Light Spirit Epic Chapter 370: Erosion to the Fallen (4)


Chapter 370 Erosion to the Fallen Heaven (4)

At ten o’clock in the morning, the sky was just a little pale.

In a gray fog, Bedivere, along with several other tiger hunters, hurriedly returned the fainted Albert back to the village.

As soon as he entered the village, Patriarch Roble heard the report and hurried over.

Seeing the patriarch coming, Bedivere quickly said: “Albert he——“

“Go away, don’t get in the way!” Patriarch Roble pushed the werewolf boy away with one hand and leaned over to look at his son Albert. He took some sort of cloth bag with herbs out of his pocket and put it in front of Albert’s nose for him to sniff.

“Ugh!——” Albert woke up immediately. Bedi could tell from Al’s frowning eyebrows that the smell of the herb was probably terrible.

“…Old, Dad?” Albert got up and looked around, trying to figure out what was going on. It took him a full second to understand what was going on, and once he understood, his face darkened immediately.

Seeing his son come back to life, Roble was not very happy. Instead, he had an angry look on his face: “You useless bum. How many times have I called you, don’t go hunting for monsters. Isn’t that shameful enough?”

“Sorry…” The tiger man said in a low voice, but he had nowhere to express the grievances on his face, so he could only swallow his anger and lowered his head.

“Enough, you go home with the silver wolf and stay well, and you are not allowed to leave the house for half a step for three days!” said the angry tiger man father.

“…Understood.” Albert replied reluctantly.

After returning to the room, he was still lying on the table with a listless face, playing with a small pothole on the wooden table with his hands bored.

Bediver watched, and finally couldn’t help but ask: “Al, what happened to you just now? You shouldn’t be…”

“Afraid of seeing blood? That’s right. I do have [hyperophobia].” Albert looked unconcealed with frustration, “A guy like me, who sees himself or the people around him bleeding, will Trembling with fright. In severe cases, fainting.

A useless man like me is not destined to be a good fighter. “

“Yesterday, so many human captives in the death pit were killed by monsters, but you don’t care at all—“

“Of course, I don’t know those people.” Albert smiled wryly, “but I know you, Beddy. . . . I care about you.”

Bedivere is silent. Al this guy is obviously shy. He’d already considered Brady a friend, but he wouldn’t say it. It’s not interesting to talk around the corner.

But Bedivere was most worried about something else. Life in the Underdark is harsh, and the useless cannot survive. If they cannot prove their usefulness to the clan, they will be cruelly abandoned.

Those who are of no value to the clan will end miserably. Either be exiled into the wilderness, or become bait for monsters.

Even if Albert is the son of the patriarch, this is no exception.

The tiger man boy in front of Bedivere has no future. The death sentence will catch Albert sooner or later.

He is able to look at everything in the world with such optimism because he has seen everything through, and because he has no expectations. He didn’t care about the war between orcs and humans at all. He has long despaired of the world, and no matter what the world has become, he can readily accept it.

Or in other words, pretending to accept, smiling wryly.

Seeing Bedivere looking at him with pity, Albert closed his eyes: “Don’t look at me like that, Beddie. I don’t need your pity.”

“El, let’s escape from the village. It’s still too late, and now we can find an opportunity to escape to the Radiance Region.” Bedivere whispered, “There are many good people in the human world. Grand Duke Hall said that he will definitely be able to help you find a place to live. You don’t need to wait here to die.”

“Hahahahahaha.” The tiger man laughed and laughed, as if this was the funniest joke he had ever heard in the world, “Beddy, you really know how to joke! Ask me to wag my tail, Seeking mercy from human beings? Hahaha, absolutely impossible!

I would rather die in this dark region, be exiled, and be used as bait by monsters, than go to the glorious region, be willing to degenerate, and let humans tame me! —I am different from you, I am not a human pet! ! “

The words of the tiger man stabbed Bedivere deeply. It’s true that Brady isn’t much different from a dog either. He is just a loyal dog raised by human beings. After receiving a little benefit from human beings, he immediately wags his tail gratefully to human beings for pity.

(But…it’s always a little different.)

“How dare you talk nonsense in front of me——” Anger erupted from the werewolf boy’s body.

(Close your eyes and you can feel it. Everything that happened in the past.)

“Arthur didn’t keep me as a pet…”

(It was, absolutely unforgettable, the days when everyone went on an adventure together.)

“Arthur and I are friends!!” he growled.

That is a very common sentence. Plain and true.

——True, but has the power to shake people’s hearts.

Albert looked at Bedivere. The wolf boy’s roar made the tiger boy forget his frustration. What he saw was not just a naive and stupid teenager, but the whole world that this werewolf teenager was connected to.

Albert, who was already desperate for everything, suddenly had a glimmer of hope in his heart.

Maybe what he really wants can be found in Bedivere.

——a true friend.

Albert looked at Bedivere calmly: “Okay, Bedy, I take my words back. You’re a friend of mankind, so be it. But, I still won’t go with you.

I know that I can’t survive in the Glorious Territory, and even if human beings offer me kindness, I can’t have the cheek to accept it. Seeing what humans have done to my people, I can no longer trust humans. “

Bedivere still dissatisfied: “If you’ve seen Arthur, you must—”

“Forget it, Bedi.” Albert smiled bitterly, “Tomorrow, Tut, the patriarch of the Elephant Race, will come to the village for a meeting. I may be able to find a way to arrange for you to meet him.”

“Really, really?! Thank you, Al!”

“So what if we met? Do you really think you can persuade him, meow? Those big stupid elephants are more stubborn than tigers.” Albert looked indifferent, he knew that Bedivere’s plan was doomed to fail.

“The point is, I’m going to at least try.” Bedivere knows how stupid he is, but he’s also a stubborn idiot, “If I don’t even try, I can’t forgive myself. .”

The tiger man shrugged his shoulders. He did not agree with the other party’s actions, but he admired the werewolf youth’s persistence.

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