Light Spirit Epic Chapter 33: Fighting in the sea.


Chapter 33: Fierce Battles on the Coast (Part 2)

In a cave on the coast.

The werewolf boy Bedivere opened his eyes and saw that the pendant on his chest was glowing with milky white shimmer. He felt a splitting headache, and the headache was not relieved until the shimmer on the pendant completely subsided. It was only then that he remembered that this was the amulet that Archmage Merlin had given him in the past.

“Arthur?” he called softly, but the knight Arthur was no longer in the cave.

The north wind was sluggish, and the sound of fighting was vaguely introduced from outside the cave.

“Kai, wake up, wake up.” The werewolf boy hurriedly shook the red-haired young knight.

“Another bowl, um…” Kai couldn’t wake up no matter how much he shook it, and he was probably eating happily in a sweet dream. This gluttonous knight doesn’t wake up easily until he’s finished his big meal.

“Strange—-” Bedivere thought of what Jack had said about the merman earlier, and immediately understood that it was some kind of hypnotic effect.

He didn’t know how hypnotism should be broken. But his own hypnosis had been released, and there must be some reason.

He sets his eyes on the amulet. The pendant that once shimmered with milky white light was no longer shining, and the square stone on the pendant was also honest. —— Is it because of this?

Bedivere quickly removed the necklace and placed it on Kai’s forehead.

The pendant once again emits a milky white shimmer. This magical light is not reflected on the surface of the object. It slowly melts into the knight’s forehead, as if it can see his inside.

After a while, Ser Kay slowly opened his eyes.

The red-haired knight covered his head, the dizziness like a hangover in his head could not go away for a long time, “Head, the headache is dead… What have you done to me, kid! Return my steak to me?” me!!”

“This is not the time for that!” Bedivere said, “Arthur is gone.”

“Ha, ha.” The young knight panted heavily as he avoided the oncoming giant waves. These giant waves were obviously magical, and the corners of the knight’s clothes that were splashed by the waves instantly formed strips of ice. edge.

“What’s the matter, aren’t you Pantoracken knights very good at dodging?! Why don’t you try to dodge this monstrous wave? Hahaha!” said the mermaid, while manipulating the siren to raise a huge wave, while Fire countless Frostbolts with tracking capabilities at Arthur.

Arthur had no choice but to run around, unable to fight back in the face of this overwhelming attack.

“It’s very difficult to deal with two at the first time.” Arthur gasped as he ran.

“If you think you can’t handle it, you can surrender. If you surrender, you will be left with a corpse.” The mermaid laughed loudly.

“I don’t want to die yet, thank you,” Arthur said, slashing the oncoming Frostbolt with his sword. The ice arrow shattered into countless ice **** under the slash of the lightsaber, and bounced onto the knight’s arm, creating small wounds. Although the damage was minor, the physical effect of freezing and the stimulation of pain made the knight’s arm gradually numb.

“Then, die!” The mermaid saw the knight showing signs of fatigue and knew that the time had come. She slapped the siren on the head, and the siren set off an unprecedented wave, pressing down on Arthur with overwhelming force.

“Humph!” The knight leaped up, raised his lightsaber and slashed down, like a lightning bolt in the dark night, splitting the huge wave in two!

“If you can’t dodge it, just split it.” Arthur got up from the beach and said.

“No, you’ve already been tricked.” The mermaid sneered.

“What?!” Only then did the knight realize that ice had formed under his feet, the ice stuck to the soles of his shoes, and spread upward from the soles of the knight’s feet. tightly sealed.

“Submerged the beach with water, and then covered a layer of ice?” Arthur said, “Very well, he is indeed a master of ice magic.”

“So, from the beginning, you can’t escape. No one can beat the mermaid on the beach.” The mermaid sneered cruelly, “There was still a glimmer of hope of winning when you got into the sea.”

“I haven’t lost yet, miss,” Arthur said, raising his sword. The green light of the lightsaber illuminated the boy’s pale and determined face, “I can still move my hands, I can still swing the sword, and even if I can’t escape, I won’t necessarily lose.”

“What else can you do? You can’t run away, can you defend against all attacks with a lightsaber?!”

“How do you know if you don’t try,” Arthur said. He concentrated, and a large number of photons began to gather on the lightsaber.

——The third miracle, [Photon Creation], activate!

The mermaid looked at the astonishing photons gathering together, “Why, there can’t be so many photons in this space! Create something out of nothing!? This is [miracle spell]!——This, this man It’s dangerous! I’m sorry, Queen Lilith, it looks like this man can’t be left in the world!”

“Kraken, kill him with all your strength!!” the mermaid ordered, the Kraken howled, took a breath, and shot a red, high-pressure water column with magical power from its mouth. The mermaid used all her strength to shoot hundreds of frozen arrows, which were mixed with the water column cannon, turned into a more powerful icicle cannon, and shot directly at Arthur.

“—–Even the dragon will be buried in this crimson wave! Crush to pieces, knight!”

“Haha!!!!!!” Arthur also stabbed a deadly blow. Huge lightsabers clustered, turned into beams of light, and collided with the enemy’s crimson waves.

Rumble Rumble Rumble! ! ! ! !

Two huge forces collided, collided, and burst into a beautiful rose-colored halo in the night! The excess light came out like a stream of meteors, and the huge shock wave blew away the blizzard.

After everything is over The night sky is bright and silent, and only the faint gasping sound of the young knight can be remembered on the windless shore.

“Huh, huh, is it resolved?” Arthur knelt on the ground and muttered in a low voice.

“It’s really dangerous, I thought I would die like this.” The mermaid emerged from the water on the siren, both of them were badly damaged and very embarrassed, but they still looked like they were able to cope with the battle.

“Damn, how can you be so durable!” Arthur said desperately.

“Knight, you are really a very formidable opponent!” The mermaid magician said while arranging his messy hair, posing as a winner, “Unfortunately your luck is not good enough, we here The sea is on the side, and the sea monster can regenerate infinitely as long as it continuously absorbs the photons in the sea!”

“It’s really the ability to cheat.” Arthur said, his eyelids gradually became heavier, “Ah, why, I always feel sleepy——“

The ice gradually spread to Arthur’s upper body and began to freeze the knight boy.

“Sleep, knight, there will be no pain when you fall asleep.” The mermaid coaxed in a gentle voice, “you are one of my best collections, and you are worth boasting to future generations hundreds of years later. one of.”

“But… evil…” Arthur became more and more sleepy, his eyelids were already as heavy as lead, ready to fall at any time, closing the window of the boy’s soul forever.

Icy and darkness enveloped him.

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