Light Spirit Epic Chapter 352: Parting on the journey (3)


Chapter 352 Parting on the journey (three)

At the same time, Bedivere, who was waiting outside the research room, looked at Bols, the dragon man golem.

Boles was going to enter the research room to report something to Merlin, but Merlin and Arthur were talking in detail in the dark, so he had to wait outside.

Being stared at by Bedivere all the time, Boles was curious: “What’s wrong, Bedivere?”

“Boers, can I ask you one thing?” Bedi leaned over and whispered a few words.

“Well, it’s possible. I’ll discuss with the mage later.” Boles said.

“Thanks.” Brady smiled bitterly. The werewolf boy was going to do something.

Even though Arthur and Merlin refused to help, Beddie still wanted to use his own method to stop the war.

The world already has too much strife and hatred. If nothing is done, these hatreds will only continue to accumulate, and the disputes will only continue to intensify.

He just wanted to do something for the world.

An hour later.

“What?!” After hearing this, Arthur was immediately furious, “Beddy, are you crazy!? Breaking into the Underdark alone is courting death! Send the sheep (wolf) into the tiger’s mouth!”

“I know it’s silly,” Bedivere said with a calm expression, and he said it after consideration, “but I still want to do it. Orcs aren’t all that unreasonable. Like Para Guys like Midis also exist.

I want to discuss with them, maybe I can find a peaceful solution to this matter.

Of course, I’ll keep the key shard from the World Wall. Mage Merlin, can you help me transplant the key to someone else? “

“Boles?” Merlin winked at the dragon man golem.

The dragon golem opens his breastplate. Inside the breastplate are sophisticated machinery. In the silver-black base, there are concave and convex holes, and among the countless circuit boards, there is a crystal-like core in one piece. There seemed to be magic flames throbbing inside.

“To be honest, when I made Boles, I considered the possibility of transplanting the key fragment into him.

His body is made of semi-biological components, which can be implanted with magic spell patterns. “Merlin explained,” This core is Bolles’ [black box], and there is no way to open it except to destroy Bolles completely. Boles also has enough self-protection ability. The key fragment is on him, absolutely safe. “

Arthur watched silently and made no comment.

“Well, that’s it. The key is on Bols, I can rest assured.” Bedivere cast a trusting look at the dragon man golem.

In the past, he would never hand over the key fragments just like that. But now, with his consciousness, he no longer bothers with such trivial matters. Moreover, the fragments are not handed over to others, but to Boles.

In the magic laboratory, the werewolf boy and the dragon man golem lie side by side on two platforms.

“Then, Pa… Bols, please.” Bedivere took off his shirt and found a more comfortable position to lie down.

“Oh, no problem, no need to thank you.” Merlin deliberately sarcastic, he put his hand on the werewolf boy’s chest, “It may be a little painful, bear with it.”

“Ugh!” Bedivere felt his body go numb. Something came out of his chest and ran into the Master’s palm.

He immediately lost consciousness.

“This kid’s body really can’t stand the spell transplant.” Merlin muttered, “I just hope this is the last time. If he does it again, his heart will be completely destroyed.”

He looked at the light that kept scurrying in his hands. That group of rays of light had its own specific lines, as if it had life, and it clashed left and right in the barrier in Merlin’s hands.

Merlin hurriedly put the ball of light on Bols’ chest, and he muttered words in ancient languages ​​that Arthur could not understand. Arthur only saw the light on the ball of light, which flowed into Bols’s body in strands, and finally completely attached to the core of the dragon man golem.

Zhang Fu’s throbbing crystal core was wrapped with mysterious runes, like a layer of luminous frost on the surface of a glass ball.

“Boers, you should also go into hibernation mode. It will take some time for this thing to assimilate with your core.” Merlin ordered, “Don’t move until it settles in your body.”

“Yes, Master Mage.” Boles closed his eyes, his originally elastic memory metal body began to be surrounded by a very hard metal shell.

Arthur, who was beside him, continued to watch calmly. He doesn’t approve of Bedivere going to the Underdark, but he does want to take the opportunity to help Beddy get rid of the key shards inside him.

The key fragments of the World Wall are too heavy a burden on the body, and have been hindering the growth of the werewolf boy. The sooner you get rid of this stuff, the better.

Only barbarians take suffering for granted as a virtue. It was up to the orcs to do what they liked, but Bedivere was obviously just an innocent child, and he had no responsibility to take such a painful mission upon him.

Arthur smiled bitterly at the sleeping Bedivere.

“This little idiot. He could have taken the key fragments earlier and had an easier time.”

“This is also his choice.” Merlin replied There are such people in this world, the world obviously doesn’t need them to save them, they still want to do something for the world. Whenever he saw such a self-righteous fool, Merlin would always sneer.

“Merlin, Bedivere seems to have noticed it too, so let’s ask more. Could Bols be… Papaloff?”

Merlin turned his face with a puzzled look: “No. Why do you ask that? That white bear man has long since died, and the rest of his body is still soaked in the life-saving capsule of my laboratory. You don’t have it. See?”

“Then, why—” Arthur thought about the ambiguous look that Bedivere had when he looked at Bols.

“My quantum computer does have Papalov’s memory data. At that time, in order to make the white bear man with a severely mutilated brain speak, I connected his head to the quantum computer.”

Merlin shrugged: “I’m afraid some of Papalov’s personality and memory were mixed in when he created Boles’ artificial intelligence. I don’t know.”

Bedivere recognized some of Papalov’s subtle movement habits from the dragon golem, and mistakenly believed that Merlin had reborn the dead Papalov into the present Bors.

In fact, Papalov really died. Undoubtedly brain dead.

Bediver is just dreaming a false dream, deluding himself that his brother Papalov is still alive.

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