Light Spirit Epic Chapter 36: Isolated on Ice


Chapter 36: Isolation in the Ice (Part 2)

An hour later, on a cliff near the Royal Palace of Iceland.

Tristan swung his sword straight at Bedivere’s throat.

The werewolf boy raised his sword to block, and used the smooth surface of the ice sword to release the opponent’s attack. He squatted down and raised the sword to stab at the opponent’s lower abdomen!

Seeing that the attack was blocked, the murloc boy slashed with a backhand sword, forcing Bedivere, who was attacking, to roll and dodge.

But the werewolf boy is not easy to mess with, he also slashed at Tristan’s calf while rolling.

With the strength of the rotation, the sword slashed diagonally upwards towards Tristan’s lower abdomen. The murloc boy had to take off to dodge. While taking off, in order to protect himself, he made a preemptive strike and fell with a sword!

The werewolf boy who had rolled halfway stepped on the ground with one foot. Using this as a fulcrum, he supported the ground with his sword, and drew a half-circle all over his body, deftly avoiding the opponent’s attack. After passing the opponent’s attack, he instantly counterattacked with a sword!

Pop! The ice sword stabbed out in a straight line, and the attack was fast and ruthless, there was no way to avoid it! It stabbed the murloc boy on the shoulder, and shattered immediately before seeing the blood, and no one was injured. Tristan added the order to [break upon contact with the opponent’s body] as a safety measure – after all, they were just practicing, not fighting for their lives.

“Hu, hu, hu.” Bedivere dropped the hilt in his hand, panting, “This is 99 wins and 99 losses. No, let me rest for a while.”

“No, let’s play again,” Tristan was also panting, but he refused to admit defeat, “There’s always a winner or loser in the competition, right?”

“No, that’s enough. After so many games, there is no winner or loser, which proves that our strength is similar. Let’s decide the winner next time.” The werewolf boy was worried that he would hurt the peace if he fought again, “I should go back. Now, Arthur and the others are about to start worrying.”

“No, no, I want to decide the winner!!” The murloc boy rolled on the ground and shouted dancing.

“Don’t be self-willed, your family—-” Bedivere was only halfway through his refusal, his body suddenly involuntarily motivated, and his mouth also said: “Okay, okay, again— –“

The murloc boy was startled and looked at Bedivere in disappointment: “I’m sorry, did I do it to you again…”

“What?” Bedivere came back to his senses, and couldn’t help but feel a sense of disgust in his heart: “You, what did you do to me just now?! You hypnotized me?!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I still can’t control my power, and when I talk, I will hypnotize the other party accidentally.” Tristan said aggrieved.

“Wait a minute. I told you so many things about myself just now, and you were hypnotizing me and telling me to say it?! How can you do this!” Light’s sense of shame, as if forced to strip off his clothes by hypnotism so that the other party can see enough. Even the good-natured Bedivere would be furious at such an invasion of privacy!

“I’m sorry. I was just asking casually, but you said it, and your story is so interesting, I was so fascinated by it that I unknowingly asked more and more—” The murloc boy whispered.

“You kid!!” Bedivere roared angrily. But he quickly suppressed his anger. He looked at the murloc boy, sighed, and asked, “You really didn’t mean it?”

“Really not. I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!!” Tristan knelt down and apologized repeatedly.

Bediver couldn’t see the slightest falsehood in the other’s eyes, only pure guilt.

“Really… Forget it, I’ll forgive you this time. But don’t do it again!” Bedivere said helplessly.

“Yes, yes, I promise.” The murloc boy rejoiced: “It’s great that you can forgive me!”

“That’s really a convenient ability. If you say something casually, others will obey you*, don’t you want the wind to turn the wind into the rain?” Bedivere looked up and down the murloc boy.

(*Note: Bedivere does not have a deep understanding of hypnosis. In fact, the hypnotist emits photons with hypnotic messages in the environment, and speaking is only one of the sufficient and non-essential conditions for hypnosis. He During the communication with Tristan, he has been under the influence of hypnotism, and the suggestion given is: [Follow Tristan’s orders.])

“Not at all.” The murloc boy showed a lonely expression, “everyone has followed me since childhood, and they will do whatever I say. They only listen to me because of my identity or my hypnotic ability. My orders, no one does what they really do because they agree with me. In the end, I’m just a useless **** who can’t do anything, and everything is done for me by others. What a big deal.”

Bediver stared at Tristan for a while, then he sighed deeply: “Then, you are the same as me. When my clan was exterminated, I couldn’t do anything. Grandpa and their village were murdered. I can’t do anything. I can’t do anything. I can only watch while Arthur fights there. I can’t do anything. I’m a useless **** in the end.

But Arthur also said that weakness is not terrible, just work hard to become stronger. So, don’t hang your head there, get your back. “


The werewolf boy showed a serious and said, “We are friends, aren’t we? It’s not because of your hypnotism, but because we really made friends. You never said you wanted me to be yours. Friend, but I already treat you as a friend. Is this also your false delusion?”

“No, it’s not.” The murloc boy smiled, “Thank you, Bedivere. You are really my friend, my first true friend.”

“Well, seeing how pitiful you are, I made an exception to let you be my friend.” The werewolf boy laughed.

“Idiot, you are pitiful!” said the murloc boy blushing.

“Go back, then?” Bedivere said, “Don’t worry about the others.”

“Yeah!” Tristan replied with a smile.

The murloc boy walking behind turned his head to look at the edelweiss garden on the cliff before leaving, and whispered, “Did you see it, Dad. I’ve made friends.”

The sea breeze rose, and the snow velvet on the flower field rolled like snow-white waves, as if responding to the boy’s words.

Under the edelweiss, an ancient stone tablet is engraved with a line of words that are still faintly visible:

The greatest in history? The hero of the Jingren, Victor Tristan sleeps forever? So, at the age of seventy-six? . Beloved wife? ? ? Li, AD 5? ? year.

Some of the weathered stone tablets have long been unrecognizable. Only on this cliff, they tell the vicissitudes of history.

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