Light Spirit Epic Chapter 404: The journey is the journey (4)


Chapter 404: Departure for the Journey (4)

The patriarch’s house of the leopard people is also built of wood and thatch. Although it is magnificent, the thatch on the roof can only protect against rain, but not very cold. In the dark room, there is a large furnace, and the burning charcoal fire in the furnace made of stones is all the light source of the big room tonight.

“Are you here?” A middle-aged leopard man with brown hair was standing around the fire, “I am Argus, the eldest son of the previous chief Hackett.”

He deliberately said the [big] character very loudly, as if to show his prestige in front of his younger brother.

“Good evening, everyone.” Another younger Leopard Human was leaning against the giant pillars of the house. The only difference between him and his brother is that the spots on his tan hair are solid black (whereas his brother’s spots are dark brown), “I’m the second son of the former chief, Bagus. Bevelf, the silver wolf, you say If you have something important to report to us, please hurry up. I have work to do later.”

“Huh, as if you’re the only busy person here?” Argus sarcastically.

The second brother glared at the older brother and said nothing.

The third brother’s Kaos had already sat down on the animal skin carpet and leaned against the stove: “Everyone is busy, let’s keep it short, spend less time arguing and go back more time. rest.”

“Of course.” The two brothers of Kaos didn’t quarrel anymore, but sat down together.

Bedivere also sat down with the group. The wooden house of the Glick tribe has a very hard and flat wooden floor. The carpet made of monster fur did not make the floor any softer, and the werewolf boy’s buttocks hurt when he sat on it.

He adjusted his body, managed to find a more comfortable sitting position, and began to talk about what had happened in the past few days. Including the conspiracy of the fox patriarch Leonard to conquer the world, including the shady story of the Egyptian massacre ten years ago.

The three Leopard brothers just listened quietly, sometimes nodding, sometimes frowning.

“…So,” Bedivere concluded, “isn’t it strange that we hate humans and go to war with them, since it’s not all human fault?

The dry season is finally over, and our lives will slowly improve. Please reconsider the war with humans once again! Don’t let innocent blood flow in vain! “

The three patriarch candidates looked at each other, noncommittal.

“Uh, guys?” Bedivere was overwhelmed by the cold scene.

“Let’s think about it carefully.” The boss said with a cheek, “There is currently no way to prove that what you said is true. Besides, you are on the side of the human beings, so maybe you are using a lie. To alienate our friendship with the Romani (Fox)? God knows.”

“I’m Albert, the son of the Fierce Fang clan chief, and I guarantee that Bedivere is telling the truth.” The tiger-man boy El couldn’t help but said.

“The Turkic Pafu is also guaranteed.” The elephant herbalist Pafu also said.

“Even if you say so—“Bagster Road, the second child,” and, does Patriarch Roble have a son? I really haven’t heard of it— his eldest son, Robert, doesn’t Already dead?”

Albert’s body trembled as if he was stabbed.

“In short, our three brothers need time to discuss a result. Moreover, we have not yet elected the patriarch, and we cannot make such a major decision as a truce.” Kaos stood up and said, “It’s late at night, everyone. Please go to rest first. We will talk about it tomorrow.”

Bedivere nodded helplessly. What’s with the unhurried pace of these leopards? They seemed to be just perfunctory Bedi, and did not seriously listen to the demands of the werewolf boy.

The leopards who run so fast are not always impatient. They are used to postponing questions and giving an answer after careful consideration (shrewdness).

“The faster you run, the harder you fall” – this is the most common proverb among the Glicks.

At the same time, Arthur is teleporting back from a tombstone.

“No, this one is also empty….Damn it!” Arthur kicked the stone tablet angrily.

“Don’t take the stone tablet to vent.” Greenville stood silently aside, thinking carefully.

Not only is King Other missing, but now even the Holy Spirits hidden in the seals of every tombstone in the cemetery are missing. What the **** is going on here?

“As of now, we have no choice but to leave Avalon first.” Arthur suppressed his anger and said, “It’s useless to stay here, and the guy Oser also said that this place is one million square kilometers. , he will hide from us with other Holy Spirits, and we will not find it anywhere.”

“Your body——“

“Very well, don’t worry!” Arthur lied, “As long as my will is firm, the Holy Spirits can’t erode me at all. I won’t let a few Holy Spirits rob me of my body!”

Greenville nodded worriedly.

The two groped for their way back, wandering in the apple grove. Arthur was marked along the way, and it was easy to find the way back.

However, in order to avoid being attacked by evil spirits again, the two followed closely and moved forward cautiously, paying attention to the movements on their heads and feet at all times.

After walking for about an hour, they came to the original entrance. The portal composed of two complete tree trunks appeared in front of Arthur’s eyes.

“Are you sure you’re going back like this?” Greenville confirmed again.

“Instead of wasting time here, it’s better to go back and find something to do.” Arthur said insistently, walking over and groping for the structure of the portal, trying to find the switch of the portal.

But…nothing? !

There is This so-called portal is just two simple tree branches, and there is no switch at all.

This is not the same as the portal in the Elysian Lands. The portal to the Pure Land of Elysian didn’t even have a switch, and it opened automatically when someone approached it.

Arthur thought about it. He was immediately disappointed.

“Greenville, I’m afraid we won’t be able to go back for a while.”

“What, what?!”

“The portal needs time to recharge. It doesn’t have enough power to send us back,” Arthur said disappointedly.

“But—how long will it take?!”

“I don’t know. I’m afraid only King Oser, who is the guide, knows.” Arthur thought. They’ll be here for about a week. I dealt with a Holy Spirit almost every day. If it went well, I should have completed the task and went back.

However, if it doesn’t go well, it will drag on for a longer time. The ancients may have underestimated Arthur’s strength, thinking that the next [king] to come to this pure land would spend more than a week attacking the Holy Spirits.

Alternatively, the recharge time of the portal is more than a week. God knows.

“Then… what should I do?” Greenville asked in confusion, “Should we go back to the wooden house again? This late night——“

“No!” Arthur drew his King’s Sword. “Greenwell, get ready to fight. We are surrounded.”

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