Light Spirit Epic Chapter 27: Departure to the Ice Ocean (table)


Chapter 27 Departure to Bingyang (List)


Some people have said that the life of a good soldier is to fight, eat and sleep. Therefore, eating plays a very important part in the lives of knights. A soldier who can’t let go of his heart and eat and drink is not a qualified soldier.

The dining hall of the Northern Sky Knights is the largest and most luxurious among the four Pantoraken Royal Knights. It can entertain thousands of knights at the same time. This steel-wrapped fortress, even the dining hall is full of metal atmosphere, composed of black iron floor and cold steel ceiling, dozens of huge silver-white pillars support the weight of the lobby ceiling. Even in the fiercest of battles, this canteen has never been in danger of collapsing, and it is probably the most stable building outside the headquarters of the Knights of the North.

This steel dining room is neatly covered with a royal blue carpet embroidered with silver holy lilies. The pillars are also covered with royal blue flags, also embroidered with silver holy lilies, and the Order of the Snow Griffin. This icy tone matches the steel hall very well, but it reflects the fire of the central stove in the dining room, giving a warm feeling.

It can be said that the people who designed and manufactured this dining hall know the joy of [eating] very well. It has created a comfortable and solemn dining environment very well, allowing the knights to open their minds to eat and also know self-discipline.

…or rather, most knights know self-discipline. Even in the strictest organizations, there are always heretics. Take, for example, Sir Kay, who shrugs off drumsticks in front of Arthur and Bedivere and regards table manners as nothing.

“Well… he eats like this, is there any problem?” Bedivere looked at Kay and asked in a low voice. He was worried that Kai would suddenly choke on a chicken bone and die.

“Leave him alone, that guy will never know what manners are.” Arthur said with disgust. The knights on the side cast strange glances, but Arthur didn’t particularly care. What he cared about was that Kay splattered the juices while eating, and Arthur had to be careful not to get the gravy from Kay’s chicken thighs on his bread.

Seeing his brother’s contemptuous look guarding him, Ser Kay said, “It’s just a meal, so what’s your manners? Ah, that chicken wing, if you don’t want it, I’ll take it!” “

“Wow!” Bedivere hurriedly protected the food in front of him.

“By the way, it’s rare for me to come here, but Lancelot actually avoids me?” Kay asked while biting a piece of pork belly.

“Remember why I chased you down?” Arthur said angrily, glaring at Kai.

Kai smiled disapprovingly: “Ha! Lancelot won’t be as stingy as Arthur! And he can’t take weapons.”

“By the way, I’ve never seen Lancelot take a weapon during training,” Bedivere took the opportunity to ask, “He doesn’t even want to take the wooden sword for training, what’s going on?”

“For some personal reasons, he hates weapons, that’s all. Don’t ask for specifics,” Arthur said.

“There are so many secrets between you.” The werewolf boy complained.

“Of course, because Arthur’s parents are—” Kay interjected.

Under the table, Arthur stomped Kai hard.

“Oh! Oh! Okay, okay, I don’t say it.” Kai Ren said painfully.

Say it and I’ll kill you. —— Arthur hinted with his eyes.

“However, you can really use that rotten weapon.” Kai asked, “Obviously it’s a silver knight, why don’t you apply for a better lightsaber from your superiors?”

“The performance of the photon weapons I hold in my hand will decrease, it seems that the photon concentration in the space around my body has been very low.” Arthur chewed his bread disapprovingly.


“The exact reason is unclear. In short, my body seems to be hated by photons, and photons in nature avoid me. So there are fewer photons around my body than in normal environments. Photon weapons end up being Relying on the photon mirror to collect free photons in the environment can only be used. With fewer photons, the power of the weapon is naturally small. This is a problem that cannot be solved no matter how advanced the mirror is used.”

“So, you’ve been using that bad weapon? Even if you put on a good weapon, it won’t be able to exert the power of the weapon?”

“That’s it. In fact, the difference in power between advanced weapons and ordinary lightsabers is very small.” Arthur said with disapproval. This small difference can be remedied with skill, he thought.

“Hmph, that’s hard to say.” Kai smiled mysteriously, “Look.” He pulled out a short stick behind him. It’s a long gun.

“The filter made by the heart of the lava troll produces a high-heat gun blade under the interference of the photon reflector. The armor that is stabbed by this will instantly turn into steam, and the person who is stabbed will cause Burns that will never heal,” said the young knight, fiddling with his weapon.

“Oh, a good weapon.” Arthur said disapprovingly, “The corpse of a photon creature can also be processed into a weapon, and only Vivien can do it in this world. Have you seen her recently?”

“It’s hard to find her. It’s almost impossible to find her without the help of my father’s divination.” Kay boasted, “Do you know where she was hiding?”

“No, don’t tell me.” Arthur interrupted quickly.

“Why? Don’t you even want to see your own sister?”

“Sister?” Bedivere asked hastily.

“Yes, Arthur has three sisters, and all three are absolutely beautiful! Didn’t he tell you?”

“Kay, you talk too much—-” Arthur said coldly.

“But, that’s great! I thought Arthur had no parents and no was alone like me. It turns out that Arthur has so many brothers and sisters.” The werewolf boy squeezed out a lonely smile.

“Not really,” Arthur said. If there was a painful expression on his face, then it should have been vividly visible at this time. “I don’t want to see my sisters anymore. They certainly don’t want to see me either. They hate me to the core.”


“No such thing,” Ser Kay said. “I believe Vivienne has forgiven you, or she wouldn’t have seen me. Arthur, I’d better go and see—”

“I said don’t mention it again!” Arthur suddenly exclaimed angrily.

“Well, okay! Don’t mention it if you don’t mention it!” Kai blushed, “If you want to give up the last bit of family you have left, do whatever you want! Vivian doesn’t have a lightsaber. Chasing you, scared to even see her? You coward!”

“It’s useless to say anything, if you don’t go, you don’t go!” Arthur said angrily.

Bedivere silently looked at Arthur and shook his head.

“Why are you still arguing? You two are in such a good relationship.” Zach, the Knight in Black Armor, approached with a smile, “I’m sorry for disturbing your meal, but there is an emergency, and the Knights have asked you to be dispatched.”

“What mission?” Arthur asked curiously.

“Let’s talk on the road,” Zach said.

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