Light Spirit Epic Chapter 21: The origin of fate (part 2)


Chapter 21: The Origin of Fate (Part 2)

The Mage Tower, or The Ivory Tower, as the commoners call it, is, needless to say, a holy place for magicians.

In the past, when the church burned magicians at will in the name of “heretics”, the magicians regarded this place as their last fortress, used countless illusions to hide it, and used space warping to turn the entire tower Move from place to place and use defensive circles to fortify the outer walls of the towers to almost indestructible.

In short, all the means that can be used to defend this [homeland] have been used, so that today, more than 2,000 years later, this white tower is still standing, and it is habitually changed every year. A landscape.

Oh, did I say it “stands up”? This statement is actually not correct. If “standing up” corresponds only to those buildings built by mortals on the ground, then we can’t use it to describe this tower.

Because, the entire tower, along with its foundation, has long been affected by a permanent floating magic and floated in the air one kilometer above the ground. It comes with a set of lush green sky gardens and semi-permanent floating stone stairs that are only open to welcome visitors. Unless he masters a very high-level teleportation spell, no one can penetrate the powerful protective barrier of the Mage Tower and forcefully enter the sanctuary of the Mage.

——Excerpted from “History of Magic: Volume 1”, Collection No. M-100187 of the Pantoracken Royal Library, by Shi Yuli — R. D. Aurel.

Ten minutes later, the cavalry landed in the sky courtyard of the Archmage’s Tower.

This is also the first time a knight has come to this place after Archmage Merlin left Arthur’s contact information. In order to pretend to be cool in front of the little servant, he deliberately remained calm and let Bedivere utter all the sighs for himself.

“Oh, are you here?” Archmage Merlin was already waiting for Arthur and the others in the courtyard. He was wearing a dark gray velvet robe, but the material of the simple robe was unexpectedly exquisite. The gray halo of the velvet reflected Merlin’s silver hair and white skin, making the mage look like a ghost.

Purified and crystallized light stones (magic crystals) spread throughout the courtyard, emitting an incredible excess light, which contrasts with the emerald-like light of the glowing plants. And these beauties are just a drop in the bucket of the beauty of the courtyard.

Bediveville was dizzy from motion sickness, and was even more dazed by the miraculous vision in front of him, and almost vomited again. But the werewolf boy tried his best to endure, he was reluctant to vomit in such a beautiful place, for fear that he would defile this holy place.

“Arthur, I think I can’t do it anymore.” The werewolf boy only felt his legs go soft and he was about to faint. It turns out that holding back and not spitting hurts the body even more.

“Oh, don’t panic!” Merlin appeared out of nowhere behind the orc boy, supported the boy with his body, and covered the boy’s ears with both hands.

A buzzing sound passed, and Bedivere’s dizziness suddenly disappeared, along with the nausea of ​​motion sickness.

Bediver’s blue eyes widened in disbelief: “What’s the…how? I feel better?”

“The orcs get motion sickness because of the multiple helical structure of the inner ear,” the wizard explained, tapping his fingers on the furry ears of the werewolf boy: “It was originally designed to improve hearing acuity, but because the structure is too complicated , so that the left and right sides cannot grow completely symmetrically.——It’s okay, a little adjustment is fine.”

The werewolf boy was shocked: “Wait a minute, you transformed my body with magic?!”

“Yes. What’s wrong?” Mage Merlin looked disapproving, “This is a beneficial and harmless transformation, isn’t it? Then change back?”

“Don’t forget that you will still have to ride a cavalry on the way back.” Arthur added coldly.

“Yes, but…” Bedivere felt uneasy that his body had been transformed so casually.

“I promise that there will be no sequelae.” The mage said, with confidence in his plain tone, “This is much easier than restoring your broken bones. At that time, I had to break your broken pieces piece by piece. The bones are back together. Although I couldn’t find the missing pair of ribs in the end, I had to use pork ribs to fill up the number——“

“Huh?!” Bedivere subconsciously touched his chest.

“Hahahahaha, this kid is so cute, I believe this joke!”

The werewolf boy Bedivere knew he was being tricked, and his face was red with shame.

“Merlin, the joke is a bit too much.” Arthur shook his head and turned to the werewolf boy: “Also, Bedivere, did you forget to say something? You can walk on your own feet now. , thanks to whom?”

“Thank you…” The werewolf boy whispered, still blushing.

“Well, good boy.” The mage played with the ears of the werewolf boy. “But, Arthur, you shouldn’t just come here to let the boy thank me, right? What are your plans?”

“There are a lot of people here. Let’s talk about it in your laboratory.” Arthur said.

“No, it’s already here.” As soon as Merlin finished speaking, the scenery around the three of them had changed, and the courtyard in the sky had turned into a dim, ancient room with books piled up in the blink of an eye.

“I see. Is it the wall of the world?” Merlin replied calmly, turning a scroll in his hand: “Indeed, I have also tried to go to the other side of the wall, but the opposite side of the wall There is a force that keeps pushing me back. That force is full of evil and filth, and I think you are right in saying that the walls of the world should not be opened.”

“I don’t think the ancients built such exaggerated walls for fun. They must have their reasons for doing this.” Arthur analyzed, “But, really there is no compromise? Yes So that the Hungarian life will no longer be disturbed by the shadow of the wall of the world, and there is no way to open the wall of the world?”

“There are many ways, but there is only one way to do it once and for all. Separate the European continent and drag it all the way to the outer seas of the west, so that the entire Underdark is free from the projection area of ​​the World Wall. In this way, the sunshine time of the Underdark can be roughly Extend it to ten hours,” Merlin said.

“Are you seriously thinking about it?” Arthur said coldly.

“Can’t you? Well, the large-scale changes in the earth’s crust will indeed cause many deaths, but they can be allowed to take refuge in advance. Well, the buildings on the land will inevitably be destroyed. Just build it again. .”

“Forget it, when I didn’t ask you.” The knight said, covering his head.

“Has he always been so crazy?” the werewolf boy whispered to his master.

“He does this occasionally, and once he’s off the line, he can’t hold back. I think magicians are probably such weirdos.” Arthur replied in a low voice.

“Ah, there is another way.” Merlin said wisely: “Just dig up the land in the Underdark and fill it into the sea, and then the orcs can move to the new reclaimed area.”

“Okay, I’ll go back and discuss with the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens.” Arthur said perfunctorily, “I should go too.”

“Then… well. I’m waiting for your news. My investigation has not progressed at all for a while, and I’m about to die of boredom.” Mage Merlin said, “and before leaving. Let me and this child have a few words alone.”

“Whatever you want.” Arthur walked out the door.

“What…what’s the matter…?” Facing this crazy mage alone, Bedivere couldn’t help being a little scared.

“That, isn’t it uncomfortable?” The mage pointed to the werewolf boy’s chest: “Want me to help you take it out?”

The werewolf boy was stunned for a moment, then shook his head and refused: “No, no need, thank you.”

“Is that a spell pattern made of complex magical power? Even an orc, if you keep engraving that kind of thing in your heart, it will cause a huge burden on your body? And you are not yet an adult, the spell pattern will affect the body. The burden will get bigger and bigger as you grow. I think it hurts to even breathe now, right? It’s better to take it off.”

“No, no need.” Bedivere insisted, the werewolf boy’s big sky blue eyes vaguely revealed the determination and awareness beyond his own age:

“If this is the fate I should bear, let me continue to bear it.”

“Since that’s the case, I won’t ask about the ins and outs of the matter.” Master Merlin gave the boy a necklace. The white stone pendant seemed to have some kind of magic attached to it. , at least lighten the burden on the body.”

Bedivere took the necklace and bowed gratefully: “Thank you again, Your Excellency.”

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