Light Spirit Epic Chapter 353: Parting on the journey (4)


Chapter 353 Parting on the journey (four)

When Bedivere woke up, he was already behind Arthur, on the way back on the dragoon ride.

Removed the key fragment, and suddenly felt a lot lighter.


“I contacted Justinian just now. If you go to the Underdark, they will let you go.” Arthur said calmly while driving the dragoon.

“…you won’t stop me?”

“Since you have made a decision, it is useless to stop you.”

Arthur is uncharacteristically. In the past, he would definitely give Bedivere a scolding. Even if Bedivere was locked up, he would prevent the werewolf boy from going to the Underdark.

But this time, after listening to Merlin explain the composition of Karma (Fate), Arthur had other ideas.

Going to the Underdark from Bedivere is obviously a very risky act with a very low chance of success.

Knowing that he is stupid, but he still wants to do it. Bedi is such a fool.

However, Arthur, who is also a Fool, is not qualified to stop Bedivere.

He stumbled through the huge labyrinth of [Fate], thinking he was smart, but he never really did a thing [wisely].

Upon returning to Fort Elsenburg, Arthur finds four Celestial Knights waiting.

He vaguely sensed that something big was about to happen, so he asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Arthur, we are planning to go to the ruins of Camelot. I hope you can come with us.” The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens said bluntly.

“Because of the [that] underground?” Arthur asked.

Leon Digens nodded in reply.

“After lunch, we will leave immediately. If you have anything to prepare, do it as soon as possible.”

Bedivere looked at Arthur. He had a hunch that the parting this time might be longer.

“Lian Yin, you are also staying at the Merlin mage and waiting for me to come back.” Bedivere said during lunch.

“But…” The girl Patimo was aggrieved.

“I’m going to the Underdark. It’s a journey of life and death. I can’t take you on an adventure.” The werewolf boy looked at the girl affectionately. Guard the key fragment of the Wall of the World, okay?”

“Okay…” Lian Yin looked puzzled. The girl Patimo had just had [emotion] a few days ago, and she still couldn’t express her emotions well, “I’ll wait for you to come back. Promise me, I’ll come back alive.”

“I will. Let’s get married when I get back.” Bedivere whispered in a low voice only he and Lotus could hear.

“Yeah.” The girl smiled and nodded. She couldn’t help but leaned in and kissed Brady on the cheek, not caring what other people looked at.

Arthur continued to bury his head in eating his chicken thighs, pretending he couldn’t see the young couple’s kisses.

After hurriedly finishing lunch, Arthur stood up and was about to go out to join the Celestial Knights, but Brady stopped him.

“Arthur, goodbye.” He whispered.

“Beddieville, then——“

Before Arthur could finish speaking, the werewolf boy threw himself into Arthur’s arms and gave the knight a hug.

“I’m sorry, and… thank you.”

“Idiot, it’s like saying goodbye.” Arthur stroked the werewolf boy’s head. The werewolf’s shaggy silver hair spread warmly in Arthur’s palm.

“Beddie, I wish you good luck. No matter what the road in the future turns out, I hope the light will always be with you, illuminating your path in the dark.”

“Um…thank you,…brother.” Bedivere murmured in a low voice, letting go of Arthur, his face wet with tears but with a smile.

Arthur responded with a small smile and turned away.

Two hours later, Arthur landed on the ruins of Camelot, the old imperial capital, on his dragon cavalry. The dragon cavalry of the heavenly knights also landed one after another, and the Grand Duke of Leon Digens walked in the forefront and walked into the underground library.

Arthur followed everyone through the dark tunnel without a word, going deeper and deeper into the ground, and soon came to the Old Dark History Library.

The rustic woody smell here is the same as ever. Arthur didn’t take a look here, he knew that the destination of everyone was obviously still deeper in the ground.

Leon Dickens came to a small room in the library. As soon as someone entered, the ceiling of this small reading room began to glow softly. In the stone room of less than 100 square feet, there was only a table, chairs, and a small bookshelf.

These are all wooden, millennia old, and starting to age a bit, but still intact thanks to the library’s magical protection.

Leon Digens didn’t touch the shabby old books on the shelf, but reached out and touched the side of the shelf. He found a hidden button and pressed it.

Rolong! Arthur heard the sound of machinery running.

Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble. The sound of the machine’s operation became gentle and continuous.

Arthur begins to feel weightless amid the constant sound of machinery. That’s right, this small room disguised as a reading room is actually a lift. It carried Arthur and his party and went deeper into the ground.

“Five years ago, the Roman army wanted to capture Camilo because of this underground system.” Leon Dickens said, “With this, Pantoracken’s desire to dominate the world is not a dream. But We wouldn’t use it for such a pointless thing.”

“What the **** is that?” Arthur couldn’t help asking, bored during the long descent of the elevator.

“In order to truly save the world.” Hall said on the side.

Karon! The lift finally reached the bottom. The door opened automatically, and a burst of dry air rushed in, revealing a huge underground void in front of Arthur.

Arthur followed the Celestial Knights out and saw an underground city.

This city is very similar to the huge city under London, consisting of countless stone buildings, reflected by the glowing moss above the large cavity, shrouded in a yellow-green atmosphere.

Unlike London’s dungeons, this complex has a large number of towers that seem to have some special function?

Without a word, everyone moved towards the center of the huge dungeon. The iron boots of the knights made a muffled sound on the stone paved road, bringing a touch of life to this ancient and solemn underground city.

Previously, due to the urgency of time, I did not take a good look at the surrounding environment. This time, when I came to the underground city, Arthur carefully observed the buildings on both sides of the ancient road.

Those little houses are not houses at all, they have no doors or windows, they are all simple stones. Since it can’t live in people, that is to say… these things are part of some kind of machine and exist to support the operation of the machine?

This ancient underground [city] is a machine. The whole of this dungeon is the magical machine that Leon Dickens said—[the system that saves the world].

I just hope Morgoth, the sorceress, hadn’t discovered this place. The Celestial Knights were also very disturbed when they learned that Morgoth was in the dungeons of London. Now rushing to bring Arthur to Camelot’s dungeon is clearly for that.

As he was about to reach the tower in the center of the city, Arthur saw a figure in the distance. Greenville was waiting there, she seemed to arrive one step earlier than Arthur and the others, and was now busy studying the magic runes on the outer layer of the tower.

Fully armed, Greenville wears silver-white armor with an elegant but not overly embossed rose pattern.

“Uh, why is Greenville here?” Arthur couldn’t help but wonder.

What Greenville said in Morgoth’s lab made her and Arthur a little embarrassed to each other. Arthur had planned to avoid Greenville for a while, but he didn’t expect to meet again so soon.

“The most proficient in Ancient Kelton of the Knights of Greenville, take her with you. You need her to accompany you to translate where you’re going.” Leon Dickens turned his head to look at Arthur , lowered his voice and said: “But remember, if you dare to think about that girl, I will kill you.”

“Dad, I heard it all,” Greenville protested from ten yards away. Even if Leon Dickens lowered his voice, he still couldn’t hide from the ears of the girl with super hearing.

Leon Dickens shrugged and walked up to touch a stone brick at the entrance of the tower. It was a switch, and it dented immediately when touched, opening the gate of the tower.

“Come in.” Leon Dickens said.

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