Light Spirit Epic Chapter 26: Golden


Chapter 26 The Golden Chapter (Beginning) Farewell to the Brothers

At the same time, the battle meeting room of the Northern Sky Knights Rangers.

“So, the attack was real, but the attacker was fake?” Arthur looked at the report, his face filled with confusion.

“That’s right,” said Zack the Black Knight, “then investigating the crashed Viking fleet, and found that the Vikings were actually dead bodies that had been dead for several days. The attack was also, after discovering that you had landed. After the warship of ours was teleported away, the other warships immediately stopped moving. The Vikings who were at war with us at that time completely stopped moving like dolls with broken strings, and they all turned back to corpses and fell to the ground.”

“That is to say, all the enemies on the fleet are the [Necromancer] that the succubus uses magic to manipulate.” Jack, the tactical analyst, said, “After you fell into her trap, she tried her best to To deal with you, I [stopped] the extra necromancers.”

“That succubus was aimed at you from the start.” Zach looked at Arthur with a curious look.

Arthur looked puzzled: “Why? I obviously have nothing to do with the succubus?”

“The idea of ​​epic photonic creatures is beyond our mortals’ grasp.” Jack smiled and said, “Perhaps your ancestors messed with them, and now they come to you to settle accounts? For those with thousands of years of lifespan For these monsters, she may have mistaken you for the heartbreaker who had a relationship with her in the first place?”

“That’s not funny at all.” Knight Arthur said coldly.

“You won’t laugh anyway!” Jack Nuo said.

“Anyway,” the black armored knight Zack threw the file in his hand on the table, and the folder made a dull sound on the wooden table, “We will send you to form a team again to prevent you from acting alone. The Rangers will also try their best to send people to protect you secretly, although there are too many tasks to do recently. In order to prepare for the war with the orcs, the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens has begun to win over all the forces that can be united.”

“Really.” Arthur tried his best to pretend to be concerned, but he was actually thinking about the succubus. Can adapt to free photons, can use all kinds of magic at will without worrying about petrification punishment, right?”

“Is that even a question? You haven’t seen that succubus control an entire army of undead alone.” Jack sneered disapprovingly, “As long as her spirit can bear it, no matter how powerful magic is. It can be used at will. There are almost infinite photons in nature, and the user is just a conduit, a tool to guide the flow of photons.”

As a conduit, human beings will be eroded by too many photons, and the body will age and die. This is the [Petrochemical Phenomenon]. But epic creatures, such as succubus, have already adapted to photons, and the magic they can use can be said to be infinite. Humans will never be able to equalize this difference in talent.

“The thing that strikes me the most is that the succubus didn’t cast any offensive spells on me. Except for manipulating undead and releasing poisonous mist, she can hardly do anything.” Arthur fell into deep thought. , “Are all succubuses so weak? Or is the opponent this time a succubus that hasn’t fully grown yet?”

“You think too much. Maybe it’s just because manipulating the undead requires a lot of concentration, and she can’t use other spells; or maybe these isolated succubuses don’t know all kinds of spells. “The knight Zach said, “Anyway, you are lucky this time, you survived, isn’t that enough?”

“Perhaps,” Arthur said.

“Don’t be so foolish in the future, fighting a succubus alone will not kill you enough.” The knight in black armor said, “The knight with you should soon be——“

“Hi!” A voice called from behind Arthur.

“Oh, just talking about him, he is here.” Knight Zach said, “Arthur, this is the silver knight of the Eastern Knights, Sir Kai Aktor, who is dispatched to the Northern Knights today. The regiment, that is, the knight with whom you formed the team.”

“Kay…” Arthur turned his head and looked at the burly, muscular young knight in front of him.

This knight has short fiery red hair, burgundy eyes, and wheat-colored skin. There was an air of cynicism on his young face. His face is square and square, very three-dimensional, a typical Nordic face.

This guy would have been a likable guy if he didn’t count his nasty **** temperament. Arthur thought.

“Hi, little one, long time no see!” Kai said with a smile.

As soon as he finished speaking, Arthur drew his sword and slashed it with one stroke.

“Wow!” The young knight hurriedly jumped back, dodging the blow, “Why did you greet me with a knife as soon as we met? Such a ruthless fellow!”

Arthur was furious and scolded fiercely: “Bastard! It’s you and your father who sold me, how dare you come to see me?!”

“Wait a minute, what’s going on?” Zack, the knight in black armor, felt bewildered, and quickly persuaded him, “Anyway, put away your sword!”

“This guy and his father are not good things!” Arthur pointed his sword at Ser Kay, his eyes blazing with rage: “His father is a declining noble who only gambles with women, he is a A hooligan who eats and drinks. His father sold me and a friend of mine in order to pay off a huge gambling debt. Fortunately, we were lucky and were sent to serve as servants in the Knights of the North. Otherwise? Maybe it has been sold to which slave owner now In my hands, I live a life that is not as good as a pig and a dog!”

Knight Zach looked at Ser Kay, “Is this… true?”

“Ahahaha, part of it,” Ser Kay said with a smile, “but Dad, a famous astrologer, probably expected Arthur to be what he is today?– —Look, Arthur, aren’t you doing well now? In just a few years, you’ve been promoted from servant to silver knight?”

“I don’t think it’s the old man’s fault, thank you.” Arthur replied non-stop, wielding his sword.

Kay said while ducking, “What a stingy fellow. I don’t even think about who raised you, a fatherless orphan, like his own son? Dad will be sad if you say that.”

“What did the old man do besides asking us to do all kinds of hard work to help him earn money?——You **** rob me and Lancelot’s bread to satisfy your never-ending Have you done anything good besides the limitless appetite?!” Arthur cursed angrily, continuing to slash at Ser Kay.

“Arthur, let the past pass? People have to look forward.” Kay said disapprovingly, “Didn’t you steal my pudding too?”

“It’s not convincing for you to say such a thing. And I didn’t steal your pudding! It’s Lancelot!!”

“Ahhh!!” Lancelot sneezed loudly.

“Cold?” Bedivere asked.

“No.” Lancelot took out a part from the cavalry’s engine. “Look, this is the core component in the photon engine that compresses photons and controls the explosion of photons. This should be checked every time the cavalry is used. Is there any damage, otherwise the iron cavalry will be in danger of crashing——“

Bediver listened carefully, learning everything that could help Arthur.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha——” The knight Arthur gasped and stopped chasing.

“Why, are you tired?” Sir Kay laughed, still blushing and breathing after running for so long.

“Damn, don’t run——” Arthur was so breathless that he couldn’t say it If you don’t run, do you stand and let you chop? Dad said that Arthur would definitely cut me when he met him, but Arthur’s physical strength had basically not improved, as long as he kept running, it would be fine. So I will slowly circle with you. If you are not afraid of getting tired, I can run for a whole day, ahahahaha! “

“Damn muscular idiot,” Arthur cursed.

“I’m not good at brains, but you’ve never beaten me in fights since I was a kid.” Kay said, “Little Arthur’s fists are like mosquito bites.”

“Better than you. You can’t even touch me,” Arthur countered.

“Hahahaha. So we can be considered a tie forever, just admit it. If you can’t win, don’t waste your energy.”

“Idiot.” Arthur put away his sword, “If I really wanted to cut you, the lightsaber would have cut you in half, but I can’t just cut off the knights of the knight order. Forget it, with you I am stupid enough.”

“Isn’t it?” Kay laughed, spreading his arms, “Long time no see, Arthur.”

“No, don’t do this.” Arthur took a few steps back.

“Ha.” Kay hugged Arthur, “I’m still as small as ever, my [brother].”

“It hurts!…You muscular idiot!” the young knight whispered, his ribs screaming before they broke.

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