Light Spirit Epic Chapter 270: Destruction in the Pure Land (Part 1)


Chapter 270 Destruction in the Pure Land (Part 1)

At the same time, [First Broken Star Point], battleship [Sword of Damocles (Yang)].

“What? It’s finally solved?” Although Ivan plugged his ears with a cloth, he could actually hear the communication, [plugging his ears] for psychological suggestion.

He knew the news of the death of the Dragon Queen, and immediately informed Elaison: “Okay, Elaison, don’t sing anymore, come back to the battleship!”

Once Elaison disarmed [End Song], the hypnotized dark creatures went mad and flew everywhere. Without the command of the leader, they only know how to rush around in chaos.

Ivan only fired the cannons to drive away the dark creatures coming in the direction of the battleship, and let other dark creatures escape in all directions. The battle was over, and all he cared about was whether Elaison could return safely.

Cui Fenglong accomplished his mission well and brought Elaison back to the bridge safely. Evan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and gave Javier a grateful look.

“Now, do you want to activate the [Star Shattering Cannon]?” Evan took off his cannon helmet and turned to ask the elf girl.

Elaison gestured with her hand. She had just finished using such a powerful battle song, and now she seems unable to speak.

Because I don’t know sign language, Ivan read it for a long time to understand: “Oh! Is that so?”

He sits on the operator’s seat. Elaison smiled lightly and sat beside Ivan, holding Ivan’s left hand with his right hand. The scent of jasmine flowers on her body made Evan excited for a while.

Evan operates the battleship with the assistance of Elaison: “Starbreaker, activate.”

On another battleship, Arthur also opened the Starbreaker under the direction of the Elf Prince Thor.

The two battleships transform at the same time. Their long, pointed hulls, like blades, turned again, turned ninety degrees, and moved to the bottom of the battleship. They went from a horizontal sword to an upright sword.

The Yang sword of Damocles moved to the middle of the crater, and the Yin sword moved to the North Pole. They began to gather all the energy, and were about to burst out on the tip of the sword, releasing the [Star Shattering Cannon].

Evan made a gesture and told Javier the Jade Wind Dragon to go to the medical room to pick up Tristan first. Then he turned to the elf girl and said, “Okay, the [Star Breaker] is set, we should leave.”

“No.” Elaison replied softly, she just replied from the state of losing her voice, she cleared her throat, and her voice was a little hoarse, “Evan, let’s go, I want to stay. “


“The final step of launching the [Star Breaker] requires manual operation. I was destined to stay here to witness the destruction of this pure land from the very beginning.” The elf girl Elison smiled wryly, “You guys hurry up and go. When the warship fires the Star Shatter Cannon, the magma stirred up will engulf everything.”

If the girl stays here, she will surely die. This is probably part of the prophecy of the elders. She knew her destiny from the start.

Evan disagrees.

(—–No. There is no [Fate] at all.)

(Fate is nothing but our own creation.)

(How can you do nothing and let fate dictate?!)

“I won’t leave.” Ivan whispered, “If you want to stay here and activate the [Star Breaker], let me accompany you too. I won’t give up on you until the last moment. “

“Evan…” The elf girl was embarrassed, even her frown was so beautiful, beautiful but poignant: “You should go, you should live. You should not be for me– —-“

She was only half-sentenced when the boy stopped her.

He hugged the girl, stared at her for a moment, took a deep breath, and gave her an affectionate kiss.

Time seems to have stopped. In this condensed time (world), the only thing that changes is a crystal tear that slid from the corner of Elison’s eyes.

The boy gently stroked the girl’s egg-like smooth and elastic face with his fingers, wiping away the teardrop.

Then, the boy continued to stare at the girl, he whispered: “I may not be as handsome as Prince Thor, nor as brave as he is. I’m just a mortal. But, Elaison… …can a mortal like me accompany you to the end and protect you until the end?”

“Huh…Thor is my brother, you little idiot.” Elaison whispered and laughed again.

“Uh, oh…” Evan was relieved. It turns out that there is no rival in love at all. Thor’s love for Elaison is just the love of his brother for his sister… How stupid Ivan’s previous jealousy was!

“But….your last question, my answer is: [OK].” Elaison laughed, more tears running down her face.

Evan also cried happily, tears welling up in his eyes, he couldn’t help but hug the elf girl and kiss her affectionately again.

To him, her smile was everything in the world. As long as you can watch that smile, you can go to heaven wherever you go.

His dry, cracked lips touched her light, soft lips. Where he got nourishment from her, she also got courage from him. The two kept kissing until the end of time.

Together, they pressed the final starter of the [Star Breaker], and the battleship gathered all the energy and fired the most powerful cannon fire! Huge light shoots into the crater, goes deep into the ground, and injects huge energy into the interior of the planet! At the same time, it also stirred up a huge magma column, annihilating the battleship!

“Evan…” Arthur also pressed the button to launch the [Star Breaker]. The huge beam of light was injected into the ice layer at the pole, and the high heat melted the layers of thick ice and entered the interior of the planet, injecting hundreds of millions of equivalents of destructive energy into the interior of the planet.

The destructive energy injected from the two broken star points converges in the core of the planet, and a more intense chain reaction erupts!

——— Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble! ! ! ! ! ! !

The entire Elysian Pure Land screamed, as if crying and struggling, not wanting to die like this. But it was doomed from the start.

“Let’s retreat!” Arthur shouted, pulling Prince Thor who was beside him: “What are you still doing?! Do you want to die?!”

“…Originally, I was supposed to accompany [Star Chanter] to meet the end.” Thor whispered, “but now it’s [Order Maintainer]. — Said Not sure, his fate is indeed changed by him. Elaison will be happy too.”

After Arthur jumped on the back of the star dragon, Bedivere in front of him couldn’t help but say: “…Tristan should be okay?”

“And Javier is still here, he should have taken away the stupid murloc in time.” Arthur grabbed the golden scale on the back of the male star with one hand, and clung to Bedivere’s waist with the other, “Don’t say it. , this planet is about to explode! Let’s escape!”

Xinghuilong fluttered his wings and roared away, and the other elves also rode away in gunboats.

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