Light Spirit Epic Chapter 377: Fight against the Holy Spirit (2)


Chapter 377 Fighting again against the Holy Spirit (2)

Arthur died like this? of course not!

A golden light bursts out of the thorn orb. At the most dangerous moment when Arthur was about to be caught, he activated the [Spellbreaker] of the King’s Sheath.

A large number of otherworldly photons exploded in an instant, and the golden photons burst out violently, blasting the narrowed thorn ball!

However, this attack is barely powerful enough to blow up those tentacles! The thorn ball composed of tentacles was only blown up and expanded for a moment! A golden light took advantage of this opportunity to fly out of the blasted thorn ball, and it flew upwards, submerging into the sky with the impact of the explosion!

Arthur rushed out of the ball of thorns and flew high into the sky. At the same time, he also spread his wings, raised his sword of the holy king, and sprinted to the ground!

The golden light broke through the sky with the force of ten thousand troops, and slashed straight to the Holy Spirit, the seat of asceticism! She wanted to use tentacles for defense, but found that her tentacles were tangled and intertwined, unable to unfold for a while!

Arthur waited until the moment he was completely surrounded to activate [Spellbreaker], exactly what he wanted!

Originally, the tentacles of the Ascetic Seat could be controlled at will in the [law] of the Holy Spirit, with absolute [coordination], and there would never be an embarrassing state of being out of control and knotting.

However, after being hit by [Spellbreaker], the tentacles of [Spell] were temporarily lost, and the control was in chaos! They are entangled with each other, and they are so tightly entangled with each other that they cannot be loosened for a while! (Even if the spellbreaker’s effectiveness has expired, the knotted tentacles cannot be undone for the time being!)

The final result is that Arthur’s blow from the sky with all his strength, no tentacles can stop him!

The Ascetic Seat must take Arthur’s full blow head-on, if she can take it!

Touch! ! ! ! ! ! ——The golden light fell, causing a huge explosion!

After the deafening loud noise and the flying sand and dust all passed, Arthur crawled out of a large pit.

The rose pedestal of the Seat of Asceticism was nearly destroyed, but Arthur didn’t quite solve the goal.

The body of the Ascetic Seat was separated from the pedestal. It was a slender female figure with a streamlined figure!

The deity of the Seat of Abstinence holds two lightsabers, and the ends of the four tentacles on his back also shoot out turquoise lightsaber blades. These six rays of light illuminated the beautiful white body of the Holy Spirit into emerald green.

With thousands of tentacles gone, the Ascetic Seat can wield six lightsabers in melee combat, slicing opponents to pieces!

“Very good.” Arthur also took out his Longwu dagger and replaced it with a dagger in his left hand and a holy sword in his right hand.

This is the battle he’s been waiting for. People fight against people, not monsters.

The two-swords fight against the six-swords.

Arthur doesn’t have the [double-handedness] of Lancelot. He was inevitably a little stuck when swinging two weapons, unable to move completely as he wanted.

However, it does not mean that he is not strong.

Swipe, swipe, swipe! Six turquoise rays of light flashed beside Arthur!

Arthur moved to the right to avoid the sword slashed towards his left shoulder, crouched to avoid the blade of light slashing towards his head, and rolled sideways to avoid the sword that slashed at him from both sides at the waist. Feng Feng, then volleyed his dagger into the air, blocking the Holy Spirit’s thrust, and then drew out his holy king’s sword, slashing diagonally to the left shoulder of the seat of asceticism!

The Holy Spirit raised his untouched sword to block! I just blocked it, but I didn’t expect Arthur to spit out the flame dragon breath from his mouth!

The Holy Spirit, who opened the middle door, swallowed Arthur’s dragon breath, and was burned back for a while! When the injury appeared stiff, the knight had already rushed out in the torrent of raging fire, and the two swords were out, stabbing the heart and throat of the Holy Spirit!

Squeak! The Holy Spirit’s heart and throat were pierced at the same time! But such damage is not fatal to the Holy Spirit who is infinitely close to God! The Holy Spirit has already raised six lightsabers, ready to stab Arthur everywhere!

Arthur had already approached the body of the Holy Spirit. Before he was attacked, he rushed over and hugged the Holy Spirit tightly. He kissed the beautiful face of the woman! The dragon breath he spit out fiercely spurted out the moment it touched the opponent’s lips, and the flames flowed in the Holy Spirit’s body instantly, burning the Holy Spirit from the inside out!

Arthur flipped back violently and took a few steps back. He only drew the dagger, because the Sword of the Holy King could crucify the Holy Spirit in the space she was in, restricting her movement.

The Holy Spirit began to struggle to the death. The flame injected into her body by Arthur’s kiss quickly burned the inner spirit of the Holy Spirit, giving her infinite pain! It’s as painful as dying hundreds of times at the same time!

It doesn’t help her madly wielding the blade. She wants to chase and kill Arthur, but she is confined in the original space by the sword of the Holy King and cannot move!

Finally, the Holy Spirit, the seat of asceticism, finally gave in! She screamed and her whole body began to collapse. The torrent of flames spewed out like lava from the woman’s broken body, and the Holy Spirit quickly disintegrated into a white light, revolving around Arthur!

“Please, don’t get into my arms again!” Arthur pleaded, fearing the worst could happen.

However, something bad happened! The Holy Spirit didn’t listen to Arthur’s demands at all, and mischievously burrowed into the wound on Arthur’s left arm.

More white light fills the knight’s arm. More fierce battles of darkness and light play out in that arm! Arthur felt dizzy from the pain, and the scene in front of him was changing rapidly. He had returned to the original cemetery, but his eyes had also begun to darken!

“Arthur!” Greenville immediately hugged the fallen Arthur and injected a larger dose of painkiller into the knight’s arm.

Not much use. Arthur can still feel the pain of the ups and downs that day! That pain is not only torturing the body, but can also reach the soul! The piercing pain that ripped apart the soul immediately separated Arthur from the real world…


Someone is calling.

“Bedie?! Be-Die!” cried Albert’s voice.

Bediver opened his eyes, only to realize that he was only wearing a pair of pants and was locked in a small cage. In another cage, less than a yard away, was Al, who was also naked, with only a pair of shorts left.

The werewolf boy began to recall what had happened. His last memory was the moment when he and Al happily jumped into the hot spring pool.

After that, he was rewarded with a sap from behind. The two of them fell into the hot spring pool together.

He thought he was going to drown in the pool. However, he was caught in such a place.

What the **** is this place? ! He continued to look around, the white walls, various metal equipment, operating tables, and tools.

A sense of disgust hits me. Bedivere has been to a similar facility more than once. Even this disinfectant smells exactly the same.

The research institute of the fox people.

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