Light Spirit Epic Chapter 34: Fighting in the sea.


Chapter 34: Fierce Battle on the Shore (True)

Are you really going to die here? The boy asked himself.

No, there are still too many unfinished missions, too many unfulfilled dreams, and too many unfilled regrets.

You can’t just fall down like this, you can’t!

The knight’s senses became more and more numb, but his consciousness was clear. Consciousness seems to be separated from the body, floating in a corner outside the universe, floating outside his body, watching himself gradually dying.

There is nothing left to do. The power of cold is really strong and unmatched. It is too reluctant to use human flesh and blood to resist the cold…

“Arthur!!” A deep, loud voice cut through the night sky.

A red light pierced the sky, dragging a ten-yard arc across the darkness.

A spear stuck at the end of a parabola, stuck on the icy ground, at Arthur’s feet. The high heat radiated from the tip of its gun melts the ice.

The cold and the dark are gone, the light and the warmth are coming.

The high heat instantly melted the ice cubes under Arthur’s feet, which turned into water, which evaporated into hot steam. The warm steam quickly enveloped the knight, and the ice on the knight was also melted.

Arthur quickly broke through the ice and picked up the spear on the ground: “Kay?”

“You owe me a favor.” The red-haired knight walked up to Arthur and smiled.

“Arthur, are you okay?” Bedivere also hurried to the knights.

“How did you wake up?——Forget it, I’ll ask this later.” Arthur shrank, and was unhappy with the wetness on his body. Only the flame magic gun in his hand could bring him A touch of warmth: “Kai, the siren belongs to you, and the mermaid belongs to me?”

He and the woman have an account to settle.

Kay made a lewd look. He looked at the plump **** of the mermaid sister and sneered: “No, I will deal with the mermaid. This is the first time I see this living mermaid. It’s so beautiful!”

The merman felt a chill.

“You forgot what Jack said?” Arthur threatened. “They like to cut off a man’s ‘part’ and freeze the rest in ice as a collectible? Maybe one. When you come up, I will [cut] you?”

“Oh!” Kai felt an invisible pain in his lower body, “Okay, okay, the siren is mine, and the mermaid is yours. You kid will really enjoy it.”

“Don’t think everyone is a lecher like you!” Arthur scolded weakly.

The two rushed up together, and Kai suddenly turned into a giant more than thirty feet tall, almost the same size as the Siren. He threw Arthur in the direction of the mermaid, and then rushed to the sea monster himself: “Come on, little sea snake, let me play with you!!”

“Giants?!” The mermaid was still surprised, Arthur had already flown in front of her, raised his spear and swung a blow: “Don’t look around, your opponent is me!”

“Humph!” The mermaid used a spear formed of ice to block the knight boy’s blow.

“Don’t think you can win with help! You are all doomed here!” said the merman.

“What?!” The ice spear collided with the spear in Arthur’s hand, and the spear began to freeze.

“Melee combat with me is your deadliest mistake!” The mermaid sneered, “This is the ice spear technique that can freeze everything!”

“Really?” Arthur said in disbelief, he shook the spear, the fireworks of the spear became huge, and the ice covering it couldn’t stand the heat and shattered to the ground.

“Unfortunately, this is also the lava magic gun that can burn everything—[Gae-La’vae].” Arthur made up a name casually.

“Don’t name someone else’s weapon casually!!” Kai shouted dissatisfiedly, while fighting with the Kraken, the Kraken was grabbed by the giant’s fins and struggled wildly, intending to spit out crimson waves, but was caught by Kai again. He grabbed his mouth suddenly with his arm. The giant resorted to the fisherman’s way of catching fish to entangle with the sea snake!

“Damn it!” The mermaid came back to her senses and yelled angrily, “Don’t be too proud, kid!!”

She opened a distance and released countless ice arrows, mixed with a huge ice storm, swept towards the knight. The Frostbolts flew erratically in the storm, like a crazy meat blender, stirring all the creatures it swallowed into minced meat.

“Phew.” The knight Arthur let out a breath of white, and then swung his spear with great speed. A red light flew in the storm, and the high heat emitted vaporized all the ice arrows in the storm. They could not be connected to each other and turned into bursts of steam, passing by the knight.

The ice storm turned into a hot steam storm in no time, and then the knight rolled his spear at high speed, and the tornado pushed the storm back to the merman.

“What?! Look at me!” The mermaid magician continued to release a more powerful ice storm. The hot wind and the ice wind were colliding and wrestling! A gust of cold and heat whipped up the dust and ice from the coast and blew it into the eyes of Bedivere, who was watching the battle.

The werewolf boy subconsciously wiped his eyes and used tears to remove the sand from his eyes. His eyes were irritated with bursts of pain, but he was reluctant to miss this battle. He covered his eyes with his hands and squinted to watch.

Swipe, swipe, swipe! ——The knight’s attack is very simple, just swinging the flame magic spear with great speed, rolling up a more powerful storm.

Whistling, Whistling, Whistling! ——Compared to the knight’s simple attack, the mermaid’s ice storm magic is much more complicated. She needs to use photons to create negative entropy, generate enough cold air, and then use magic to blow the cold air out.

Such an exhausting attack is doomed to lose.

In the east, the sun shines on the coast. The sun is rising right behind the knight! The merman’s eyes were stinged by this moment of brilliance, and he couldn’t help but score a little.

The fire storm overwhelmed the ice storm, swept in, and devoured the mermaid magician!

“—– ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! It’s hot!” “The mermaid could not stand this hot storm, and was blown out of dozens of yards and fell to the ground. By the time she got up, Arthur had put the spear down her throat.

“Okay, that’s amazing—!” Bedivere, who was stunned by the side, reacted at this time. The tears he shed were not only because of the stimulation of the sand and dust, but because of some kind of huge force in his heart. touched.

“Kay, how are you over there?!” Arthur cried.

“Wait a minute.” The giant fell from a high speed at a high speed, and slammed into the Kraken’s head with a heavy punch, shattering the skull of the Kraken with a solid punch, pound! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! A huge crimson wave was set off, and the sea monster’s blood stained the whole sea.

“See how you regenerate.” Kai Hao smiled quickly, returned to his original size, stepped on the sea monster’s corpse, and looked at his “masterpiece” with satisfaction.

“Looks like it’s over.” Arthur turned to look at the mermaid, “Now, Miss, as agreed, can you take me to see your queen?”

“Wendina,” the mermaid smiled, “the court magician of the Icelandic kingdom, Wendina.”

“Miss Wendina,” the knight bowed and saluted, “I am Arthur D. Kelton, a silver knight of the Royal North Sky Knights of the Pantoracken. I can now meet your queen. Is it?”

“You can’t change anything even if you see the Queen. The Queen’s decision is absolute and will not be changed by your words.” Wendina, the court magician, said with a kind of blind respect, as if their The queen is like a god.

“It doesn’t matter, I just want to know the reason for the Queen’s attack on Pantoracken.”

“If you go to see the Queen, you will die. There are hundreds of court magicians in the palace, and each of them is as powerful as me, and some are even more powerful than me.”

“It’s okay. If they wanted to besiege me, I’d already be besieged by now, wouldn’t I?” Arthur asked coldly.

“Hmph, what a messed up man.” The mermaid smiled and said, “Sisters, you can come out now.”

A dozen human fish magicians emerge from the sea.

“Indeed, we were already surrounded,” Kay said. “The boy’s crow’s mouth is accurate. What do we do now?”

“Arthur—” Bedivere whispered, and the small body shrank involuntarily in the direction of the knight.

“It’s okay.” Arthur waved his hand, “I will go to see Her Majesty the Queen alone, these are my followers, please don’t embarrass them.”

(Kay: Who is the follower?!)

“Are you still trying to be brave at this juncture?” Wendina said with a smile.

“I want to confirm: Why didn’t your sisters come to help in the duel just now?”

“They are already helping to collect photons from the sea and send them to this bracelet of mine,” said the merman.

“No wonder you seem like an endless supply of photons.”

“So, you are really an amazing man, even a dozen of us sisters can’t deal with you together.”

“If more than a dozen people go together, there will always be a way to bring me down. After all, it is an unavoidable intensive magic attack. ——But you didn’t do it. You didn’t take advantage of us. Sneak attack while sleeping. In my opinion, mermaids are a very polite and honorable race?”

“So you think you can get away with seeing Her Majesty because we won’t break the rules?”

“That’s right.” Arthur said dispassionately.

“Hahahahahaha.” Wimnele laughed immediately, “I have lived for five hundred years, you are the first person to speak this way. To be honest I will definitely become a better man. It would be a pity to kill now! Very well, I will take you to see Her Majesty the Queen. I will ensure your safety, but only to the extent that other court magicians will not attack you. If you The nonsense has angered Her Majesty the Queen, and I can’t stop her from killing you. No, if she really wants to kill you, you will be dead in an instant, and no one will be able to stop it!”

“Yes, that’s enough.” The knight put away his weapon, “Please lead the way.”

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