Light Spirit Epic Chapter 379: Escape to the Black Prison (2)


Chapter 379: Escape to the Black Prison (2)

At the same time, midnight.

“Ugh!” Albert was escorted by two guards, sent back to the research room, and thrown into the cage again.

“El?!” Bedivere looked at the tiger boy in surprise.

Albert shivered, all sorts of faint blood stains stuck to his white tiger hair, which was probably the source of his fear. He clutched his stomach tightly, curled into a ball, as if he was in great pain.

“Beddie…I’m fine, don’t worry…” Albert whispered, “This little…experiment…is not scary… Me!”

The werewolf boy knew that his friend was just being tough.

The fox guards also came, they opened the cage, dragged Bedivere out of the cage, and were planning to take Bedy to the experiment.

This is probably the only time.

When Bedi came out of the cage and was no longer affected by the magic seal, he pretended to collapse and fell to the ground. While the fox people were going to come over and grab the werewolf boy, Bedi had already taken out his magic bow from the ring!

Pop! With a backhand knock, the magic bow’s peculiar hard bow slammed firmly on the head of a fox man!

“What?!” Another guard was about to run to sound the alarm, but Bedi took the lead and pulled out an arrow, blowing the fox man’s head.

“Ha, ha, ha.” Bedivere was not idle, he strangled another fox who fell to the ground while breathing heavily. After finishing it, he found the key in the foxman’s trouser pocket and opened Albert’s cage.

“Al, I’m running away.”

“Ugh…” The tiger man clasped his abdomen tightly and slowly climbed out of the cage. Only then did Bedi see El’s lower body stained red, and now there is blood oozing from the tiger man’s abdominal wound.

“Beddie, run away yourself. I, I can’t run…” Albert said with a wry smile. His injuries are very serious, and the biggest problem is that the blood phobia makes him completely immobile.

“I won’t leave you. Come on, bandage for you.” Bedi looked around the lab.

He spent ten minutes, using the medicine supply in the research room to help Er disinfect and bandage, and then took off the clothes of the fox people and put them on by himself. Although the fox people are short and the clothes don’t fit them well, it’s better than nothing.

After finishing the work, he hid the body and slowly groped out with the help of Al.

In the middle of the night, the corridor of the institute is very dark, which is a good environment for them to hide.

“Fox people always think they’re smart, do their best in the most ingenious places, but forget the roughest parts.” Albert murmured as he walked slowly through the vent.

“What do you mean?” Bedivere asked in confusion.

“It’s like a clock. They can make the most precise clock in the world, but they forget to put the mainspring on the clock. Just now, they thought the institute was very well guarded, so they just put you out of the cage. Come out, I never thought that you would suddenly come back.”

Beddie thought about it. The behavior of the fox people is really strange. Don’t know whether to call them [genius] or [idiot].

“Foxes are sometimes smarter than humans, but their intelligence is… at one extreme. Their thinking lacks… coherence, so… always… There are loopholes in every link.” Albert stopped, huddled, and seemed really uncomfortable.

“El, cheer up!” Bedivere dragged the tiger boy forward, feeling that El’s body was constantly getting colder.

“I…I’m probably going to die…” Albert said weakly, the smell of blood in the ventilation duct was getting stronger and stronger, which was too strong for him to bear. He began to feel weak, chills, and stiff with panic.

“We’ll escape,” Bedivere said stubbornly.

“Beddie, escape alone. Even if I can escape, I don’t know where to go.” Albert said in a low voice, “I have no home to go back to.”

The tiger man boy, who has always been optimistic, is now extremely depressed. Bedivere was a little overwhelmed to see his friend so low.

At this moment, a shrill sound came from the other end of the ventilation duct. The scream was very familiar, and Bedivere knew its owner.

He dragged the tiger boy and slowly groped to the other end of the ventilation pipe, looking down from the gap between the ventilation openings.

A young man with shiny gold is being fixed in the center of the room by a huge metal bracket. His hands and feet are separated by iron shackles and fixed on the four corners of the bracket, forming an “X” shape.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah [armor].

When in human form, Shaxing’s armor is part of his body, which is actually his dragon scales. And now, his scales are being pulled out piece by piece, revealing his scaleless, **** body. His upper body has been stripped of the scales, becoming bloody, while the scales on his abdomen are being torn off piece by piece by the wolf golem!

“Ouch!” Al covered his mouth, resisting the urge to vomit.

This sound attracted the attention of the fox man.

“Huh?” Foxman drove the wolf golem and turned to look at the vent. The smell of blood gushing out from the vent made the fox even more puzzled: “Who is there——“

It’s time to wait! Bedivere drew a bow without thinking.

The shock wave emitted by the arrow converged into a line, instantly smashing the Foxman’s head to pieces!

Whoosh. The wolf golem lost its manipulator and immediately stopped.

Beddie kicked open the iron grille of the vent, pulled Al, jumped out of the ventilation duct, and asked, “Shaxing? Why are you here?”

“Ugh… boy, come on, come on!” Jin Twink endured the severe pain all over his body, the flesh on his body was exposed to the air, and blood splattered from time to time, “Hurry up… give I’m free!”

Beddie climbed onto the wolf golem and tried to activate the golem as the researcher had just seen. Although it walks crookedly, at least it can move. He walked over and untied all the handcuffs and shackles that bound the dragon with the strange power of the wolf golem.

“Ha!” Sha Xing fell to the ground feebly, “Saved. Woo…”

“ look weak…” Bedi took off his shirt and threw it to Shiny, lest his **** upper body be exposed to the air and get infected.

“…They… put all six key fragments in my heart.” Sha Xing shivered, “The fragments are constantly robbing me of my vitality.”

Bediver understood the ins and outs in an instant. The fox people caught the evil star and used the evil star as the master key.

……But, why pluck out the dragon’s scales? Is it necessary to do this?

Albert looks at the evil star. He had heard the adventure stories told by Bedivere, and of course he knew the origin of Xinghui Longshaxing.

“Vomit…” The tiger man boy immediately found a corner and vomited. He even vomited blood.

“What’s the matter with that guy?” Shaxing looked at Albert angrily, then turned to question Bedivere.

“He has [hyperophobia], and of course he is scared when he sees you covered in blood.” Bedi explained, “How long will it take for your body to recover?”

“I can’t.” Shaxing said in frustration, “The key fragment has always been in my body, and my strength has never been restored. I’m afraid I can’t regenerate.”

Bediver is almost desperate. To escape from this heavily guarded research institute alone is already extremely difficult, and now it is necessary to escape with two wounded!

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