had reached King Other’s cabin.

Arthur also rushed over, but——

There’s no wooden house at all. King Other’s cabin has disappeared out of thin air! It was a clearing in the apple grove, empty, and there was nothing else.

“What?!” At the moment of seeing this scene, Arthur was almost desperate.

Dozens of evil spirits have chased after them. Arthur and the others have nowhere to escape and nowhere to hide. Are they going to die here? !

“…Arthur, hold me for ten minutes! I’ll be right back!” Greenville said, running out.

“What?” Arthur was still busy fighting the evil spirits, and he didn’t expect Greenville to take the opportunity to sneak away!

There was no time to hesitate, Arthur stood up and raised his sword to draw, and the huge 30-foot-long light blade of the Holy King’s Sword swept across the evil spirits! The four evil spirits did not expect Arthur to do this, and were immediately cut in half! The broken body immediately flew out!

Arthur was extremely reluctant to kill all these evil spirits. Once killed, they are not really dead, but turn into black gas and drill into Arthur’s body! Arthur already has the power of four holy spirits and one evil spirit in his body. If we add more power, I don’t know when the body will be overwhelmed and collapse!

But the situation didn’t give Arthur much time to think about it. After he cut down the evil spirits with one sword, he immediately rushed up and slashed at a crow-shaped evil spirit! Inflicted countless injuries in an instant, the evil spirit immediately shattered into pieces of flesh, and soon turned into black gas and penetrated into Arthur’s body!

“Ugh!” Arthur felt the weight of his body, the erosion was getting worse and worse, making him almost breathless!

The other evil spirits have returned to their original state and attacked immediately! What they want is to actively absorb Arthur’s body, not to be absorbed by Arthur’s body!

The huge centipede coiled into a circle in mid-air, rolling like a wheel! Its body is full of poisonous spikes, and it will die if it is scratched by this thing!

Unwilling to take any chances, Arthur raised the scabbard of the king and stretched out the griffon shield. The centipede slammed into the shield heavily, and was bounced out the moment it touched the shield! Without waiting for the dizzy centipede to recover from the collision, Arthur jumped up and pursued it, slashing it in half with one sword, splitting its head in half with another sword, and then smashing it with dozens of swords!

The centipede also turned into black gas and burrowed into Arthur’s body!

The spider couldn’t wait any longer. It spewed black tangled silk and laid a net, waiting for Arthur to crash in!

As soon as Arthur landed from the air, he stepped on the net, his feet were stuck so he couldn’t move! The spider bites frantically, trying to kill Arthur with its fangs.

Arthur spit out dragon flames. While the raging fire drove the spiders away, the sparks flying everywhere also burned the spider webs that the evil spirits spit all over the place!

The spider was ignited and scurried in the cobweb, but the burning speed of the cobweb was faster than its moving speed, and instantly the spider had no way to escape and fell to the ground. Arthur was already waiting for the spider, holding his right hand high, ready to strike out with a sword!

Seeing this situation, the evil spirit spider made a frantic attack with all its strength! It doesn’t care that it is pierced by the holy sword, and it also uses its fangs to bite Arthur’s throat!

Arthur had expected this for a long The sword stance of his right hand was just an illusion. He stretched out his left hand and threw the fireball formed by the condensed dragon flames to the evil spirit spider! The fireball exploded on the spider’s face impartially, the spider’s eyes were burned, and temporarily unable to see, Arthur slashed again with a sword, and easily took down the life of the spider!

Another evil spirit turned into black gas and entered Arthur’s body!

No way! Arthur felt as if his body was about to explode. Four holy spirits and four evil spirits were running around in the body, fighting fiercely in the boy’s body!

The white and black spell patterns on Arthur’s body entwined each other, and began to emit a violent brilliance! The incantation pattern was deep in Arthur’s body, and an inch from the skin tore at Arthur’s flesh, causing Arthur to splatter blood!

“Ughhhhhhh!” Arthur felt that there was no pain in his body. The mantras spread everywhere and stretched out everywhere except his head, causing every part of his body to have spiral-shaped sunken mantras! The blood he splattered stained his shirt and trousers, seeping from the gaps in his armor!

The number of evil spirits surrounding Arthur is not small at all. They were originally just waiting for an opportunity. Now that Arthur is in pain, of course, they will not miss this great opportunity! Dozens of evil spirits attacked together like crazy, planning to tear Arthur into a piece of fast meat!

Arthur was powerless to resist, he closed his eyes, looking forward to a peaceful death——

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