Light Spirit Epic Chapter 272: Destruction in the Pure Land (Part 2)


Chapter 272 Destruction in the Pure Land (Part 2)

At the same time, somewhere in Africa.

Kai ran for almost an hour. He never knew he could maintain the shape of a thirty-foot giant for such a long time. This is probably because eating the salamander’s tail has some kind of strengthening effect on his body.

Frey is still chasing after, and has been thrown farther and farther by Excelle. Kai also gradually felt that he was about to reach his limit.

“It’s over there, almost there!” urged Palamides.

“Don’t be noisy, I know where it is!” Kai cursed, he also used that portal to come to Africa, how could he not know.

His transformation failed at this time. He fell to the ground, changed his posture in the air, and ran away with Palamidis on his back.

Frey started to catch up, only about fifty paces away!

Kai uses his milk strength to run wildly! He ran about fifty yards in the woods and came to a hill!

In the cave in front of him is the portal!

He rushed into the cave at extreme speed, grabbed the teleportation stone in Palamidis’s hand with one hand, and opened the teleportation gate!

“Okay, you can go back.” Kai put down the leopard warrior and said without emotion.

“Uh, what are you talking about? Shouldn’t we just—” The Leopard warrior Palamidis was kicked into the portal by Kai before he could finish speaking!

“Humph.” Kai used the teleportation stone to close the door. Due to the need to recharge, the door will not open again for the time being. He threw the teleport stone aside.

The red-haired knight turned his head and watched the fire giant Frey walk into the cave. The woman looked angry, holding a flaming magic sword with purple flames in her right hand, and a fireball in her left hand. Violet and red light illuminated the dark cave.

Kai can’t beat Frey now. However, he has a way to win without a fight. As long as Frey was a woman, Kay would definitely be able to—capture her heart.

The giantess looked at the unusually calm red-haired knight in front of her, and sneered: “Oh, send the leopard away first, do you stay by yourself to die? It’s really yours.”

Kay ignored Frey’s sarcasm and gave the giantess a **** smile: “Hey, beauty, do you like me so much, do you chase me wherever you go?”

“Shut up, cockroach man!” Frey roared, her voice echoing in the cave, feeling particularly loud. “You said that you wanted to get the Fiery Demon Sword, and I prepared a challenge ceremony specially for you. You escaped midway? You have insulted the sacred ceremony, so you should pay the debt with death!”

“…What ceremony, you are really cunning.” Kai said.

“What?” Frey, who was about to attack, was stunned by Kai’s words, “I’m [cunning]? What do you mean by that?!”

“Aren’t you cunning?” Kai said, he frowned and pretended to be wronged: “You know I won’t fight Luke, but you want Luke to play. You know I don’t. It will hurt you, but come on in person and see yourself as the last boss.”

Kai throws out his biggest and strongest weapon yet again: [REAL].

He will use [Real] to convince the girl to win without a fight!

He knows women’s weaknesses. He is good at grasping the weakness of women, attacking and beating wildly, and finally let the girls compromise and hold the beauty back!

Frey is no exception! —— At least, Kai thinks so!

“…does that count as despicable?” Frey thought, “Indeed, it’s unusual for Luke to be close to you. My business is—”

“That is the sacred ceremony of your fire giants. Since it is so sacred, can such an unfair thing be tolerated?! What do you think this is not despicable?!” Kai asked.

Frey was at a loss for words. She’s not good at thinking about such things. She has never only known to use force to measure one thing, whether it is fair or not, she has never thought about it.

“…No, stop doing this, cockroach man!” Frey said angrily, “Don’t think you can fool me with your rhetoric!”

“Don’t you have the ability to think?! Think about it with your own conscience, is what you do despicable!” Kai asked scoldingly.

He throws the biggest bomb: “Don’t you know how much I like you?!”

Frey took a deep breath.

Kay knows what Frey is like. She doesn’t pay attention to fairness, but she is obsessed with fairness. She measures the fairness of a matter by her conscience, not by logic. Therefore, she often does a lot of very contradictory things. The fire giant Frey is a girl who is not deep in the world, shrewd on the surface, but clumsy on the inside.

So cute.

She thought about it for a long time, and even the fireball in her left hand was automatically extinguished because the magic was activated for too long.

Then she came to the conclusion: “…OK, OK. You’re right, this challenge ritual is not fair. Since you can’t put Luke… (whispering) and me ——As an enemy, the duel cannot go on fairly. Tsk…

Well, the duel is cancelled. you can go now. “

“No, I won’t go.” Kai said stubbornly.

“What?!” Frey said angrily, “I’ve already spared your life with great mercy, what do you want?!”

“I didn’t think about what to do.” Kai said, “It’s not my responsibility, but yours, that the ceremony can’t continue. I still have to get the flame sword.”

“You’re so stubborn!” Frey said incredulously, “It’s already like this, and you still want to take the flame sword?!”

“That’s right.” Kay said, “I don’t need any ceremony, I just need to bet with you.”

The knight took off his armor, revealing his toned chest:

“Come on, beauty. Greet me with all your strongest attacks! If I can withstand your three attacks, you will admit defeat and lend me the magic sword. If I die, that’s because I’m incompetent, and I’m no match for anyone else.—I just hope that you can fulfill my wish for me, help me kill a man named Gunse, and protect my brother Arthur.. ….”

“This… I may not be able to promise you.” Frey hesitated.

“I believe in you.” Kay Dao, “Come on.”

He believed she wouldn’t kill him. He knew what kind of person she was. She was too kind.

He knew she liked him.

——He thought he understood her.

Frey took a deep breath and lit a fireball as if she had made up her mind.

She condensed a powerful fireball, intending to knock Kai down with one blow, make him submit, or faint. That way he’ll get out of the way! ! ! ! !

The fireball hit the red-haired knight’s chest and exploded! Kai took the heavy blow, and a large area of ​​his chest was scorched, giving off a burning smell.

“Wow, cough, cough…” The red-haired knight spat out a few mouthfuls of blood and knelt on the ground: “Really, really passionate, beauty…”

“…Are you still stubborn? Surrender now! If you don’t surrender, the next blow will really kill you!” Frey said urgently.

Kai whispered something completely unrelated: “When this thing is over, where shall we go to play? … Go to the beach, you will want to see the scenery on the beach. .I like the way you look in your swimsuit, although it’s fine now.”

Frey remained silent. She gathered a large number of photons in the palm of her left hand to create a powerful flame magic spear. The blue spear tip is full of the breath of death, which can penetrate all life instantly.

“You are such a hot beauty.” Kay said.

Frey hesitated for a moment, but her responsibility to protect the Fiery Sword still drove her to act. You must never give the magic sword to such a person. The responsibility is now, and you must abandon your children’s personal relationships.

Even if you like him, you have to kill him with all your heart.

With mixed feelings, the giantess threw the flame spear.

The spear pierced Kai’s chest.

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