Light Spirit Epic Chapter 35: Isolated on Ice


Chapter 35: Isolation in the Ice (Part 1)

Three hours later, Arthur and his party were taken to the Queen’s palace.

The Mermaid’s Palace is a gorgeous crystal tower. It is made of beautiful azure crystal. It is hard and resilient. It has stood for thousands of years in the cold wind of the northern country.

Wrapping the edges and corners of each giant crystal is a gold-colored golden pillar, which is directly inlaid on the surface of the crystal by magic. They are delicately integrated with the crystal and are scattered in a random manner. Along with the crystal, they extend into the sky and diverge Enchanted shimmer.

If travelers stop to appreciate it carefully, they can see the various patterns displayed by gold. These golds are not just decorations, their wonderful patterns are originally some kind of protective magic spell patterns, which can not only defend against enemy fire, but also block wind and snow, so that the crystal tower will never be stained with a snowflake.

The mermaid’s elegance and delicacy can combine art and usability so seamlessly.

The only thing that displeased Arthur was the cold here: Mermaids like low temperatures, and the cool texture of this crystal fully reflects their preference. But for humans like Arthur, this building is almost impossible to keep out the cold. Although it can block the blizzard, it absorbs the chill of the cold wind by itself, making everyone who enters the building horrified.

“Arthur——” The orc boy shuddered and looked at his master uneasily.

“Don’t worry, I will find a way to let you escape safely.” Arthur said in a low voice.

“If you want to see Her Majesty, you must first bathe and change clothes and put on formal ceremonial clothes.” Wen Dina, the court magician, said, “You are tired today. Take a night’s rest first, and then talk about it when everything is ready tomorrow.”

“It’s work,” Arthur replied absently.

“Then, this way, please. Originally, this was a room prepared for the Viking elders to be friendly. Today, let’s make an exception for your group to live in.”

The three of them followed the guards to a large room. The luxury of this room is indeed worthy of the name of the palace. The original crystal wall seems to be specially hung with a lot of animal skins for heat preservation in order to adapt to human beings, which is very similar to the style of Viking architecture; but the mermaids use the white fur of snow deer for elegance. , the room seemed to be wrapped in snow, it looked cold, but it was much warmer than the Crystal Palace outside.

“Wow, what a soft bed!” Kai rolled around on the luxurious bed as soon as he got up. The bed made of snow deer fur is also pure white like snow.

“Are you a child?” Arthur said, looking out through the crack of the door.

“Well guarded, looks like they don’t want us to escape.”

“What? Do you think you can escape? We are lucky that we are not taken as prisoners to the torture chamber.” Kai said optimistically.

“Indeed.” Arthur pondered, “Everything the mermaid does is really unexpected. Is such a gentle approach intentional, or is it——“

“Arthur, I don’t know… Do they have toilets here?” Bedivere said embarrassedly, “They’re all mermen, shouldn’t… only women’s toilets?!”

“Idiot, everyone said that this is a room for Vikings who are ready to meet. There should be a men’s room, right?” Kai suddenly turned pale when he said this: “Wait a minute, the Vikings are here. Amenable elders shouldn’t be limited to women, right?!”

“No, no?!” Bedivere was even more panicked, “That guard, toilet, toilet——!”

“Are you both idiots?” Arthur looked at Kai coldly.

“Quickly solve it,” said the guard, then stood outside the door.

“Huh.” The orc boy walked in and explained as if he was relieved when he saw that there really was a men’s toilet.

“Well,” —— I’m saved, I feel so relaxed.


I seem to feel, whose eyes are there?

The werewolf boy turned his head sharply and saw a child.

“Wow!” Bedeville almost urinated on his pants, startled, “What are you looking at?!”

“I’m sorry, ha,” the strange boy said with a smile, “It’s a bit strange because it’s the first time I’ve seen someone other than me use this place.”

“What?” Bedivere was confused.

“I’ve lived in the palace for so long, and no one else has ever used this toilet.” The strange boy said, “So, um, welcome to my toilet?”

“You’re a strange fellow,” Bedivere wondered.

“You’re also a strange guy. Are you really human? Why is there a tail behind your butt?” the strange boy asked.

“This…” Bedivere understood that after the shipwreck and this series of events, the mimetic function of the collar began to break down. The wolf’s tail was exposed.

“Oh, no way.” He turned off the mimicry, “Yes, I’m an orc.”

“Oh, amazing. First time seeing an orc!” The strange boy’s eyes gleamed, as if he was looking at something new and interesting, “Why are you in such a place? I know, I’m new here. servant?”

“No.” The werewolf boy frowned angrily, “Who is the servant!”

“Isn’t it? Well, it’s a pity.” The strange boy was suddenly lost, “So, come play?”


“Here,” said the strange boy, turning on a hidden switch on the wall, a secret passage revealed, “this is the secret passage I discovered before, from here I can sneak outside the palace. Do you want to go out and play? “

“No, it’s so late, and—” Bedivere was about to refuse, but he turned his head and suddenly thought that this secret passage might be an opportunity for them to escape! “—Well, just for a while.” He nodded.

The secret passage is dark and narrow, with a musty smell. The walls started out as crystal walls and gradually turned into basalt walls. The strange boy walked in front, and Bedivere could barely keep up by touching the wall.

“By the way, I’m Tristan, what’s your name?” the strange boy asked.

“Bedivere.” The werewolf boy replied.

“So, Brady, why are you in the palace?” Tristan asked.

“It was a long story,” Bedivere said, as he began to tell his own story, from first meeting Arthur to now being trapped in an Icelandic palace, all briefly again.

“Wow, what a stake!” Young Tristan listened with relish. “The outside world is so exciting! Your master Arthur has a stake! And what else, Ser Kay? Why did he turn into a giant?” He really killed a sea monster with his bare hands!? It’s so powerful!”

Bedivere came to his senses, realizing that he had told so much information to a stranger he had never met. How is this going! ?

“Ah, here it is!” Tristan said, “It’s very narrow, so be careful when you come out.”

Bedivere didn’t hear it. He was wondering why he said so many things that he shouldn’t have said, and suddenly stepped on the air. It turned out to be a cliff when he came out of the secret road, and the werewolf boy who stepped on the empty immediately lost his balance and fell to the cliff.

“Oh, I got you!” At the critical moment, the young Tristan grabbed Bedivere with one hand and pulled him back to the edge of the cliff.

“Yes, I’m saved!” Bedivere broke out in a cold sweat.

“I said be careful, you idiot.” The young Tristan cursed.

“I’m sorry.” The orc boy apologized.

“Just a few more steps, it’s almost there,” Tristan said.

The teenagers are walking on the edge of the cliff against the cliff. After walking a short distance, the cliff trail suddenly opened up. What Bedivere saw was a cliff facing the sea, and this cliff was covered with a large piece of edelweiss, which was white in the moonlight!

With the moonlight, Bedivere had time to observe the mysterious boy named Tristan.

He looks like a human. Blonde hair, blue eyes, a tall nose, and a melon face with an almost golden ratio. Standard pretty boy. However, upon closer inspection, Bedivere saw tiny scales on Tristan’s skin. These almost completely transparent scales only vaguely reflect the moonlight, emitting a golden scale light.

Humans? Mermaid?

The white snort of the mysterious teenager in the cold night told Bedivere that he was at least not a ghost.

“Hahahaha!” Tristan laughed innocently, jumped into the snow velvet, and rolled around, “You too, this fluffy flower field is very comfortable, more comfortable than the most A high-end mattress is even more comfortable!”

Bedivere hesitated for a moment, but as if some kind of magic was enticing him, he involuntarily pounced on the snow velvet and lay down in the soft flower field.

“You’re such a weird guy.” Bedivere lay down beside Tristan and said, “Walking to a place like this in the middle of the night. Who are you?”

“Tristan is Tristan,” said the boy, “though the servants always call me a murloc, but that has nothing to do with me.”

“Murloc?” Bedivere looked at the boy’s legs. He didn’t see the boy’s fish tail, but he saw that the boy’s legs had slightly larger scales and webbed toes.

“You’re a mermaid? But your feet…” Bedivere asked curiously.

“Right, it’s weird, right? Mom and everyone else have tails, but I’m the only one who has the same pair of feet as humans, and there’s a weird one—“

Tristan smiled mischievously,

“—In short, sometimes even I wonder if I am a mermaid. Maybe I am actually human, but the mermaids kindly took me in and used magic to make me what I am now?”

Bediveville has lived in France for a long time, and he thinks he knows a lot about humans, but he can’t deny it right away: “…I haven’t seen a human with fish scales. , I don’t know.”

“Don’t you know?” Tristan is clearly Forget it, let’s play? Want to play wrestling? Or as your knights like to play, to test swordsmanship? “

“Swordsmanship? There is no—“

Before Bedivere could finish speaking, Tristan took out two ice-like swords.

“It’s made by ice magic. Don’t worry, it’s deliberately blunt and it will break when you break it. You won’t get hurt with this test,” said the young Tristan.

“If you insist.” Bedivere took the ice sword, the coldness of that thing spread on the claws of the werewolf boy, but there was no real coldness of ice cubes, “First of all, I am very strong. Do I give you three chances to attack?”

“Hey, no need to thank you.” The other party seemed very confident, “Don’t look at me like this, I have learned swordsmanship from the guards.”

“Very well, you said it. Don’t blame me for being beaten and crying.” Bedivere wanted to teach the ignorant boy in front of him a lesson.

At the same time, the ambassador’s lounge.

“Why did Bedivere go so long?” Arthur said worriedly, “Could it be something happened in the toilet?”

“How is that possible. Are the mermaids in the palace really so thirsty? Even children?” Kai suddenly jumped up from the bed, “Sister mermaid! I want to go to the toilet too!”

“Unsaved lecher.” Arthur said contemptuously.

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