Light Spirit Epic Chapter 22: Trapped in the **** (table)



When Arthur drove the iron cavalry at a speed, it was already evening when he was about to return to the base of the Northern Sky Knights.

“What’s that?” asked Bedivere in the back seat.

The knight looked from a distance and saw thick smoke coming from the base: a Viking fleet consisting of at least sixty ships was violently bombarding the anti-aircraft defense guns of the Beitian Knights Base. Hard to beat. The bluish-white light bullets fired by the main guns of the base pierced the sky one after another, interweaving a gorgeous firepower network with the red-red light bullets on the Viking battleship.

“Vikings?” Arthur frowned in confusion, stepped on the pedals of the cavalry, and increased the speed of the cavalry by a gear, “It’s strange, it’s only been over a week since the last attack. .The Vikings had already defeated the Vikings last time, which greatly damaged their vitality. Why did they organize such a huge fleet right away?”

The werewolf boy is very curious about how the Knights of Beitian won the last time. This kind of fleet can make the Knights suffer a lot. Why did the battle a week ago not leave too many battles for the castle trace?

With a lot of doubts, Bedivere asked softly, “Well, they are rich?”

“Rich? (Arthur can’t help but laugh contemptuously) —— Hehe, the Vikings, like the Hungarians, are a bunch of poor people. If you’re so rich, you don’t need to be pirates everywhere. Looted. The biggest problem is that the Vikings’ hometown is in Iceland, and Iceland has almost no light stone* deposits. All machinery driven by photon mirrors, including warships, spaceships, airships, gunships, and Vikings cannot move on their own. Manufacturing, all depends on snatch.”

(*Note: Light Stone: A magnesium-tungsten alloy mixed with a fixed ratio. After being refined and electrified, it can absorb free photons in the environment and reflect it at a fixed angle. It is a light blade, light cannon, photon engine, etc. The foundation of all photon-related systems. Since the mixing ratio of alloys is accurate to 1/10,000, human beings cannot rely on their own technology to precisely control the mixing and smelting of magnesium-tungsten alloys, and all light stones can only be obtained by mining.)

“So, they have such a large fleet, the only possibility is that other forces are funding them?” Bedivere grabbed Arthur, ready to withstand the impact.

“Probably. (pounds!)——” Arthur’s iron cavalry landed (hit) on the deck of the ship amid the hail of bullets, “it seems to be left alive for good interrogation.” He quickly He jumped off the iron cavalry and swung his sword to deal with several Vikings who rushed up.

Just after discovering Arthur’s master and servant, the Viking fleet fell apart. A shower of light bullets came like a storm, and Arthur quickly pushed Bedivere to the ground, “You’re not wearing armor, it’s too dangerous here, find a place to hide, so as not to be killed by stray bullets!”

“Isn’t there anything I can do?” the werewolf boy shouted.

“One thing: Protect the cavalry and wait for me to come back!” Arthur shouted, he drew his lightsaber and rushed forward to fight the swarming Vikings.

After a few turns, the battleship’s Vikings were cleaned up. Under the attack of fierce fighting and bullet rain, the battleship sank slowly with thick smoke.

Arthur gasped and looked back at the Viking corpses scattered all over the place. He was careless and forgot to stay alive.

“Is your physical strength still not enough to deal with long-term battles?” The knight wiped the sweat on his forehead and said to himself, “It seems necessary to reduce some unnecessary movements.”

He couldn’t hide the unease in his heart, and always felt that the battle was very strange.

The knife didn’t feel like it was slicing the flesh when it fell, and the speed and angle of the blood splashing were not right. It’s like… slicing the carrion of the dead.

Suddenly, green smoke began to rise from the corpses on the deck.

The young knight quickly covered his nose: “…Poison fog? Damn, is it a trap?”

In the darkness, a sinister voice said: “Hahahaha, is it really a trick? How stupid is a knight?”

A figure of a woman came out of the poisonous fog. This woman was wearing a black velvet robe and a terrifying skull mask. The terrifying snake tail that can’t be hidden under the robe is curling into a ball, using the tail instead of the foot.

Arthur recognized the cursed creature instantly: “Damn the succubus (ubus)!”

These coquettish ancient epic creatures are said to have existed long before humans became wise and possess a high degree of intelligence.

They are able to manipulate corpses by injecting their own intrinsic photons into them. Therefore, the succubus is often called “Necromancer”, “Black Witch”, “Necromancer”, “Lake Banshee” and many other titles by humans, and has been hated for thousands of generations.

Regardless of the nature of the succubus, since human beings fear death, they naturally fear the succubus that can manipulate death. They may have the worst reputation among epic creatures.

The Black Witch looked at the knight with an evil sneer on her pale face: “Oh, you know that, knight! Since you know we exist, you should also know that resistance is pointless. —No one can conquer death! Surrender now, maybe I will show mercy and let you become my green knight. Then you will have power beyond death.”

“And then become your puppet, forever your lackey, right?” Arthur shrugged disdainfully, holding up his lightsaber: “Don’t think about it, witch!”

The green light from the blade shone on the Black Witch’s face, making the succubus’ smile even more terrifying: “ Such a cute child——It makes people want to think more and more. If you don’t want to, I’ll resurrect you after you die. When you’re hacked to death and then resurrected, don’t blame me for where you’re missing an arm or a bone!”

Countless necromancers poured out of the poisonous mist and surrounded the knight Arthur. These dead Viking corpses are driven by the magic of the succubus, like puppets, they will always dance, kill, and never finish.

The green poisonous smog on the periphery continued to spread. The dense part of the smoke was permeated with an evil purple-black, and the relatively less dense part was an eerie pale green. This kind of terrifying poisonous fog will not only take away human strength, but also make the surrounding vision extremely poor, making it impossible to distinguish the ambush of the necromancer. The poisonous fog surrounded Arthur and the group of undead warriors, constantly reducing Arthur’s activity space, making the battle situation more and more unfavorable over time!

“It seems that there is only a quick solution.” Arthur rushed forward with a single stride and chopped off the hands and feet of several undead warriors with a few swords, making them incapacitated.

“It’s useless!” Succubus laughed. Driven by some powerful magic, the undead who fell to the ground once again connected their limbs and climbed up as if nothing had happened. They are long dead, so they are absolutely undead.

It is also expected that their wounds can regenerate, and severed limbs can be quickly reattached.

“Are you cheating?” Arthur shouted in dissatisfaction.

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