Light Spirit Epic Chapter 378: Escape to the Black Prison (1)


Chapter 378: Escape to the Black Prison (1)

I was caught in such a place again. Bediveville knew a thing or two about what filthy research the foxes had done. Because of this, now his heart is full of disgust and unease.

He can endure everything the foxes do to him with his eyes closed, but if the foxes do anything to Albert——!

“Beddie.” Albert saw that Bedivere’s face was bad, and quickly comforted: “It seems that we were caught by human traffickers. But don’t worry, we will not be in danger. Dad is the patriarch, No matter how rampant the human traffickers are, they would not dare to attack me easily.”

This is what worries Bedivere the most. Al was so optimistic that he hardly noticed his father’s indifference to him. Roble doesn’t love waste materials like Al at all, so he won’t waste time negotiating with human traffickers (Foxmen).

To make matters worse, Roble was already involved. He was going to deal with Al…

The more Bedivere thought about it, the more frightened he became. He shuddered involuntarily.

He used the maddening technique without thinking much, wanting to escape from the cage first. But he failed. The cage is indeed specially treated to seal magic.

Beddie falls down in frustration. He was so anxious, and the smell of disinfectant from the institute made him almost vomit.

“Beddie?” Al asked in a low voice, “Are you okay, meow? Talk to me, don’t be silent!”

Bedivere then realized that although Al pretended to be calm on the surface, he was actually very scared. No, he was probably more frightened than Bedivere. That kid didn’t experience life-and-death fights, and he didn’t have any experience of being caught in a research institute. Al was actually terrified, but he had to force his composure to comfort Bedivere.

As usual, Albert put on a smile and tried his best to hide the pain in his heart.

Bedivere swallowed. How could he not cheer up at such a time!

“Al, calm down, let’s find a way to escape together.” Bedivere forced himself to calm down. He looked at his right hand, and the ring was indeed gone.

Albert saw Brady’s behavior through the cage, and he said, “The engagement ring you’re looking for is here.”

The tiger-man boy took out the sapphire ring from his hand, spotted the gap in the cage, and threw it to the werewolf boy.

“Al, how are you——“

“This is your most important engagement ring, right?” Albert smiled smugly, “The moment I was knocked out, I knew something was wrong, and I wanted to scream for help. , but the body won’t obey. I fainted beside you and the only thing I could do was take the ring from your hand and hide it between your teeth.”

Beddie looked at the ring. Fortunately, this ring was specially made by Archmage Merlin. No matter how sharp and hard a tiger’s teeth were, it couldn’t bite it.

Only a little blood was left on it. Bedi deliberately did not pay attention to where the blood came from, and put on the ring directly.

If he can find a way to escape the effects of the cage’s enchantment, he might be able to get his magic bow out of the ring. That was Bedivere’s only hope.

“Al, I have a solution. Now I just need to act accordingly.”

“Great, then——“

Pasha—The door to the research room opened, interrupting the conversation between the two teenagers.

Entering is a fox man dressed in gorgeous blue satin. That fancy dress didn’t match the red and black fur of the fox man at all.

Beddie lost his affection for this fox man at first glance. This fox’s mouth is also too long and sharp, and at first glance, it is known that it is a very cunning guy.

“Hehe, Silver Wolf Bevelf, I have long admired, long admired.” As soon as the fox man came up, he said in a hypocritical tone, “I am the chief of the fox tribe, Leonard.”

Bedivere stared at each other coldly, “Patriarch Leonard, what do you mean by doing this? You kidnapped us from the Fierce Fang village for no reason, are you not afraid of being difficult to explain to Patriarch Roble?”

“Hehe, don’t worry, I’ll find a way to explain it to Robble.” The old fox smiled wickedly, “You guys are valuable experimental materials, and Robble will definitely agree. He said he couldn’t take your life, but I never said that you can’t use your body to do all kinds of experiments.——Don’t worry, the experimental package I prepared for you will definitely make you unforgettable!”

“Bastard…! If you want to do the experiment, just use me to do it, don’t shoot at Al!” Bedivere roared, slamming the iron cage angrily, “Let him go! He and It doesn’t matter!”

“How can it be irrelevant? He is also a precious experimental material.” Leonard grinned, his pointed fox mouth became more distorted,” Roble had already said that this kid will be mine sooner or later .

This scrap will be coming of age in a week*, and at that time he will be the food of the monsters. Instead of feeding the monsters, let me take it apart and study it, ahahahaha! “

(*Note: Orcs are considered adults at the age of sixteen. The coming-of-age ceremony is a ceremony to examine the value of the orcs in the clan, and the elders of the clan decide whether the orc should stay or kill.

Some mild-mannered clans exile unqualified orc juveniles, leaving them to fend for themselves in the wilderness.

However, some clans will find ways to punish those unqualified orcs – for example, send them to the death pit to feed the monsters. )

Albert’s face was pale, and he knelt in the cage silently. He once had a glimmer of hope for his father, but now even this last fantasy has been shattered.

Bedivere clenched his fists, thinking about ways to get out of here. El has run out of time, and if he doesn’t get out quickly, he will be played to death by Patriarch Leonard!

Late at night.

Arthur got up and saw Greenville beside him playing with what looked like an instrument.

“What are you doing?” Arthur looked curiously at the wonderful metal box in the girl’s hand.

“You can’t believe it!” replied Greenville. “I asked King Orser to find a way to measure photons. I never thought of asking him for a photon analyzer. But he…no I know where to find such a machine!”

“What’s so The ancients also had photon analyzers. Most of the modern technology is passed down from the ancients.” Arthur said with disapproval, he felt his arm not so much It hurts.

“Well, maybe.” The girl put down the instrument and looked at Arthur’s arm: “It seems to have calmed down?”

“There are two powers of the Holy Spirit inside. I guess the power of the two Holy Spirits suppressed the power of the evil spirit.” Arthur said. The white light on the arm is extremely strong, and in the stripes of a lot of white light, only a small amount of dark purple light is mixed.

“I still can’t understand why your body is being eroded by the Holy Spirit and evil spirits.” The girl walked out of the room, “Come on, eat something to replenish your strength. You need more energy.”

Arthur watched the girl out, picked up his sword and scabbard, and followed.

The moment his hand touched the King’s Sheath, his arm began to throb again.

King Oser watched Arthur eat and drink while explaining to Arthur the strategy of the next Holy Spirit.

Arthur was focused on three things, listening to King Oser’s explanation, eating dinner, and trying his best to suppress his expression so as not to show an expression of pain.

Greenville watched, with nothing more to say except busy translating.

It wasn’t that she didn’t notice the drop of cold sweat on the knight’s forehead. She just couldn’t do anything about it.

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