Light Spirit Epic Chapter 383: To kill in the magic marsh (1)


Chapter 383: Killing in the Demon Marsh (1)

Bedevier was woken up at six the next morning.

When Patriarch Tut handed the magic bow [the Fire of Nare] to Bedivere, Bedivere was shocked: “Is there really no problem with returning this to me?”

“Don’t you call yourself a [pacifist]?” Elephant Man sneered, “You came for peace, so you wouldn’t use this bow at my people. Take it, There are monsters in the Everglades, and you need it.”

Bedivere took over his weapon with mixed feelings. He never thought he would be so trusted.

“El, the evil star will ask you to take care of him.” Bedi said, looking at the tiger man boy who was still sleeping soundly in the bed, he immediately shook his head and sighed.

“Follow me.” An Elephant Man approached. Bedi saw the young Elephant Man and vaguely thought he had smelled somewhere…

“This is the herbalist Papho. He is in charge of taking you to collect medicine.” Tut sneered. Although Bedivere didn’t know why Tut was laughing for the time being, he knew he would figure it out soon. .

“Hmm. Too tender. It’s going to die.”

Bediver frowned: Puff, this rude and rude guy, said that people would die as soon as they met, what a crow’s mouth!

“You guys go.” Tutan urged, “If you miss the time when the beasts are dormant, it will be difficult to come back alive.”

There is also a time limit for elephants to gather herbs in the Everglades. From 6:00 to 8:00 in the morning, when the monsters in the swamp are the least active, they go to collect medicine before they can come back alive.

There are many greedy elephant people who have forgotten the time when they gather herbs, and were swallowed alive by the swarming monsters to the point of being devoured to the point of no bones left. A strict adherence to time is the only way to live in the Everglades.

After Bedi and the others set off, the tiger-man boy Albert slowly got up and looked at Pafu Patriarch.

“Are you really going?”

“…I have to go.” Albert seems to have made up his mind, “I want to prove to you that I can also create value for you. I have no home to go back to. , if I can prove my worth to you, please let me stay here.”

“Boy…you’re saying the same thing as my son.” Puff whispered, “but that **** was devoured by monsters in the swamp in the end….you just work hard. , if you can survive, you can stay here.”

That’s not what he really meant to say. However, [you don’t have to work so hard, please don’t take risks] such words, Pafu Patriarch can’t say. He has never said such a thing to his own son, and it is even more impossible to say such a thing to other people’s sons.

In the swamp, two figures are walking quietly. Even if the beasts were sleeping, it didn’t mean there was no danger at all. An inadvertent move may also wake up the monsters lurking at the bottom of the swamp, which will flock to breakfast.

Beddy moved slowly, startled, and Papho, who was beside him, walked with steady steps on each of the raised hills in the Everglades. Trying not to approach dangerous waters is the general principle of surviving in this swamp.

In order to ease the tension, Bedivere began to chat with the Elephant Man Herbalist, of course, keeping his voice as low as possible: “Mr. Pavre, where on earth have we met?”

“No.” Puff whispered. He doesn’t seem to need to deliberately lower his voice. He is a taciturn person, and when he has to speak, his voice is low and empty to the extreme.

“…But, your smell—” Bedivere trusts his nose very much, and he remembers the smell absolutely can’t be wrong.

After being reminded by Bedivere, Papho said, “Dad. Rome.”

Being told this, Bedivere does remember it.

Elephant Man Apothecary Le Puff. An envoy sent by the orcs to Rome. The guy who had duel with Arthur and the others, was defeated by Kai, and finally was betrayed and killed by Palamides during the night raid to **** Bedivere.

Able to fight for life with Kai, the elephant man Papho is a hero. It’s a pity that he ended up dying at the hands of his companions – Palamidis, who went back to report at that time, pushed everything away, saying that Arthur and the others killed everyone else in the envoy.

Wait a minute. Papho’s son? ! In front of Bedivere? ! This guy, shouldn’t there be any resentment in his heart, let’s take revenge at this time! ?

He is now Bedivere’s guide in the Everglades. If he has bad intentions and wants to frame Bedi and point him to death, wouldn’t Bedivere be dead? !

Thinking like this, the werewolf boy couldn’t help but get scared. He tentatively asked: “I’m sorry about your father.”

“Yeah.” The herbalist Puff just snorted in reply, which made Bedivere even more uneasy.

“It’s over,” he said, looking at the opposite platform. There is a section of water that has to be crossed in the middle, which seems to be dangerous.

He walked over slowly by himself, passing it nonchalantly.

The werewolf boy also learned to move slowly away, but he is not like a human after all, and he does not have that burly figure. He walked into the seemingly shallow water, only to find that his whole body was almost submerged in the water, and only one head was exposed on the water!

The feet were soaked in the sticky mud, and the parts above the feet were also soaked in the water. Of course, it felt disgusting to the extreme. But the thing that sent the chills down Bedivere’s back the most was a fluffy touch.

That touch touched his lower body, swiped his tail at one time, and swam beside his thigh at another time.

Beddie knew what was in this dark pool of stagnant water. He panicked, almost screaming and running to the platform in front of him.

However, Puff raised his hand to stop Bedivere: “Don’t move.”

Bediveville is out of ism. He didn’t know whether it was better to believe in Papho or to run away on his own. The distance from landing is five yards, and if you want to run, you should be able to run away. But would that thing in the water really make him run away? !

In a cold sweat, Bedivere tried to suppress his panic and stood still.

After about five minutes, the feeling of being touched by the thing began to disappear, and Pavle also put down his hand: “Follow.”

Beddie came ashore safely. He couldn’t help asking curiously: “What was that thing just now?”

“Carrion jellyfish,” Pavre replied briefly.

Bedivere is secretly grateful that he believed the Elephant Man. The carrion jellyfish is a dangerous creature, Bedivere has also heard of. These things specially attack the living creatures in the water, sting the living creatures to death with their highly toxic tentacles, and then parasitic on the dead corpses to continuously absorb their nutrients.

Since this jellyfish only observes moving objects in the water, it is the most correct way to stand still when encountering this jellyfish. It’s the same thing as pretending to be dead in the water when encountering a shark.

On the other hand, if Bedivere ran to the shore, before taking the first step, he would be stung by the tentacles of the jellyfish, and he would be poisoned to death immediately! A werewolf boy from him, if he wants to compare the speed with the creatures in the water, he will definitely die!

Papho is indeed a herbalist who lives in the Everglades, and he knows how to survive in this terrible swamp.

Whether Pavre still holds a grudge, Bedivere doesn’t know. But he knew that Puff was a professional and would not affect the progress of the task because of personal feelings.

The werewolf boy took a deep breath, strengthened his courage, shook off the doubts in his heart, and quickly followed his guide.

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