Light Spirit Epic Chapter 351: Parting on the journey (2)


Chapter 351 Parting on the journey (2)

An hour later, the Archmage’s Tower, Merlin’s workshop.

“No.” Merlin asserted and refused, “I underestimated the distortion of the world. Now it seems that the world has become more and more distorted, and this situation cannot be further exacerbated.”

I knew he wouldn’t agree.

“Is there really nothing to be done?” Bedivere asked disappointedly, “I was captured by Palamides, and the Underdark I saw was cold and poor, and people were struggling for lack of food.

If the situation could be improved, the orcs would be much more honest. “

“Give them bread, and they’ll want more. Give them clothes, and they won’t have enough. Give them treasure, and they’ll be greedy.” Jaglowe, who was on the side, couldn’t help but interject, “It’s human nature. Orcs are no exception. It is impossible to keep helping them.”

Arthur folded his arms and listened without saying a word. It was not until Bedivere cast a glance at Arthur for help, he said helplessly:

“Merlin, you don’t need to do it yourself. Just tell me how to do it. If I do it, it shouldn’t distort the world?”

“This… God knows.” Merlin waved his hand to drive the others away. He seemed to want to talk to Arthur alone.

“You guys leave first.”

“But, Arthur—” Bedivere still looked dissatisfied.

“Go back,” Arthur said in a commanding tone.

Bediveville, Jaglow and Persiva had no choice but to withdraw from Merlin’s lab.

With a wave of his hand, Merlin cast a dark curtain magic, enveloping him and Arthur in a dark sphere with a radius of two yards. In this absolutely inviolable space, no one can eavesdrop, can’t peep.

“Tell me about your experience in the past few days.” Merlin said, he grabbed a chair and sat down, which seemed to be a detailed discussion.

Arthur also grabbed a chair and sat down, telling Merlin about the experience of the past few days. Because it’s crazy, he’s never said anything about [God] to anyone, and this is the only time he’s told Merlin.

“Very interesting.” Merlin rubbed his chin and muttered, “Arthur, you are getting farther and farther from [human] form now.”

“Really?” Arthur disagreed for a while, “I feel more and more like a [human].”

“You said that Mogos originally only created you as an artificial human, but did not give you [humanity], right?”


“Since then, I have been getting more [humanity].” Merlin rubbed his chin and thought, “It must be related to the [God] you met in the hallucination. That [God] has always been It’s giving you more feelings.”

“[God]?” Arthur felt that it wasn’t the first time he saw [Kama’s Seat], but that time in Morgoth’s research institute was the only time he really remembered.

“Thanks to the legacy left by the ancients, the [photonic civilization] of your world is very high. Magic and miracles have been scientifically proven.

As a result, human beings no longer have any fear of supernatural phenomena. ——Humans no longer fear God.

In this [world without gods], the only **** is the [Seat of Kama]. That is probably the incarnation of [Astrominicence], the combination of all creatures [Group Unconscious] on this planet.

“The group is unconscious?”

Merlin smiled mysteriously, raised his hand, and unfolded a three-dimensional projection in front of him.

A model of the Earth.

“If we say that every intelligent creature on this planet is a point,”

Merlin explained that the model of the earth darkened, and countless dots of light appeared on it like stars.

“Every creature on the planet is a [terminal]. These terminals are connected through a network of photons. You call that [light pulse].”

Thin lines of light emerging from between each point of light, linking the points of light to the points of light, surround the model of the earth.

They are connected to each other in complex but orderly ways, forming an infinite network. This network not only spreads all over the earth, but also continues to extend into the universe.

“Arthur, do you know that the minds of living things are actually connected by this network. All creatures on the planet are controlled by this network, and they are unconsciously moved by the network’s instructions. on the mission they were destined to accomplish.

This is the basic conception of your ancients [Kama (star fate) study]. Karma controls everything and controls the fate of everyone in the world.

Those controlled creatures think they are acting of their own will, but they are only under the influence of Karma, unconsciously doing what Karma tells them to do.

Just like this war: Karma wants you humans to fight the Huns, and you can’t stop it. At least I’m watching the current flow of history, and it’s doing just that. “

Arthur listened quietly. Although there were still many things he couldn’t understand, he tried to understand and found a breakthrough in Merlin’s words.

His gaze rests on the two large spots of light on the Earth model. There is only one point, which is not connected by the network like other creatures, but exists independently. It’s also obviously much brighter than the other blips.

“Is that… you, Merlin?” Arthur asked, pointing to the single giant spot of light.

“Your comprehension ability is very good.” Merlin sneered, “Yes, I am a light spirit, the only [singularity] in this world, not affected by the photon network, and can make up his own mind at will. The fate of the world. But I can’t do anything wrong. I’ve seen other planes where light beings act at will and mess up the fate of the world, eventually leading to the destruction of the world.”

The light spot on the model representing Merlin devours another, seemingly representing the killing of a person. Then, the other points connected to that annihilated light were affected and began to destroy one by one. Those dots of light that have been destroyed drive other dots of light to perish along with them.

In the end, the entire network collapsed completely. There is no living thing on earth, completely perished.

Arthur seemed to understand. If Merlin kills someone, the devastating consequences can be cascading.

The man who was killed by Merlin could have rescued many more people, who died as well, and those who died because of it brought more deaths. As a result, the world will continue to distort and die.

Merlin raised his hand again and reset the model. The model he rebuilt became translucent, eliminating many complex structures, the purpose was to allow Arthur to see the center of the planet, the [core] connected by countless rays of light.

That thing connects every life.

“This should be what you call the [Kama’s Seat].” Merlin said, “It is the end of the world, the core of the [Fate Machine]. The subconscious minds of all people in this world are connected to this place. things, and let it call the shots.

That is the [Great Protoss], the [Group Unconscious God], [the combination of all the wills of this world]. If it really controls the fate of all people, then it is indeed irreversible. I don’t want to go against it either. “

However, Arthur continues to challenge that [God].

And, I got a lot of benefits from [God].

Merlin looked at Arthur in disbelief.

“Merlin.” Arthur finally understood, “Can you bring me to that [God] again? I was thinking, if you can really defeat that [God], maybe can change the world.

That **** is indeed omnipotent, right? Get it to listen to my pleas honestly, and I can stop this pointless war. “

Merlin sneered disapprovingly: “The premise is that you can make it listen to you. Do you think God is really so good at talking?

It is the combination of all living things in the world [group unconscious], and to put it bluntly is [the common wish of all people in the world]. If everyone in this world longs for war, it will never prevent war from breaking out. “

In other words, persuasion is useless.

“Anyway,” Arthur has been stubbornly believing, “First find a way to bring me to that [God]. As long as I can see the [Kama’s Seat], that’s all I need. What’s next? Just let me worry.”

“Arthur, are you really going to carry the whole world on your shoulders?” Merlin looked at Arthur sympathetically, his eyes as if he were looking at a stupid person, “You can’t do that?” Yes. Even a light like me can’t reverse the fate of the entire world by myself. You can’t do it.

——If you want to carry the whole world on your shoulders, you will only be crushed by the world in the end.

——You thought you changed the world, but the world changed you.

Don’t you understand this simple truth? “

Arthur was silent, he didn’t bother to reason with Merlin.

He is not a wise man.

On the contrary, he is just a follower of what he wants, no matter the cost, not afraid of failure, and only knows to follow through to the end… Fool.

Among the people who have changed the world in history, there has never been a real [wise man]. They all kept getting up and continuing to fight despite countless failures, [The Fools].

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