Light Spirit Epic Chapter 23: Trapped in the spooky (li)


The 23rd chapter

Bedivere suddenly felt a chill behind his back. He came back to his senses and found that the scene around him was changing rapidly: the original battlefield landscape that was full of bullets was eroded by another landscape, and within a few seconds, the surrounding became a cold and dark cave.

“Is this an illusion?” He touched the stone wall of the cave, and the cold touch told him that it was a real scene: “No, it was teleportation just now!? Someone teleported the entire deck of the ship here. ?!”

Mass delivery! What a profound magic! The werewolf boy didn’t know much about magic, but he also knew very well that all teleportation techniques belonged to the category of advanced magic. Such a high quality delivery! ——A certain magician near here has teleported the mass of almost a battleship into the cave!

Can Arthur really win against such a powerful magician? !

Bedivere looks worriedly into the depths of the cave.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.” The young knight gasped heavily, sweating like rain.

“It’s time to surrender, right? Why are you so tenacious?” The witch said tremblingly, “Aren’t you really afraid of death?”

“Unfortunately, I have no feelings of fear.” The knight evaded the necromancer’s sword blow with a backflip. “I have no feelings other than anger!” The lightsaber in his hand swept back, and the last The Necromancer fell in response. The necromancer who was cut in half didn’t have time to recover. Arthur had already drawn dozens of swords and chopped the undead into hundreds of pieces of meat in an instant!

The ground is littered with corpse fragments that he had cut so finely that it was impossible to put them back together again. Arthur uses a smashing attack to break the Necromancer’s regeneration ability… The price of doing so is very physical.

The witch also panted and said: “Well done, you can actually kill my necromancer. But your physical strength is completely exhausted, you have inhaled a lot of poison gas, and it is almost poisonous! I just need to move A single finger can kill you!”

“Then, come!” The knight Arthur provocatively said, “You will come out of that poisonous cloud! If you dare to take a step from there, I will give you the final blow with all my strength.”

“You can’t kill me. I’m immortal——“

Before the witch finished speaking, Arthur said something, and the lightsaber in his hand turned into a pure white light.

It was a technique developed specifically to deal with these witches during the war between the ancient paladins and the succubus. The weapon with this enchantment can decompose the inherent photons in the opponent’s body while slashing the succubus, thereby sealing the regeneration ability of the succubus and achieving the purpose of killing the succubus.

Of course, [Holy] is not easy to use. It requires tremendous mental concentration to maintain. Therefore, Arthur only took this out when necessary.

“God, [Holy] Enchantment? Why do you enchant the Paladin?!” the witch exclaimed.

“Is this important?” Arthur said disapprovingly, “I only know that this one can really kill you, **** witch.”

“Dead boy—don’t be too proud!!” The witch was so embarrassed that she took off the skull mask and changed into a more terrifying appearance. The succubus was originally the incarnation of chaos, capable of taking on many dark and evil shapes. Now, this terrifying succubus has fangs, blood-colored claws, and the tail of a poisonous snake. It is surrounded by miasma and emits a corpse-like stench.

“I can’t spare you!! Watch me kill you, dig out your intestines, and use it to strangle you alive!” The witch said viciously.

“Hmph, wouldn’t it be better to show your ugly original form from the beginning? In that case, you still have a chance of winning.” Arthur said contemptuously.

“Shut up!!” The succubus rushed up and slashed towards the knight with its big claws, and the dark miasma raised could easily corrode flesh and blood.

The knight rolled over and ducked, seeing the opportunity to throw the lightsaber in his hand, stabbing the succubus in the forehead like a spear.

“Ha!” The succubus dodged sideways, “to throw the weapon in his hand in a desperate attempt? Stupid human, you have already lost!”

“No,” Arthur pointed at the witch and said in a cold tone: “You are already dead.”

The green blade of the lightsaber penetrates the monster’s belly, then cuts upwards, directly through the throat.

“No, it’s impossible!!” The monster turned his head to figure out what was going on. Behind her, was a werewolf boy holding Arthur’s lightsaber and giving the monster a fatal blow! No matter how good the recovery ability of the succubus is, it should be unable to move for a while after being pierced through the chest by a lightsaber.

“Then,” Arthur jumped onto the monster’s shoulder, the right palm glowing white with divine enchantment, “Come on, who sent you to ambush me?”

“You, you kid—“

“Speak!!” Arthur condensed [Holy] on his palm, used his palm as a weapon, and slapped the succubus on the shoulder. [Holy] was extremely powerful when facing the succubus, and the witch’s shoulders swelled and disintegrated, and fell to the ground in a short while.

The witch let out a scream!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah Let me go to **** together!”

“Oops! Get down!” Arthur jumped over and hugged Bedivere, rolled a few times, and tried to distance himself from the succubus. At this time, the succubus had swelled to an unbelievable level. , and then with a bang, it exploded!

The black flame expanded in an instant, engulfing the surrounding space. The ground was corroded into a huge pothole. Fragments of the monster’s body splattered like grenade shrapnel, each with deadly poison.

“I really can’t relax until the last moment.” Arthur got patted the dust on his body, “Little guy, aren’t you hurt?”

“I’m alright…” Bedivere still had lingering fears.

“I told you not to follow. Did you know you almost died?” Knight Arthur rebuked.

“No way! Arthur is the one who needs to be brave in such a dangerous situation just now!?” The werewolf boy retorted.

“It’s not dangerous, I can easily solve that kind of small role.”

“Stupid!” whispered Bedivere, “what should I do if you really die!”

“Well, what did you say?” the knight asked because he couldn’t hear it clearly.


“Anyway,” Arthur touched the head of the werewolf boy, “As far as your level is concerned, it’s a good cooperation. Huh? I suddenly feel sleepy——“

Knight Arthur lost consciousness.

“Arthur?!” Bedivere shook the knight, but he knew the knight would not wake up so easily.

A small shard stabbed into the knight’s back. The succubus’ poisonous fragments gained powerful kinetic energy through the explosion, and actually penetrated the knight’s photon armor and stabbed the knight.

The wound glowed with an evil and deadly dark green poisonous light, which seemed to tell the fate of the knight Arthur…

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