Light Spirit Epic Chapter 39: Forcing to obey the goddess


Chapter 39: Forcing Obedience to the Empress (Part 2)

On the golden crystal throne dozens of yards away, Iceland’s Queen Lilith XVI surveys the knight Arthur with a dignified look.

She wears a dazzling golden robe. Through the long silk dress that was as light as mist, what could be vaguely seen were the scales glowing with golden light, and the mermaid tail composed of these beautiful scales.

The dazzling golden color is dazzling, as if the incomparably gorgeous golden scales are the queen’s clothes, and the golden silk robes on her body are deliberately put on to cover up the excessively gorgeous golden scales.

She was so beautiful that even Arthur was stunned for a few seconds. The emotionless knight does not know what love is and what joy is, but he knows how to appreciate the beauty in the world.

Arthur pretended to be humble: “So Her Majesty the Queen knows someone of low status like me?”

“Of course I do.” The Queen said in her unique, elegant but unusually cold tone, “It is said that the Vikings suffered an unprecedented defeat last month, and it was only the work of a knight. I have been following you since then. A week ago, three Viking fleets disappeared for no reason and were later found dead at the hands of knights, and the corpses of the drifting Vikings were still cruelly engraved on them. Full of the name of a certain knight, at that time I felt that I could no longer let you go.”

“The attack a month ago was my doing. I was just protecting myself. But the attack a week ago had nothing to do with me.” Arthur said bluntly, “I encountered a succubus. The ambush of the succubus, the necromancer who controlled a large number of Vikings, it is estimated that the succubus did the attack on the fleet.”

The queen raised her hand and said savagely: “Anyway, you are indeed a knight who makes trouble. I can be sure of this.”

“Just me alone has induced the hostility of the mermaid?” The knight Arthur couldn’t help sneering, “If Her Majesty wants to, she can kill me at the click of a finger, why should so many innocent people be involved? ?”

“Hmph, knight, you guessed wrong. I don’t want you to die, I want you to live to complete a mission for me.” The queen responded with a sinister sneer, “After you’re done, you and your followers can be free. If you leave, I will not embarrass you again.”

“So from the first attack on our submarine to the subsequent attack, it was completely planned by Her Majesty the Queen?”

“That’s right, although there were a lot of variables along the way, but you overcame it and came to me, and once again proved that you are capable of accomplishing the task I entrusted to you.” The queen said coldly.

“Your Majesty, please tell me. If it is a task within my power, I will try to complete it.” Arthur said tentatively.

“Anyway, you have no right to refuse.” The Queen of Iceland threatened, “You will go to Greenland tomorrow and take back the lost holy spear of our mermaid from the frost giants.”

“The holy spear is, that… holy spear!?”

“That’s right, the golden trident, the treasure left by the sea royal family to the mermaid family.” The Queen said, “A thousand years ago, the despicable frost giants designed to steal the holy spear, but the mermaid family and the frost giants used ice Magic can hardly cause damage to each other, and they still have the frost dragon Xianvia to sit in, and the war between the mermaid and the frost giants has been stalemate for thousands of years.”

“Why don’t you send the Vikings? They’re all good warriors,” Arthur questioned.

“He is an excellent fighter, but he has a big head and no brains and doesn’t know how to use spells at all.” The Queen said, “Without the help of spells, it is absolutely impossible to defeat the frost dragon. Xianvia’s dragon breath can freeze time.”


“Anyway, I’m counting on you. It’s nothing, if you succeed, I will be able to retrieve the sacred relics of my clan. If you fail, I also have one less future threat, and there is nothing to lose.” Queen Cold and authentic, “Do you want to do it or not?”

“You want me to retrieve the holy spear for the mermaid, and then let you use the power of the holy spear to invade Pantoracken!?” Arthur narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

“That’s right, and I have already said that you have no right to refuse.” The Queen of Iceland said, then waved her hand, the tent outside the hall was opened, and Bedivere and Kay could be seen hanging upside down by ropes from a distance. on the beam.

“Ah, Arthur!” cried Bedivere.

“The pool below them is full of crystal sharks that have been hungry for hundreds of years,” the Queen sneered. “As long as I wave my finger, they will fall, and within half a minute, the crystal shark will kill them with their bones. There is nothing left to eat. Your decision will determine the life and death of these two.”

“What an ancient method…” Arthur said.

“Old but bloody,” said the Queen, “I don’t mind seeing such a **** scene occasionally.”

A drop of cold sweat seeps from Arthur’s forehead.

“Understood, then——“

“What are you doing, mother?! Put Bedivere down quickly!!” A teenager suddenly spoke.

“Tristan?” The Queen’s face sank, “What are you doing here! Go back to the bedroom!!”

“I don’t want to listen to your mother! Stupid!” the young man stubbornly said, “Put down! Put down Bedivere! What do you want to do to my friend!?”

“Friend, friend?!” The Queen’s face showed a moment of surprise. “Don’t be fooling around, Tristan. How can these lowly humans be your friends——“

“Despicable?” Arthur’s face was ashen.

“It’s not a lowly human being!” the murloc boy shouted, “Bediver is my first true friend, an important friend!!”

“Really.” The Queen’s face returned to its original grimness, “There’s no other way, it seems that I can only kill your friends. You should learn to make friends carefully and only with truly noble people. friends.”


Before anyone could react, the queen flicked her finger lightly. A strong vacuum wave shot out, directly cutting off the rope hanging from Bedivere.

“Wow ah ah ah!” The werewolf boy screamed and fell, and he was about to fall into the shark pool.

“No!!” In an instant, a miracle happened. The sharks in the pool not only did not rush to bite Bedivere, but instead formed a group and caught Bedivere who fell into the water.

“Beddie!” Tristan cried, and the sharks were already working hard together, and the werewolf boy flew out of the pool and landed in front of Tristan.

The murloc boy firmly caught Bedivere: “I got you, my friend!”

“Tristan…” Bedivere was stunned, his eyes darkened, and he passed out.

“Okay, it’s over.” Arthur had taken advantage of the chaos to come behind Tristan, and he took out the dagger from the boy’s waist and placed it on the murloc boy’s neck.

“Tristan!” The Queen of Iceland stood up, seemingly unable to contain the anger in her heart, “Let him go! If you hurt his hair, I want you to die!!”

“Your Majesty, isn’t your vacuum wave very powerful? Why don’t you shoot your fingers through my forehead?” Arthur pretended to be a villain and smiled wickedly.


“Are you afraid of hurting your most cherished baby?” Arthur said.

“Don’t be too proud! Guard!!” cried the Queen. In fact, this shouting is unnecessary, the mermaid guards have already firmly surrounded Arthur and the others.

“You can kill me, but I will do my best to smack this kid on the neck before I die. Murlocs seem to be a very important and rare species, right? My lowly human life is replaced by a Murloc. It’s worth his life.” Arthur said, “It’s really nothing to lose.”

“Bastard, bastard…!” The queen was so angry that she almost jumped up and down, but she still restrained, “You, what do you want!”

“I will keep my promise and help you get the holy spear back. But Her Majesty, please agree to one condition, that you will form an ally with Pantoracken during your reign.”

“How beautiful you think, knight!” said the queen.

“It should be beneficial to His Majesty without any harm. You have obtained the holy spear of your dreams and the military support of Pantoracken. You have had a holiday with the frost giants, and you are ready to fight with them. Is it better to attack Greenland with Pantolaken, or is it better to go to war with Pantolaken and Greenland at the same time?

If Your Majesty rejects our request, we will have to form an alliance with the Frost Giants in order to protect ourselves. By then, your Icelandic Kingdom will become an enemy. Is this what Your Majesty wants to see? “

The queen was stunned, “Knight, maybe you are smarter than I thought.”

“It’s just that the ants are in a hurry to protect themselves.” Arthur sneered.

“Very well, just do as you suggest.” The Queen said, “Now you can let go of Tristan.

I promise to let you go safely. “

“Well, that can’t be done.” Arthur said, “This kid wants to go with us, and he needs his strength to get back the holy spear.”

“What!?” The queen almost collapsed, “How dare you! Human, do you really think I will let you do whatever you want!?”

“Do you want to pull it down? Then pull it down, I just need to rub this kid’s neck…” Arthur said dispassionately.

“You lunatic!” The Queen was furious.

“Think about it, Her Majesty. How can the holy spear of the mermaid be recovered by a lowly creature like human beings! It would be different if Prince Tristan was with him. This must be a great opportunity to shock the people of the whole country and let His Royal Highness establish his prestige?”

“That’s nice, but you just wanted to keep the hostages held, knight!” the queen said angrily, but her anger was gradually What is the truth, no one will care. What the people care about is good stories and heroic deeds that make them relish after dinner. ‘ said Arthur.

“This…” The Queen began to hesitate.

“It’s useless, knight.” The murloc boy Tristan said at this time, “My mother won’t let me take risks. In her eyes, I will always be a child who has not grown up, and I will always need her to protect me. The old woman who lived for more than 500 years thought she was very good at raising children.”

“Pfft.” A mermaid guard on the side couldn’t help laughing.

“Okay, then I don’t care!” the queen said in a rage, “If Tristan comes back with a hair missing—–“

“Arthur, take me to a haircut first,” Tristan snapped.

“You…!” The Queen glared angrily, “Okay, do what you like! Such a willful prince, it’s best to be swallowed by the White Frost Dragon, and don’t come back!”

Then, the queen turned around and walked away with a full stomach.

“I don’t want to come back, idiot mother!!” The murloc boy made a face.

“What are you doing…” Arthur was helpless at the strange things that happened in front of him.

“Anyway,” Kai shouted, “please, can you let me go first?! I feel like my brain is congested——“

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