Light Spirit Epic Chapter 271: Destruction in the Pure Land (middle)


Chapter 271 Destruction in the Pure Land (Part 2)

Arthur and his party ran away at full speed, and it took only ten minutes to reach the prairie at the beginning, and they could see the portal used to return to the world from a distance! !

Countless dark creatures are also scurrying in the prairie. I am afraid that their survival instinct made them come here and plan to use that portal to escape! As soon as the portal sensed the approach of a dark child creature, it opened the protective cover to block these dark monsters and prevent them from leaving the Pure Land!

“Maleficent!” cried Arthur.

“Got it!” The dragon spit out plasma flames, scorching the dark child creatures in large areas, and soon vacated a space for the portal!

The people landed and formed a circle in front of the door, guarding the door!

“Stay here until the passage is about to close! Don’t let the dark creatures approach!” Arthur shouted, “Where the **** is Javier?! Not yet?!”

Countless dark child creatures surrounded, Arthur, Shaxing, Bedivere, Thor, and nine other elven warriors, forming a circle in front of the portal, guarding the portal together. They tried their best to repel the attacking dark child creatures wave after wave! The corpses piled up into mountains, and the earth of Elaison’s Pure Land began to crack, revealing a terrifying red light, but Javier hasn’t come yet? !

“…Enough is enough! Everyone, let’s go!” Arthur motioned. The elves started escaping from the teleporters.

“Beddie!” Arthur growled.

“No!!” Bedivere was still drawing his bow and shooting, and he burst into tears, “Arthur, go first! I won’t leave until Tristan comes back!!”

“Beddie—” Arthur wanted to say something, but at this time, a green light appeared in the distant night sky!

Javier the Emerald Wind Dragon flapped his tattered wings scorched by the lava, flew in embarrassment, and fell to the ground!

“So slow! Do you want to die?!” Arthur rushed over to respond.

“Ha, ha, ha, it’s so noisy!” Cui Fenglong panted, “Come and take a look at the three little devils!? This place is seriously overloaded!”

Bedivere carried Tristan on his back and fell to the side, still in a coma, next to Evan and Elison, who were unconscious but still hugged tightly.

Javier, who was supposed to escape the Jade Wind Dragon with Tristan just before the [Star Shattering Cannon] was launched, turned back at a critical moment and unfolded his most powerful storm barrier, surging against the ground. The thousand-foot lava that came out saved the couple.

That is, what a risky approach. Arthur can hardly imagine that a selfish dragon would do this for others. But he thought of the frost dragon Xianvia who sacrificed his life for his brother Shaxing, and Arthur’s thoughts on dragons suddenly changed.

After flying for such a long distance with a battered body, Javier shrank back to his original shape, and fainted due to exhaustion.

“Well done.” Arthur picked up the two and one dragon and rushed towards the exit!

As soon as Arthur ran out, a dark child creature appeared behind him. He dropped the [goods] in his hand, slashed out with a backhand sword, beheaded the dark child creature, and destroyed the exit at the same time!

Boom! ! Magic blasting, the portal made of stones shattered to the ground immediately, and the flying stones smashed everyone into a swollen face.

“Ow…” Bedivere got up and rubbed a big bag on top of his head, “Arthur, don’t you need to be so rude!?”

“Thor, hurry up and use the eagle eye technique to check the surroundings!” Arthur ignored Bedi’s complaints and ordered quickly, “Those dark creatures must be completely cleaned up, not even a cockroach can be placed in the world. Come!”

“Yes.” The elf prince has carefully inspected the surroundings, “No problem, everything has been cleaned up.”

Suddenly, everyone felt weightless and all floated up!

“What?!” Arthur was startled, but the effect of weightlessness did not last long, and everyone fell to the ground again.

“The Pure Land of Elysian has been destroyed.” Elven Prince Thor said, “The wonderful phenomenon at that moment, I am afraid that the other side of the portal interfered with this space. The warp here is still to a certain extent. Elaison is connected.”

“…Is that okay?” Arthur asked in horror.

“The portal has been destroyed, and the unstable warp entangled around here will dissipate soon, no problem,” Thor explained.

Meanwhile, an earthquake shook Stormwind Island.

“Are you sure this is really okay?!” Arthur repeated.

The impact of the destruction of Elysian’s Pure Land on the Warp affected the leylines of Stormwind Island.

The Isle of Stormwind was shaken by earthquakes and tsunamis like an angry king in the sea.

“Arthur, look at this!!” Bedivere had already climbed out of the cracked ruins, he shouted outside.

Stimulated by the vision, more than a hundred sea monsters are landing! They are crawling towards the base of the Southern Sky Knights!

“Oh, that’s great!” Arthur climbed out of the ruins and sighed, “Kama thinks we don’t have enough troubles, so he’s adding more trouble to us.”

The golden knight Hales Belkaya of the Western Heaven Knights, leading a group of black iron knights, was patrolling the coastline at the time. They were the first knights to fight these giant sea monsters and held on for ten minutes, slowing down the sea monsters a little and allowing reinforcements to arrive in time. Their deaths came in exchange for the lives of tens of thousands in coastal towns.

When Arthur and the others rushed to Ettenberg, the Knights of the Southern Sky were already in full swing with the sea monsters. Dozens of [Dragon Shotguns] fired one after another, and the huge steel harpoon guns that kept shooting out easily smashed the heads of the monsters.

Grand Duke Yones sat on the back of the three-headed hellhounds, slashing at the monsters, while controlling the clones of the two-headed hellhounds, fighting with the monsters.

“What is that?” Bedivere sat behind Arthur, pointing to a crimson dragon in the distance.

“That doesn’t look like a dragon?” said the Xinghui Longshaxing carrying Arthur and Bedivere, “That thing doesn’t have the breath of a living dragon…only a very annoying feeling. …”

Arthur didn’t speak, he focused on the knight on the crimson dragon’s back. That is Gaia Knight Aoyun Yuns!

The crimson dragon did not breathe out dragon flames, but approached a sea snake in an Yun jumped out from the dragon’s back, the dragon instantly turned into a crimson magic sword, and was attacked by Aoyun. Cloud in hand. He slashed down with one sword, splitting the head of the sea snake!

“Oh, it’s Longwu.” Arthur said.

“What?! Can Longwu become like that?!”

“Longwu has experienced the passage of time and can gradually return to the form of a dragon. It was originally a part of the dragon, and it has the memory of the dragon. It is natural to be able to change back.” Arthur said, “However, Longwu has already It’s a dead thing, it’s just a weapon, it doesn’t have the ability to think. Ao Yun is able to control his sword, let it change into the form of a dragon at will, and restore it at will. It is estimated that he has experienced long and hard training.”

The sword in Ao Yun’s hand is called the magic sword Fafna. It is a dragon weapon made from the bones of the magic dragon Fafna in the age of mythology. It has a history of more than 100,000 years. A low-key knight like Ao Yun clearly possesses such a powerful dragon weapon, but he will only use it in times of crisis like this. Arthur couldn’t help but admire his sharp and reserved character.

Compared to the truthful and unreliable father, Grand Duke Ewens, or the cowardly and cowardly younger brother Ivan, Aoyun is actually more suitable to be the Heavenly Knight of the Southern Heavenly Knights, Arthur thought. . —— But this is also a matter of the future.

“Let’s go and help too!” Arthur said, he picked up his sword of kings, jumped off the dragon’s back, and began to fight with the sea monsters.

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