Light Spirit Epic Chapter 25: Moving in the dark (in)


Chapter 25: Twisting in the dark (in)

At the same time, above the [Wall of the World], in a small dark room.

The woman’s bewitching figure is faintly visible in the darkness. She sat quietly, holding the wine glass in her hand, stirring the bloody, viscous liquid in the glass. In the boundless darkness, only the woman’s eyes emitted a terrifying dark red light.

Outside the window, hundreds of thousands of feet above the ground, under the [Grand Storm]. The photon storm shrouded the entire earth, with lightning and thunder in the sky, as if the violent natural force had humanity, roaring in anger. Ships powered by various antigravity engines can only see the thunder and lightning of a great storm when they are so close. But once they see this peculiar astronomical phenomenon, it is too late – the ship will be instantly sucked into the great storm, torn to shreds by the turbulence of thousands of photons as sharp as blades .

There is only this little room in the world where the great storm can be safely observed.

The woman enjoys her privilege, staring coldly at the scenery outside the window of this small room. This is a hell-like landscape, and to her it is like a heavenly view. She longed for the destruction of the world more than anyone else, longing to see the whole world torn, gnawed, and shattered into scum by the mad turbulence like a great storm.

And her wish will soon come true.

A figure walks into the room with barely a sound. His movements were so gentle, as if he was afraid that he would make too much noise and disturb the Queen’s Yaxing. Kneeling before the queen’s jade throne, he reported in a low voice, “Melty seems to have failed. No sign of her life can be traced.”

“Really? Forget it, I didn’t have much expectations for that kind of semi-finished product.” The woman’s voice responded.

“Your Majesty Queen Morgan, who should I send next?” the other party asked.

“Let Beltrice go and play with him.” The Queen sneered, “Have fun, my lovely brother Arthur.”

One month later. The mechanical warehouse of the Knights of the North.

The werewolf boy drew a sword towards Lancelot, and the blade swept the blond boy’s throat.

Lancelot simply leaned back, dodging before the wooden sword hit his throat. The tip of the sword swept less than an inch in front of his throat, leaving only a whistling sound.

At the same time, Lancelot has raised his palm to give a light support. His palm perfectly hit Bedivere’s right wrist, and the werewolf boy felt his wrist go numb. The sword flew out of his hand, made a few circles in the air, and landed on the stone floor of the warehouse. The wood collided with the stone, making a thick, muffled sound.

Before Bedivere could make the next reaction, Lancelot’s other hand had already patted the werewolf boy’s chest, sending the werewolf boy flying out. Seemingly on purpose, the werewolf boy was knocked out by this palm by about ten, and fell next to his wooden sword.

“No, come again.” Lancelot shouted sternly.

“Damn!!” The werewolf boy stumbled to his feet, picked up the wooden sword on the ground at the same time, and slashed at Lancelot.

However, Lancelot gently used his left hand to fight against Bedivere’s attack, and then the knife in his right hand fell, slashing the orc boy’s shoulder, knocking Bedivere to the ground.

The werewolf boy slammed his head into the floor this time. He was dazzled for a while, feeling that his nose was about to be smashed.

“There are too many superfluous actions in the attack. The time interval between the start and the execution of the attack is too long. If you cut down with hesitation, the opponent can easily predict the trajectory of your attack, and then you have to die. It’s gone.” Lancelot reprimanded sternly.

“Yes, but.” Bedivere, still full of gold stars, tried to get up.

“Don’t worry about me, treat me as your enemy and attack with all his strength.” Lancelot helped the werewolf boy, “Don’t think I can’t beat you to the ground with my bare hands.”

Bedivere took a step back, prepared to attack, took a deep breath, raised his wooden sword and attacked again.

Lancelot dodged deftly, held his palm, and with a muffled sound, the wooden sword in the werewolf boy’s hand flew out again. At the same time, the werewolf boy took a knife in his throat and fell to the ground in pain.

“Ugh…cough cough cough!” Bedivere almost suffocated, he never thought that Lancelot’s hand knife could be so heavy! His eyes were dim for a while, and it took almost a minute before he could barely catch his breath.

“Then, you died six hundred and twenty-fifth times today. That’s it for today’s training.” Lancelot shook his head. The werewolf boy still has a long way to go.

The werewolf boy got up while coughing. “It’s been a month and I still can’t touch Lancelot’s hair——”

“Honestly, you’ll never be able to move as swiftly as Arthur, and the physique of an orc is not suitable for that agile swordsmanship. Don’t be discouraged, though, orcs have good stamina and a strong body, just be careful to avoid them in battle. It doesn’t matter if you’re hurting the key, a little scratch.” Lancelot explained, “This is the tactics that all knights envy: instead of thinking about **** the enemy, think about it first. How to survive. Only by living can we counterattack.”

“But I want to be able to help Arthur. If I keep holding back, I might as well not be my sidekick.” Bedivere said dissatisfiedly.

In an instant, a phantom flashed in the werewolf boy’s mind. The tall figure of the polar bear gradually moved away from the werewolf boy and rushed into the blazing battlefield.

(Sorry, brother…)

(Just blame me for being so useless.)

(The kind of memory that can only be protected by others, but I can’t help myself at all. I don’t want to add more.)

“Hmph, don’t worry, boy.” Lancelot said meaningfully, his beautiful and deep blue eyes seemed to be able to see through everything: “You just need to stay by his side, you are already helping If it’s just that guy, he’ll just keep rushing forward and jumping into the fire pit. Your role is to make him calm down occasionally and stop doing stupid things.”

Your role is to drag him down, so that the powerful and weak monster does not have to rush to seek death. Lancelot thought silently.

“Yes, yes?” Bedivere vaguely understood something, but couldn’t say it. He looked at Lancelot, who was gradually moving away from the mechanical warehouse. Seeing that the master was no longer teaching him, he had to sigh, wiped the oil and dirt from his body, and continued to practice with his wooden sword.

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