Light Spirit Epic Chapter 38: Forcing to obey the goddess


Chapter 38: Forcing Obedience to the Empress (Part 1)

The next morning, Arthur was woken up. He left Kay and Bedivere, who were still sleeping in, and followed the merman who led the way out of the room.

This time, Arthur just wanted to deal with it by himself, and didn’t want to implicate his companions.

He followed the court magician Wendina around the palace, instead of going directly to the Queen’s hall, he came to a small room instead.

“Please go to the bathroom and take a shower, and see that Her Majesty’s ceremonial clothes are also ready.” Court magician Wendina said.

Yes. There’s still a whole lot of red tape to follow before meeting the Queen. The kings are always high above, not easy to see.

“Okay. It’s time for work.” Arthur suppressed his doubts, bowed gently, and walked into the bathroom.

There is a rare warm place in this cold crystal palace. It is filled with smoke, and the sunlight refracted by the blue crystal from the high sky presents a beautiful and mysterious colorful haze in this smoke. The seven-color brilliance of Caixia is reflected on the crystal golden pillars of the Crystal Palace. Against the mutual contrast of gold and blue crystals, it is reflected countless times, like a kaleidoscope, adding a more wonderful and strange scene to this ice room.

Arthur escaped into this wonderland, and his nervousness could not help but relax a little. He was about to enjoy a hot bath by himself, calm down and think about his next move.

But his hopes were dashed—there was a first visitor in the bathroom.

A blond boy is sitting in the bathtub waiting. He has short pure golden hair, and a golden halo glows under the steam and light, giving people a very noble feeling. His big blue eyes were as deep as the sea, revealing a watery aura. The man’s appearance was exactly the same as Bedivere’s description, and Arthur immediately guessed who the boy was.

The murloc boy showed a sly smile, as if he was planning something.

Arthur knew the details of this guy, and it was because of that that he understood that Tristan was not a good person. The knight bowed slightly and sat quietly in the bath, pretending to see nothing.

Seeing Arthur playing dumb, Tristan couldn’t help but ask, “You should be… Knight Arthur? Isn’t Bedivere here?”

“No, I am the only one allowed to meet Her Majesty the Queen.” Arthur said coldly.

“Really? What a coincidence.” Said the murloc boy regretfully.

The knight soaked in the bath and looked at the hot steam on the water. He couldn’t help but ask: “I thought the mermaids were all afraid of heat.”

“Other big sisters are not afraid of the heat but not the cold. I am the only exception. The palace has always been cold to death for me.” Tristan said while playing with the water.

“That’s really hard for you,” Arthur said disapprovingly.

“Uh–” The murloc boy looked at Arthur with big, cunning eyes, “Actually, I have a request–can you kidnap me?”


“If what Bedivere told me last night was true, then the merfolk and you humans are getting ready to go to war, right?” Tristan smiled slyly, “so if you take me hostage , wouldn’t it make the fish people dare not fight against you? I can also go to the human world to see and see, and I don’t have to be in this cold ghost place anymore, it’s really the best of both worlds!”

Why did this kid take a bath here early in the morning, so he was waiting here——Arthur wondered in his heart.

“Are you serious?” Arthur suppressed the anger in his heart and asked.

“Yes, seriously. Take me away. Now.” The murloc boy said firmly.

A strange feeling entered Arthur’s mind. It was an idea, a hint. The murloc boy’s thoughts are transmitted to the knight’s brain through the information carried by the photons.

Arthur blinked blankly, “Okay, Master.”

He approached the murloc boy and stretched out his hands as if to grab Tristan’s neck.

Tristan had a smug, urchin-like smile on his face.


Pop! Arthur suddenly gave the murloc boy a slap in the face!

“How are you, are you awake, kid? Or are you too drowsy and need a slap?” Arthur scolded.

“You—!” Tristan was surprised.

“Don’t worry, hypnotism doesn’t work for me,” Arthur said calmly.

The so-called hypnotism is nothing but a suggestion in the heart. As long as the will of the subject is firm enough, the psychological cues given by others cannot affect him. When it comes to strong will, Arthur can easily squeeze into the top ranks of this type of people in the world without boasting.

“If you want to run away from home, think of a way yourself. It’s too despicable to use someone else’s hand to do things for you. You don’t have to think about the international problems caused by kidnapping you, but you also think about it. How worried you are about running away from home.”

“I have no family.” Tristan whispered, covering his face. There was a burning pain in his face.

“Nonsense, you are simply a kid spoiled by everyone.” Arthur angrily said, “You only care about yourself, and don’t think about how much trouble you will bring to the people around you. Such a willful kid. Not spoiled or what?”

“I’m not. I’m just…” The murloc boy was speechless.

“Get back into your mother’s arms, kid. Bedivere is a nice guy, so he’ll be submissive to you, but that won’t work for me,” Arthur said sternly.

“Ugh…” Tristan tried hard not to cry, but the tears were already in the corners of his eyes, “Arthur, you idiot! You don’t understand anything!!”

He hurriedly dressed and ran away.

“Stinky boy, you can run very fast.” Arthur cursed unhappily.

This kid only sees the misfortune around him, but never knows how happy he is. Such a guy is the type of person Arthur hates the most.

Half an hour later, Arthur walked into the Queen’s Great Hall in a gorgeous ceremonial suit.

The Crystal Palace has the most gold content than this palace. The beautifully patterned gilt covers the countless crystal walls, making such a natural, brilliant and luxurious hall. The crystals here are all golden, and the transparent golden light and the opaque golden light are intertwined in the temple, forming a dazzling brilliance.

On the 100-level high platform, there is a huge crystal throne. The figure of a mermaid was looming in it.

“See Her Majesty.” The knight Arthur just saw the figure of the other party, and he knelt down and salute without any hesitation. Meeting with the royal family has strict etiquette. If you kneel late because of the beauty of the queen, Arthur will lose his head!

There was a second of silence.

“Knight Arthur, I’ve been waiting for you.” A noble, elegant and arrogant voice came from above the throne.

Sitting on a huge crystal throne in an ice-blue thin silk tent is a beautiful mermaid with golden scales.

She is Queen Lilith XVI of Iceland.

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