Light Spirit Epic Chapter 24: Moving in the dark (table)


Chapter 24: Twisting in the Darkness (List)

I don’t know how long it took. When Arthur woke up, his throat felt dry and sore, like a fire was burning in it.

“Water—water!” the knight called out subconsciously.

“Okay, drink slowly.” With a jade hand, he slowly pushed the cup containing the sweet water to Arthur’s lips.

Gudu, Gudu, Gudu. The knight greedily sucked the nectar from the cup. Clear spring water slid down his throat, moisturizing his parched throat.

After making up his mind, Arthur discovered that the jade hand that fed him water originally belonged to the daughter of the Celestial Knight, Greenville.

The young knight immediately cleared his head and asked: “…how long?”

“Two days,” replied the healer, “you inhale a poison that will continue to drain your stamina, and the wound on your back is another deadly poison. If it weren’t for your little servant in time I sent you back, and you have long since seen God.”

Arthur rolled his eyes: “Where’s Bedivere?”

Greenville looked a little unhappy, “Your poison is very similar to the poison used by orcs to hunt, and he doesn’t know how you were attacked. For the sake of safety, the Knights imprisoned him first. I guess he’s being interrogated now?”

“No!” The knight Arthur supported himself and got up, “Let him go, it has nothing to do with him.”

“You can’t get up yet!”

“You don’t know how nonsense the so-called [interrogation] of the knights is!” Arthur quickly pulled out the infusion tube on his arm, “they can maim your hand, and then say to you [Sorry, this is A small accident]!”

Dark Iron Knight Richard Leon Dickens is interrogating the werewolf boy in front of him.

Is it more appropriate to say that it is a one-sided beating rather than an interrogation?

The werewolf boy was hung in the air by a rope, and the whip fell on his naked upper body, cutting the flesh and leaving a deep blood mark. There are already countless bloodstains on the orc boy’s body. His shoulders, arms, chest, and lower abdomen have already been ripped apart, and countless blood and water are dripping on the ground.

“Speak! Hurry up! Who told you to betray your knight? You really are a spy sent by the orcs, right?!”

Bediver remained silent, just closed his eyes and waited silently for this to end. He cared more about Arthur’s situation than the suffering of his own flesh. For the past two days, the werewolf boy has been restless, worrying about the safety of his master.

“Speak! Tell me quickly?!” The whip fell even more viciously.

“You damned orcs are really unbelievable. You are a group of uncivilized primitive people!!” Richard cursed, but the whip in his hand kept falling, leaving no room for rest: “As soon as you have the opportunity, you will run into the human world to rob, and whenever you have the opportunity, you will rebel in the nest, and whenever you have the opportunity, you will show your savage nature! You are such a bitch, ha!”

“Enough.” A frosty voice sounded behind him.

“What [enough]? Did I say something wrong?” Richard still scolded remorselessly, “What servant, to let such a dog-like **** be the servant of the knight, has the knighthood fallen? “

He raised the whip and was about to continue the blow, but a hand caught him.

“I said enough, didn’t you hear?!” Arthur said angrily.

Richard turned his head and looked at the knight behind him in surprise: “Arthur? But you should——“

Arthur squeezed out a sneer: “Should I die of poisoning? Unfortunately, I won’t die so easily.”

“Even so,” Richard insisted: “My duty is to interrogate this kid. My trial is not over yet, and even you have no authority to interfere with the trial!!”

“It’s [interrogation], not [severe beating]! You have overstepped your authority!”

“I said there is no overreach!” Richard replied, “Now, let go of your dirty hands! I still have the trial to finish!”

“Try it. If you dare, I will break your wrist with all my strength.” Arthur threatened sharply.

“You dare?! You won’t forget——“

“You want to say that your father is the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens, right?” Arthur interrupted Richard’s words and glared at him with sharper eyes: “If you want, go to your father and complain. Well—but now, get out of here!”

Arthur grabbed Richard’s hand like a pair of iron pliers, and under such force, Richard lost the leather whip in his hand.

“You boy——” Richard’s face was flushed red, he was clearly in excruciating pain, but he couldn’t shout out because of his face, so he whispered: “Let go!”

Richard’s left fist slammed **** Arthur’s forehead, and Arthur took the punch without dodging or dodging. There was blood on his forehead immediately, but Richard’s hand also hurt so badly – he didn’t expect Arthur’s head to be so hard!

“…What a weak fist.” Arthur sighed, letting go of Richard’s hand: “Even a weak **** like me, can’t you knock it down with one punch? ?”

His anger has passed, and now there is a trace of pity in Arthur’s eyes.

Richard took that pity as an insult.

“You…! Just let me see!!”

Richard Leon Dickens fled the torture chamber in a huff.

Knight Arthur turned his eyes and looked at Bedivere who was hanging in the air. The werewolf boy was severely beaten, but he was still in good spirits. The vitality of the orcs is really not to be The werewolf boy who was bruised and bruised also looked at the pale knight who had just returned from the death line. Tortured by poison, but still able to be so mighty. The vitality of human beings cannot be underestimated.

Bedivere smiled: “Hi, Arthur. Are you alive at last?”

“Don’t think I’m going to die so easily!” Arthur untied the iron shackles on the werewolf boy’s hand.

“Ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” As if hearing some funny joke, the werewolf boy Bedivere laughed.

“What are you laughing at all of a sudden? It’s disgusting.” Arthur asked in confusion.

“No, no.” Bediveville burst into tears while laughing. He had a mixture of joy and sorrow, and the expression on his face was very strange: “Because Arthur can’t laugh, so I smiled for Arthur; also because you don’t. I will cry…so please let me cry for you.”

“Idiot,” said the knight disapprovingly.

He thought Bedivere was just hot-headed and talking nonsense. But the werewolf boy was serious. The Eskimo tribe (Wolfman tribe) is a race that will repay the favor and return the favor. Bedivere, whose life was saved, will sacrifice his life to help Arthur from now on. He will follow the knight for the rest of his life, even if he goes to the end of hell.

And now, Bedivere sees through the great pain inside Arthur. He wanted to help Arthur and do something to heal the pain.

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