Light Spirit Epic Chapter 392: Reverse War in the Demon Realm (1)


Chapter 392: Rebellion in the Demon Realm (1)

“Tristan?!” Bedivere was infinitely grateful to see his old friend on this occasion. He burst into tears with gratitude and hugged the murloc prince: “To see you here! It’s great!”

“Didn’t you go to lobby the leader of the Khajiit? Why did you get caught in the foxman’s research institute?” Tristan let go of Bedivere, “What have you been doing this week?”

“It’s a long story.” Bedivere looked at Mage Merlin by the light of the lightsaber, and he instantly understood the purpose of these uninvited guests breaking into the institute, “Master Mage, you are here. Seven people?”

“Yes.” Merlin replied briefly, “What are you going to do?”

Bedivere leaned into the mage’s ear and muttered a few words.

“Understood. I’ll try my best.” Merlin said, “Everyone in the White Bears is of such great quality, I can’t promise to rescue them all. But I’ll try my best.”

“Thank you,” Bedi said. “Let me join you. There is a friend in this institute who needs my help.”

“I’ll go with you.” Tristan threw the lightsaber in his hand to Bedivere, and used magic to create an ice sword himself.

“Thank you, Tristan.”

Bedivere was lucky enough to get another chance in this life-or-death situation—a chance to change his fate.

This time, he must seize fate.

“What? Take his correspondence and let me have a word with him.” The Roman Emperor Justin I waved his hand and chopped off the head of a tiger guard. At the same time, Bedivere’s voice also sounded on the communicator: “Uh, His Majesty the Emperor?”

“Is it true that the evil star is with you?” the emperor asked as soon as he came up.

“He escaped with us from another institute. He was then locked up in the Elephant Man’s territory. I don’t know if the foxes brought him here.”

“Well, okay.” The emperor cut off the communication, “You guys continue to fight here. I’m going to find the evil star. —– boy (he looks at Evan), you can use the eagle eye, right? Come with me.”

“What?!” Knight X was still busy fighting with the rushing tiger men. He had just cleaned up the guard and immediately shouted, “But, Your Majesty, what is the planned battle?!”

“Find a way to do it yourself!” Justin I said willfully, he had already grabbed Evan with one hand and ran away.

“Wow! What have you all done?!” As Bedivere ran, he heard the alarm bells ringing in the institute, making a mess, “Don’t you know what [sneak operation] is? !”

“Sorry, the emperor is talking about himself!” Tristan quickly followed behind Bedivere, “Now we can only make a quick decision, hurry up and bury the bomb and blow this place to the bottom. Upward.”

“Damn!” Bedivere roared impatiently. He followed Albert’s scent, and soon came to a research room.

“Beddie, isn’t your [new friend] a woman?” Tristan said jealously, “You playboy!”

“Al is a man!—What are you jealous of?!”Beddie pushed the door in

The tiger man boy, whose body was covered in blood and whose white hair was dyed red with blood, was lying quietly on the operating table.

No one else. The researchers all fled, and the guards went to fight.

“El…” The werewolf boy walked over and helped the tiger boy with heartache, “How do you feel? Where does it hurt?”

“Beddie?…” Albert was so angry that he panted softly and said, “No, leave me alone… run away!—- –There is no help for a waste like me.”

“…You’re not trash. You’re my friend.” Brady turned to Tristan and said, “Tristan, come and help me, bandage Al, and move him out.”

“Okay.” The murloc prince pursed his lips and agreed, while looking for medicines that could be used.

At the same time, the Roman emperor was already in the basement of the institute, clearing up the dozens of wolf golems that were chasing after him. His martial arts are extraordinary, and the giant sword in his hand can produce super vibrations, and wherever the sword points, it is destroyed to the point of destruction. Although the nonsense was out of order, the emperor’s fighting ability was very amazing, and the security of the institute could not compete with it at all.

“Your Majesty, here.” Evan said that he had no chance to take action, and all the battles were arranged by the emperor alone. All he can do is concentrate and use the eagle eye technique to search for the whereabouts of the evil star.

He has found it.

The emperor kicked open the steel door that Ivan pointed to, and saw a cage in an empty dark room. Inside the small cage, was imprisoned the star dragon and evil star whose scales were pulled out and the flesh was blurred.

Seeing this scene, Evan ran to the side corner and vomited.

The Roman emperor walked over and smashed the cage with one hand.

“This is the second time I have rescued you, stupid dragon,” he said.

“Humph…” Shaxing underestimated in a low voice, he was so weak that he could hardly speak, but his mouth remained stubborn: “Who wants you to save, stupid human——“

The emperor took off his cloak, wrapped the boy in front of him, and whispered, “Let’s go back, Alexander.”

When the evil star was carried by Justin I, he lost consciousness.

“This is also done.” After the Grand Duke Hall installed the bombs, he informed everyone in the branch operation through the communicator, “How many bombs are left unloaded? When they are ready, they will be withdrawn as soon as possible!”

“Two more. Wait.” A letter from the Roman Emperor.

Archduke Hall felt helpless and looked at the white bear beside him: “Elaine, cheer me up!”

“Grandpa…” The white bear has been shaking since arriving at the Come on! Before darkness comes! “

“Don’t worry, [Darkness] won’t bother you again.” Although there is only a vague idea of ​​what [Darkness] Elaine is referring to, it seems from Arthur’s previous report to the Southern Sky Knights, that It should be a biological weapon that the fox people are researching.

Anyway, as long as this institute is blasted to ashes, the problem will be solved. The nightmare that haunts the white bear boy every night will also come to an end.

“Uh, is anyone free? There’s a little problem here, who can help find a solution?” Mage Merlin called.

Hall patted the bear boy on the shoulder, “Follow up!”

Elaine struggled to restrain her trembling and followed behind Hall. Along the way, several guards were resolved, and they came to a large warehouse on the second underground floor and found that others were already waiting there.

The Roman emperor carries the dying male star, while Bedivere and Tristan also support Albert. Knight X (Lancelot) who just arrived also killed the chasing guards with a few swords and quickly blocked the warehouse.

Hall saw this large group of people and knew what the so-called “problem” was. Merlin couldn’t teleport so many people at once.

The biggest problem is yet to come. Hall saw under the transparent floor of the warehouse, the “prisoners” who were held in solitary (captive) custody: about two hundred polar bears.

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