Light Spirit Epic Chapter 40: Forcing to obey the goddess


Chapter 40: Forcing Obedience to the Empress (Part 2)

A few hours later, Bedivere wakes up to find himself in the cabin. This is the standard warship of the merfolk, made of a mix of wood and a small amount of aquamarine, the outer shell of the ship is hard and flexible, and the interior is cool (for merfolk) and comfortable, perfect for water battles. The runes carved into the wooden slats on the hull seem to have additional protective magic.

Under the lamp made of blue crystal, there is someone.

“Beddie!” Tristan crouched in front of the sofa and approached the werewolf boy almost at zero distance, “Great, you finally woke up!”

Beddie pushed the murloc boy’s face away with one hand, “Tristan? Why are you here…”

“Arthur [kidnapped] me, hehe.” Tristan was so happy that he almost wagged his tail, if he really had a tail to wag, “Looks like I’ll be working with you for a while.”

“No, His Royal Highness and—I—act together.” Wendina, the court magician, said, her huge **** coming close to Tristan’s face.

“No! Why do you want to follow? I hate it to death!” The willful murloc boy showed an impatient expression and avoided the palace magician as if he was running away.

“However, I have the responsibility to protect the safety of His Royal Highness!” Wendina gestured dejectedly and continued to follow behind Tristan.

“What do you know! It’s a man’s adventure! You’ve ruined the atmosphere by following along!” Tristan simply circled the cabin to avoid Wendina.

“Stop messing around.” The two circles made Arthur dizzy, and the knight couldn’t help cursing. His eyes glanced outside the cabin: “See Greenland, prepare to land.”

“Okay, let’s go. My Royal Highness and I will stay here and wait for the good news.” Wendina has caught Tristan and is trying to suffocate the murloc prince with her chest.

Arthur put on a fierce look, holding a weapon: “Keep up, or die.”

“You dare to order me!?”

“You can’t stop me from slicing this kid’s head off. Want to try?” Arthur continued to threaten, holding the hilt of his lightsaber.

“…Damn, just wait and see!” The mermaid looked angry, but did not dare to resist. She was not afraid of fighting with the knight, but she was afraid of accidentally hurting Her Majesty’s precious son during the fight. She relented, letting go of Tristan, who was nearly suffocating.

When the murloc prince saw the knight yelling at the court mage speechless, he couldn’t help sneering and coaxing: “—-Arthur is really fierce. However, he is handsome!”

“Shut up kid! Want to get your tongue ripped off?!” Arthur roared.

“Arthur!” Taking these words seriously, Bedivere quickly stood in front of Tristan.

“Humph!” Arthur snorted disdainfully, and then turned to look out of the cabin, “Hurry up and get on the boat. If you stay in this kind of place, you will be discovered.”

“Where’s Kay?” Bedivere realized that he was missing someone.

“Staying as a hostage in the palace, of course.” Arthur shrugged and walked out of the cabin, “However, with so many beautiful mermaid sisters accompanying him, I don’t think he would mind.”

He quickly cut off the rope hanging the lifeboat, grabbed Tristan with one hand when the boat fell, and threw the murloc boy into the boat. Immediately afterwards, he pulled up Bedivere and jumped into the boat, and fell lightly, the boat hardly swayed.

“Are you going to follow, or stay on the boat?” Arthur looked at Wendina coldly.

“Okay,” Wendina replied in dissatisfaction. She wagged her tail and jumped into the boat.

“What about this big ship?” The murloc prince asked curiously.

“Do this.” The palace magician stretched out his hand and raised a cloud of ice, which enveloped the ship and quickly covered the ship with a thin layer of ice, “His Royal Highness, this is the advanced application of [Sculpting]. .Watch it, you’ll learn in no time.”

She controls the icy fog, causing the thin ice attached to the hull to change its outer texture. It’s actually a very subtle change, almost invisible to the naked eye. However, the sunlight hits the ice and deflects, gradually blending the colors of the sea and the sky on the hull and finally creating a translucent effect.

Windina makes the hull of the warship translucent. Everyone present saw this scene, and they were all amazed at the breadth and depth of magic!

“If it’s pure ice, I can make it completely transparent.” The mermaid court magician raised her eyebrows proudly, “but this should be enough, at least the enemy can’t find this ship from five nautical miles away. Ship. Let’s hurry up and land.”

“Of course.” Arthur and Bedivere rowed together to the east coast of Greenland.

At the same time, Iceland, the underground torture chamber of the Crystal Palace.

“Ah!” The whip fell fiercely, leaving a bloodstain on Kai’s body.

Kai, however, was as if nothing had happened, and even called out happily.

“Pick, give me a hard blow!” The Queen ordered from the side.

The mermaid in charge of the execution raised the whip and slapped Kai Chilu’s upper body fiercely, drawing another bloodstain.

“Ah, push harder! Push harder!!” Kai exclaimed, seeming to be enjoying himself.

“Your Majesty, this, this guy is disgusting!!” The executioner said: “I can’t stand it!!”

Then, the mermaid screamed and ran out.

“Pantolaken’s knights are really hard to deal with…” The Queen looked at Kai, who was smiling slyly, and couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat.

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