Light Spirit Epic Chapter 368: Erosion to the Fallen (2)


Chapter 368: Erosion to Fallen Heaven (2)

At the same time, Reynard, the leader of the fox clan, and Roble, the leader of the tiger clan, were looking at the werewolf boy and the tiger boy in the hot spring from a distance.

The fox man put down the telescope in his hand, and a sinister smile appeared on his face: “Is that guy the legendary silver wolf Belwell? I really want to squeeze all the useful information out of his brain.”

“He has been fed Veritaserum. As a result, he is indeed a nobody, and he cannot get any useful military intelligence.

Don’t shoot at him—if you’ve squeezed his brain, he’ll be an idiot. I want him to live awake and watch me destroy the human world he holds dear. I want to show him what real [despair] is. “

Roble narrowed his eyes into slits, his golden tiger eyes glowing with hatred in the dark.

Leonard, who was beside him, also narrowed his eyes, thinking about something else.

Late at night, Avalon Pure Land.

Arthur still can’t sleep, he seems to have endless energy, and there is always a commotion in the bed. It is better to go outside and cool down.

Tonight is a snowy night. The snow and the fog in the apple grove are flying everywhere, and it is surprisingly cold.

Arthur shivered and walked under an apple tree. Those tempting golden apples radiated a beautiful golden shimmer in front of him again, and he couldn’t help but want to reach out and pick them again.

Touch! A voice drew Arthur’s attention again. Looking around, Arthur saw the white stag again. The stag tapped the tree trunk with its horns, making a crisp sound.

Stag’s sapphire eyes kept staring at Arthur, making Arthur a little uncomfortable. The creature didn’t seem to be malicious, but he always appeared in front of Arthur in such a casual situation, like a ghost.

“What the **** do you want to do?” Arthur asked.

The buck didn’t answer, just turned his head and jumped, and disappeared again in the woods and mist.

“You didn’t sleep, why did you come to such a place?” Greenville walked out wearing a cloak, and seemed to be awakened by the sound, “Go back to the house, you are wearing so little and you are in this heavy snowstorm. If you stay here, you will catch a cold again.”

“Well… go back right away…” Arthur muttered, but his body was unwilling to act. He was thinking about a lot of things, and he needed to find a place to calm down.

Greenville saw that Arthur refused to go back to the house obediently, so she leaned on the tree trunk and said beside Arthur, “…I have talked a lot with King Oser these days. .I have asked everything I can about the Holy Sword War. Unfortunately, he is only the spirituality of King Oser, and it seems that he does not retain all the memories of King Oser.”

“Really?” Arthur said as he pondered, “he seems to be different from other spirituality. In order to serve as a guide for those who came later, he seemed to have abandoned a lot of inhumanity in Avalon for a long time to preserve his humanity. The necessary memory (burden).”

“Perhaps.” Greenville sighed, “It’s actually a poor way of living like that.——let’s not talk about that. Arthur, I asked him about the Holy Grail, and he replied I [the Holy Grail is not on Earth], what do you think that means?”

“Not on Earth?…” Arthur held his chin and thought for a while, “That is, on another planet. For example, in a certain pure land.

——For example, in the [Pure Land of Canaan] mentioned in ancient Hebrew legends. “

“That’s what worries me the most.” Greenville frowned, “Like this Avalon Pure Land, it takes a lot of trouble to just enter. If the Holy Grail really exists in another Pure Land , or in the warp, we’ll spend a lifetime finding it.

“Holy Sword War Secret Book” also said that the Holy Grail has been lost forever, and even the great King Other has not been found, is it? “

Arthur does not speak.

“Arthur?” Seeing Arthur in a daze, Greenville tugged at the corner of the young knight’s shirt.

“Don’t worry, Greenville,” Arthur said. “Maybe we don’t have to look for it at all. If fate allows us to find the Holy Grail, it will always appear in front of us at the right time.”

Greenville gave Arthur a wry smile: “Okay, if you think it should be — just remember that King Uther failed in the Holy Sword War because he didn’t have the Holy Grail in his hands. .

All he can do is seal [darkness] at the end of the world, but cannot truly save the world. Having sacrificed countless people in exchange for such a result, the Holy Sword War can be said to have ended in failure.

You don’t want to follow his old ways, so make an effort to find the Holy Grail. “

Arthur nodded. He didn’t actually agree with Greenville’s statement. He doesn’t think a so-called Holy Grail can save the world. It is always only people who save the world.

He wants to defeat [Boundless Darkness] with his own hands. He didn’t bother to use the Holy Grail.

As he pondered, a black snake descended from the tree. It’s right next to Greenville’s shoulder, ready to bite!

“Be careful!” Arthur saw this terrifying poisonous snake out of the corner of his eye. Seeing that the snake was about to bite the girl, he quickly flew over!

“Wow! What are you doing——“

Touch! The two landed at the same time. The weight of Arthur’s whole body was on the girl, and Greenville couldn’t breathe. She pushed the knight away with a blushing face, and was about to scold the knight for his hooliganism, when she saw the black poisonous snake sprang from Arthur’s side and submerged in the grass.

“Arthur?” Greenville checked Arthur’s condition in a panic.

The young knight has fallen into a coma, and his pulse is very disordered. Is this poisoning?

She looked at the sweaty knight. There were four small tooth marks on the knight’s left shoulder, and a large black was spreading on the knight’s shoulder.

Five minutes later, inside the cabin.

“Well, this isn’t poison, it’s a curse.” King Oser frowned after seeing Arthur’s situation.

“Curse?” Greenville also knew very well that Arthur, who possessed the power of a succubus, could not do anything to him with ordinary poisons.

“I didn’t intend to tell you this so soon.” King Oser muttered, “Well, there is no choice now.——In this pure land of Avalon, except for the [Holy Spirit] ], there really is something else.

—— Contrary to the holy and good [Eternal Holy Spirit], a filthy evil being, [Immortal Evil Spirit]. “

“Why is there such a thing in such a pure land?!” Greenville said incredulously.

“Miss, what did the Holy Spirit become?” King Oser asked rhetorically.

“The Holy Spirit…was transformed by the [spiritual] of the Knights of the Round Table.” Greenville said rightfully, “Isn’t that what you told us?”

“That’s right. However, [spirituality] is also split from the human soul. If it is said that spirituality represents human’s [goodness]——“

“Then, human [evil] can also separate other things——” Greenville exclaimed.

“That’s right,” King Oser nodded, his expression serious, “the round table system was immature at the beginning. At that time, it used to create evil things that were completely opposite to spirituality.

It projects [Magic]. Those [demon nature], like [spirituality], gradually forgot their human nature over the years, and finally manifested as [immortal evil spirits], wandering in this pure land of Avalon.

Of course, the [magic nature] created by the initial immature system is not complete, and the [evil spirit] is not powerful. Their wandering in the Pure Land should not be too much of a hazard. The only problem is that they, like the Holy Spirit, are immortal.

One of the purposes of Avalon Pure Land’s existence is to seal these [evil spirits] in the Pure Land to prevent them from haunting the world. “

Greenville fully understood this time. What Avalon Pure Land. It’s full of holy spirits and evil spirits a whole bunch of undead monsters wandering around. No wonder this piece of pure land has to be sealed so strictly, this is not a place for people at all!

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” Arthur woke up, he was still in a cold sweat, “Water……Water……”

“Come, drink carefully.” The girl handed the cup to the knight’s mouth and fed him a little bit of water, “How do you feel?”

“Okay… it hurts…” The knight was still in a trance, “It hurts like fire…”

“The curse on his body is very powerful. Although it will not endanger his life, it will continue to cause pain on him.” King Oser said, “If this continues, I am afraid that I will die of nervous breakdown.”

“Your Majesty, what can I do to save Arthur?” Greenville asked, “Is there a way to lift the curse?”

“Well, I don’t know. We need to find the evil spirit that cast the spell before we can know how to remove the spell.” King Oser shook his head and said, “The pure land of Avalon is about one million square kilometers. Finding just one evil spirit in a huge piece of pure land is like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

Greenville looked at Arthur, who was tortured by the curse on the hospital bed, but there was nothing he could do. It was her job to heal and save people. If it was an ordinary illness, she would always find a way to solve it. But how can the curse be lifted? ! This was already beyond her ability.

She was desperate.

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