Light Spirit Epic Chapter 384: Chasing the Swamp (2)


Chapter 384: Killing in the Demon Marsh (2)

The two walked forward for a while and came to the root of a towering ancient tree. There are countless fungi growing here, and mushrooms with various bright colors are interspersed, making the werewolf teenager dazzled.

“Twenty for red and white.” Pavlov said, reaching out to pick it himself, he also motioned for Brady to pick it.

The werewolf boy picked the mushrooms nimbly, and packed the picked herbs in a pre-prepared airtight bag. He didn’t dare to pick more, and strictly followed the herbalist’s instructions, fearing that something might go wrong.

After it was done, Pavle was about to go to the next medicine collection point to pick up another medicine, but a strange muffled sound interrupted him.

That was the sound of something huge and heavy dragging on the bottom of the water. Scraping the stones at the bottom of the swamp can make such a noise even in the sticky mud, and the thing that is being dragged is estimated to have a huge mass.

Puff patted Bedivere on the back: “The Swamp Lord. I’m running away.”

Lord of the Swamp? Bedivere was hesitating, and a huge shadow had appeared in the swamp a hundred yards away.

It was a hundred-foot-tall, black water snake. The nine heads of the water snake were separated, squirming one by one, sticking out forked black tongues.

Its whole body is covered with terrifying black scales, and an evil purple light oozes faintly between the scales!

That’s right, Lord of the Swamp, referring to this Hydra. —— A close relative of dragons, an epic creature with terrifying poison.

The owner of the swamp, dormant in the swamp, slumbered for several years to avoid the drought.

Now, it’s hungry.

Encountering Hydra at this distance, Pavre knew that he could not escape. He drew out the weapon in his hand: a longbow, and said as he stepped back: “Shoot the eyes.”

Bedivere also drew his magic bow, took two steps back, and pulled out an arrow. The shock wave hit, instantly smashing a head of the Hydra.

Bediver dared not draw the bow too deep, as he had to preserve his strength to escape. He pulled out two more arrows, nearly smashed the other two snake heads, and saw that Pavu also shot arrows and blinded the other three snake heads. He took the opportunity to pull a blow to drive the Hydra back, and immediately turned to run.

Hydra was not really pushed back. It pursued furiously, waving the remaining heads, and spewing thick, highly corrosive green venom from its mouth!

“Diffuse!” Puff cried, separating from Bedivere some distance and jumping on the swampy platform, trying not to fall into the water as much as possible.

At the same time, the entire swamp is also in uproar. The Lord of the Swamp was rampant, and the other beasts in the swamp fled in panic, lest they be affected by the venom of the Hydra.

Bedivere flipped right, dodged the passing venom, and landed on the next platform in an instant. There was a lot of moss on the high platform, and it was very slippery. Brady didn’t stand firm, and immediately slipped into the water!

A carrion jellyfish swims by Bedi, holding a long-decomposed Elephant Man corpse. The swamp master was getting closer and closer, and the jellyfish even abandoned the body in panic and hurried away.

Beddie climbed out of the water, a chain had been dropped in front of Bedivere, and Pavle shouted: “Catch!”

As soon as the werewolf boy grabbed the chain, he was pulled by a huge force and flew out. There was a sizzling sound behind him, and he saw that a large cloud of venom had exploded in his original location! If he runs half a second late, he will be dissolved by this venom!

Clap! Pavle grabbed Bedivere’s tail with one hand, causing him to scream in pain, “Don’t grab the tail!”

“Luo Su!” The Elephant Man threw the werewolf boy onto another platform, and rushed over himself. Bedivere was amazed that this tall elephant man could be so flexible!

Pounds! More venom exploded around the two, and the Hydra was gradually approaching. Only then did Bedivere notice that the heads that the Hydra had just smashed to pieces had regenerated.

This monster’s recovery ability is very powerful, just like a succubus!

You can’t kill a monster without destroying all nine heads at the same time!

Bedivere simply can’t fire nine arrows at once. Standing still and pulling the full bow to make the most lethal blow? Neither. Standing still is equal to courting death, and a single blow with a full bow may not be able to destroy every head of the Hydra at the same time. It’s too risky.

He pulled out two arrows as he retreated, so let’s cut down the number of monster heads first! The two arrows only smashed one snake’s head, and the other snake’s head began to know how to dodge, and as soon as he turned his head, he avoided the shock wave shot by the magic bow!

“Tsk!” Pavu also shot two arrows, and the flaming bow and arrow hit the Hydra’s eyes and blinded one of the snake’s heads. Only then did Bedivere know the reason for Pavre’s use of the physical arrow: the arrow inserted in the snake’s eye can cause long-term blindness. Even if the snake’s eye regenerates, the arrow is still inserted there, obstructing the snake’s sight!

This is no way to escape. Brady rolled to avoid Venom’s attack and immediately pulled out an arrow. His arrow was not aimed at the head of the snake, but aimed at the body of the Hydra. The shock wave hit the body of the Hydra, and although the powerful shock caused obvious damage to the snake, it pushed the snake back about ten yards!

“Papho, I’ll stop it, you’ll blind it!” cried Bedivere.

Pavre had already shot several arrows, and several of them were successfully stuck in the snake’s eyes, completely blinding the other head of the snake.

More venom rained down, and Bedivere plunged into the water to avoid it, then swept away, pierced through the water from the other side, and shot two more arrows! The shock wave hit the Hydra back two steps, and caused severe pain to the monster, causing the monster to temporarily stiffen for a second. The arrow shot by the elephant man has successfully landed in the eye of the hydra, and blinded one of the snake’s heads!

“Time to run!” shouted the Elephant Man. He thought that was enough to stop Hydra’s pursuit.

“No! If you lead this guy to the village, the village will be destroyed!” Bedivere retorted, “It’s going to be solved here!”

They entered the moor through a winding road from a tree hole in the giant tree. If you want to protect the village, the way back must not be discovered by this big monster!

With their feet, they will definitely be overtaken by Hydra. If they are caught in the middle, only the two of them will die; but if they are caught on the way back to the village, or if they are caught up by monsters following the smell, the problem will be serious! ——Elephant human villages with a population of at least tens of are ravaged to death by these giant poisonous snakes, that is not a fun thing!

Puff probably understands what Brady is thinking. He didn’t think Elephant Man was so weak that he would stand still under the attack of Hydra; but he knew very well that even if Elephant Man resisted, and even finally defeated this Hydra, what awaited them was a massive casualty. .

He also stopped: “Encircle it. Stop it.”

Beddie smiled and reached out to grab the chain thrown by the elephant man. As soon as he caught it, the Elephant Man threw Bedivere with all his strength.

Beddy flew a long distance in mid-air, and at the same time, his hands were not idle. The arrows he shot exploded on the Hydra’s body, suppressing the Hydra’s actions! Papho ran to avoid the venom bombs beside him, shooting arrows. As soon as the rain of arrows passed, the other head of the viper was also blinded.

Multiple heads of the snake were shot blind and began to vomit venom indiscriminately! The venom exploded indiscriminately in the swamp, causing waves of green poisonous mist to appear in the surrounding waters!

The Hydra also revealed its true form. At the junction of the nine heads, a huge face appeared on the snake’s unusually sturdy body.

Bloodshot, yellow eyes, a large mouth with blood, and yellow and black fangs in the mouth!

This thing isn’t a Hydra at all. That’s a monster with nine fake heads!

—— Those nine snake heads are just decorations, humans will not understand!

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