Light Spirit Epic Chapter 391: Preparation for the dark night (5)


Chapter 391 Preparations for the Dark Night (5)

At the same time, Brindisi was at the forefront of the Roman front.

“Elaine, don’t be afraid, everything will be fine,” said a human teenager.

His intelligent black eyes revealed a certain determination. He was not a knight. He only wore a thin light armor, and only the most basic arm armor was worn on his left arm. This young man was wearing the equipment of an apprentice knight, but his aura was similar to that of an experienced knight, which was very incongruous.

Hiding behind the boy is a white bear. The polar bear is very shy, and he is afraid of everything he sees along the way, and he is afraid to move forward. Three to four times the height of the boy, but hiding behind a little boy to seek the boy’s asylum, this peculiar scene unfolded in the military conference room in Rome, causing the knights and generals to chuckle.

“That… Grandpa, I brought Elaine.” The boy said awkwardly. In front of these big people, he had no stage fright himself, but he was ashamed of the stupid white bear behind him.

“Thank you, Constantine. Just wait.” The Grand Duke Hall said, he did not tell Constantine to leave the battle room, because Elaine the Ice Bear was very timid and dared to stand in Constantine. Speak when Ding is present.

Hall was reluctant to save the white bear boy in the Fox people’s research institute. Constantine used his [Hand of God] to attach the polar bear with only one head to the body of the grizzly bear, allowing the polar bear to survive.

Neither Hall nor Constantine thought that there was a big secret hidden in the mind of this white bear boy.

——“Dark Origin”.

“So, Mage Merlin, can you really pass through the protective barrier of the Foxman Research Institute and teleport into the interior of the research institute?” asked Grand Duke Hall.

The seven Roman generals next to him, the other two celestial knights, as well as the Roman emperor, the Queen of Iceland, and the generals of France, all looked at the silver-haired mage in the center of the conference room with anticipation.

“If the barrier used by the fox people in the last research institute is the same as the previous one, I should be able to find the loophole and teleport into the research institute.” Mage Merlin said.

This time it was his rare occasion to help someone other than Arthur, but the stakes were high and he had to get involved.

“Well, that’s great. The only question then is to confirm the number of people. Only seven people can be sent, right?”

Mage Merlin nodded.

In fact, Merlin and the white bear boy Elaine are fixed, and there are only five remaining candidates.

“I’m going. My eagle eye technique can be used.” said the half-dragon boy Evan. So there are only four candidates left.

“I’m going too.” Tristan, the murloc prince, also said, “I’ve been through the same institute twice, and my magic will definitely come in handy.” So the only candidates left are three people.

“This team’s combat power is not enough. I’ll go too.” Grand Duke Hall said, “Can a general be sent from Rome? It’s better to have a strong combat power and no task of commanding front-line operations.”

Justinian patted Knight X on the shoulder. Lancelot stepped forward helplessly. So there is only one candidate left.

At this time, the Roman Emperor Justin I finally couldn’t help but say: “Leave the last candidate to me. Don’t fight with me!”

“What?! Your Majesty!” The Roman generals beside him were naturally agitated.

“Your Majesty, you still have government affairs in your body, and you can’t command the front line without you—-” Justinian persuaded.

“It’s so noisy. You can make do with this kind of trivial matter! My decision has been made, and I will never change it,” said the Roman emperor stubbornly. He is a rough man from the army, more stubborn than anyone else, and he has not changed a little even after becoming emperor.

Justinian lowered his voice and asked dejectedly, “Uncle, it’s not because of Lord Shaxing…”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I didn’t take that stupid dragon to heart.” The Roman Emperor Longyan was furious. “I’m just not happy that the foxes used a shady trick to capture our soldiers. I want to give the foxes a little bit. Look at the color. That’s all.”

The Roman generals shook their heads helplessly. The emperor of Rome is so lame even telling a lie, I really don’t understand why the Roman Senate chose this rude person as emperor.

“Since the candidate has been decided,” Mage Merlin interrupted, “it’s not too late, let’s go immediately.”

At the same time, the tiger man Albert was lying on the operating table, enduring severe pain all over his body.

The foxes opened El’s body and unscrupulously implanted a large number of unknown machines in El’s body. They played with the tiger boy’s body and transformed the tiger boy into a monster.

However, for Albert, what was more unbearable than the physical pain was the pain in his heart.

When he saw the contract in the hands of the fox patriarch and saw his father Roble sold himself, Albert’s spirit was completely broken.

He has no home to go back to. Even if you want to rely on others to survive in the territory of the elephant people, it seems impossible.

A trash like him deserves to be ravaged, no matter how hard he struggles or how hard he works, it won’t help.

Al was exhausted physically and mentally, lying motionless on the operating table, closing his eyes and enduring his fate.

——Until, the moment of being saved.

Bedivere slammed into the cage. He knew it was futile and would only make his shoulders hurt more, but he couldn’t think of any other way.

He’s anxious, worried about his friend Albert. He was annoyed by his own powerlessness, and he couldn’t help him by Al’s side when Al was suffering.

Click! The door of the room opened. Several guards and Foxman researchers came in, intending to **** Bedivere to “anatomy”. In a few minutes, Bedi’s head will be cut off, and the body’s internal organs will be taken out by the foxes one by one and placed in research containers.

Instead of worrying about El, it’s better to worry about your own situation first.

Once the cage was opened, the werewolf boy rushed out like a madman, ready to find an opportunity to struggle to escape. The ring in his hand is gone, and of course the magic bow is gone. The only thing he can rely on is his madness.

Smack! An electric baton stabbed in Bedivere’s abdomen, and the werewolf boy was dazed by the electric shock before he could use the maddening

“Hahaha, don’t we know about your little tricks?” The Foxman researcher sneered, and stabbed Brady on his shoulder, back, and **** several times with an electric baton before he could stand up. The high-voltage electricity made the werewolf boy go numb.

“Ugh…” Bedivere was half-kneeling on the ground, unable to struggle any longer.

The tiger guards dragged Bedivere out, dragging him out like a livestock to a slaughterhouse.

Beddie was continuously electrocuted, foaming at the mouth, and could no longer struggle. If this goes on, he will——

“Clap!” All the lights in the room suddenly went out.

A few cold lights flashed across, and the fox and tiger men in the room suddenly lost their voices.

The tiger man who was dragging Bedivere released his hand, and Beddy fell to the ground. His eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, and what he just saw was the head of a tiger man rolling in front of him.

“Ugh!” The werewolf boy gasped.

“Beddie? Is it Beddy?!” A familiar voice sounded beside the werewolf boy.

The blade of light opens. Through the blue excess light from the light blade, what Bedivere saw was the face of a young man.

Of course he knew the man. The days they spent together are enough memories to last a lifetime.


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