Light Spirit Epic Chapter 369: Erosion to the Fallen (3)


Chapter 369: Erosion to Fallen Heaven (3)

The next morning. The territory of the Fierce Fang.

“Give this… back to me?” Bedivere looked at Albert in disbelief, the tiger boy holding Bedi’s left arm prosthesis in his hand.

“You saw me turn into that kind of thing yesterday, and you still gave me my left hand, aren’t you afraid of my sudden attack?”

“If you want to attack me, there are countless opportunities before.” Albert smiled, he was not afraid at all, “but I know you will not attack us casually. You are here for peace, Right. You won’t run away, and you won’t hurt anyone until you reach your goal.”

The tiger-man boy Albert saw through the innocent Bedivere. Even if Brady had a weapon in his hand, the werewolf boy was still a harmless guy.

“Come on, I’ll put it on for you.” Albert said.

Bediver took off his shirt suspiciously, watching the other party bring his prosthesis over to the connector on his left shoulder, inserting, twisting, and clicking.

“Ugh.” The nerves were connected again, and Beddy suddenly felt a sharp pain in his arm. After the pain passed, he tried to move his left arm, opened and closed his palm several times, and the reaction was the same as before, intact.

“It’s an exquisite machine. The fox people can’t even take it apart and study it, hehe.” The tiger man looked at the werewolf’s silver metal prosthesis. He should have been studying this thing for many days, but he still has a strong interest in this arm.

“This is what the mage did for me. It seems to be some kind of… memory metal. Anyway, it’s better than having no arms.” Bedivere subconsciously protected his arms, as if afraid of Albert Pounced and snatched his arm.

The tiger boy picked up the scones on the side and swallowed it, “Come on, we’re going hunting.”

“Hunting monsters?”

“Yes. I’ve already eaten all the ones I hunted last time. I’m going to hunt a big one this time.” Albert grinned.

Bedivere’s doubts deepened. As a prisoner, he should not be trusted like this. Is he really so trustworthy?

Ten minutes later, he and Albert, led by five or six tiger hunters, came to the suburbs. When Albert handed the bow and arrow to Bedivere, Bedivere hesitated again: “Do you really believe me? Aren’t you afraid that I will put a cold arrow on your back?”

“Bedivere, didn’t you ask me last night, [are we friends] this question meow?” Albert said, “I can’t answer you directly. I can only tell you that making friends is It starts with mutual trust. If I decide to trust you, then I will trust you from the very beginning.

If you really put a cold arrow in my back, then I’ll regret it later. “

“Are you an idiot?” Bedi stared, but he still reached for his bow and arrow.

“Perhaps.” Albert smiled mysteriously, “but I believe that being a [dumb] is happier than being a [smart].”

The way this tiger man sees things is different, he sees deeper, farther and more carefully.

At eight in the morning, it was still far from dawn in the Underdark, and everything was silent in the dark night. This was the darkness before dawn, and the time period when the beasts came out for food.

A monitor lizard, covered in black skin and almost blending with the night, is crawling on the desolate surface, trying to find some small berries to eat from the sparse bushes.

The amount of food is pitifully small, but this ten-foot-long small beast is good at absorbing the nutrients of its food to the maximum extent, and it can maintain activities throughout the day even if it eats very little.

Just as the monitor lizard ate the berries, the ground it was on suddenly sank, and the giant trap bullfrog devoured the monitor lizard entirely.

The mouth of the trap bullfrog is full of sharp needles, and its mouth has a special structure that can use high-speed rotation to instantly smash food. In this way, it chopped the swallowed monitor lizard into minced meat and swallowed it into its stomach.

However, the bullfrog was not able to enjoy its breakfast comfortably, and was immediately decapitated by another giant dark mantis. The two sharp arms of the dark mantis can easily cut the prey, and how many prey die under its knife.

However, before the dark mantis had time to eat its breakfast, it was immediately crushed to the ground by a huge black owl, and its head was immediately pecked off. The red compound eyes of the insect were torn apart under the sharp claws of the bird, like stained glass shards scattered all over the place.

The black owl was about to eat its breakfast, but was shot in the eye by an arrow. It was about to fly away after losing one of its eyes, when a cold light came, and it had already split off one of Hei Owl’s wings.

It reluctantly swept its other wings one by one, intending to drive the surrounding enemies away for a distance, but did not expect that the enemy had already thrown a heavy chain. One grabbed Hei Owl’s left leg, the other grabbed his right leg, and the other just wrapped around the wing that it swept out. The three forces pulled together, and the black owl was pulled to involuntarily fall forward!

The werewolf boy had already rushed up and turned into a giant beast. He tore off the hand knife of the dark mantis with one hand, and moved up in the direction of the fall of the black owl! Ten feet long, the sharp blade pierced directly into Hei Xiao’s head, killing the giant bird!

“Hu, hu, hu.” Bedivere took a few steps back and took a breath. Is this kind of hunting a success? The meat of this huge black owl (although not very should be enough for the village of the Fierce Fang for a week.

“Well done, Bedi.” Albert said, smiling and walking over to pat the werewolf boy on the shoulder.

“If you can talk, you won’t see your help!” Bedivere pretended to be annoyed, but he couldn’t help laughing.

“Hehe, how could I possibly help. Wouldn’t I lose my life if there was an accident?” Albert sneered. But his smile stopped instantly.

He looked at Bedivere’s right arm, and immediately took a few steps back, trembling, as if he saw a flood of beasts.

“Uh, what’s the matter with you, Albert?” Bedivere asked in confusion.

“You…your hand…”

“Oh, this? It’s just a small scratch.” Bedivere waved his hand inadvertently. There was a small wound on his hand, which should have been caused by some monster during the melee just now. enclosed by thorns.

Due to the poisonous thorns, the wound didn’t seem to heal, and the blood that flowed out stained a large area of ​​his arm, dyeing the silver wolf’s silver fur bright red.

“Oh, damn…” Albert just glanced at it unconsciously, and immediately passed out.

This sudden change shocked Bedivere: “What?! Albert!——“

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