Light Spirit Epic Chapter 20: The origin of fate (middle)


Chapter 20: Destiny (Part 2)

Five minutes later. Knight Arthur’s new dormitory.

“This is your room?” The werewolf boy Bedivere asked in surprise, “Why… there is no trace of [human] life at all?”

What a big, but what an empty room.

Surrounded by steel walls, this room of about two hundred square feet has nothing but the most basic furniture, two beds side by side, two tables and chairs.

Compared to the small, tidy (well, a little messy) room of the Werewolf Boy, full of books and toys, the Knight’s room is simply big and empty.

I really don’t understand how the owner of the room lived in this environment.

A person with a blank mind must have a blank life?

“What do you mean?” Arthur pulled out a cotton uniform from the suitcase and threw it to the werewolf boy, with a vague expression of disgust: “Change the bandage yourself and go take a shower. You The whole body smells like a beast, and it stinks to death.”

The werewolf boy walked into the bathroom helplessly. But in less than ten seconds, he rushed out in a panic again: “You, you, you, you! What have you done to my body?!”

“What [did what]? Where are you missing?” Arthur stopped his pen and asked inexplicably while he was still writing the report.

“Less?” (Bedivere looks down subconsciously) “No, I—how did I become… er… human?”

“Human? No.” Arthur said disapprovingly, “The collar on your neck, there is a button on the right side, press it to see?”

Bedivere dubiously complied. He fumbled for the little red button on his silver metal collar and pressed it.

The silver hair on his arms [grew] out again, just like the self he was familiar with, he was still the original werewolf boy.

“Photon stereo projection technology. You can see through this camouflage when you look closely at close range, but when you look at it from a distance, you won’t be much different from ordinary humans.” Arthur explained, “However, this thing only works. For living organisms, clothes still have to be worn.”

The werewolf boy immediately blushed and hid in the bathroom.

“Oh, and also,” the young knight said while sitting at the desk while writing the report, “don’t even think about leaving the base of the Northern Sky Knights, and don’t want to take off that collar without my company. Otherwise, it will kill you.”

“I know, I know…” Bedivere replied, even though he had come to his senses, his heart still tingled, “I know what I am. This level of precautions Of course.”

“Also,” the knight Arthur added, “you are my follower from today. The work to be done includes sorting out the equipment and repairing the iron cavalry. However, these things you have never touched and do not know. How to start? I’ll teach you little by little.”

“Iron Cavalry…is that the anti-gravity airship?” Bedivere asked with interest.

He had seen the high knights of France fly handsomely on something like that, the roar of the engine like a deep and majestic beast. Completely fascinated the werewolf boy. It is a pity that the iron cavalry is very expensive, and ordinary people can’t afford it with their entire life savings. Only a military organization like the Knights can ration it.

Arthur saw the werewolf boy secretly drooling, and immediately saw through Bedivere’s mind. The silver knight remained calm, thinking about how to trick the little servant: “The iron knight is just equipped with a photon explosion engine, and it flies faster than a civilian anti-gravity airship — no big deal. Would you like to take a look?”

“Okay.” The werewolf boy replied with interest.

“Wow ah ah ah ah!!!” Ten minutes later, with the shrill screams of the werewolf boy, a silver light pierced the sky.

“Stop! Stop!!!”

“What did you say?! I can’t hear—-” Arthur was selectively deaf.

“Stop! Stop! I’m going to vomit!” Bedivere yelled at the highest decibel.

A minute later, at the edge of a forest.

“Ouch—-” The werewolf boy Bedivere held onto the tree trunk, vomited and vomited, almost collapsed, but his head was still dizzy.

“It’s really useless. You vomited at such a speed. What should you do in the future?”

“A speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour is considered [only this speed]?!”

Arthur patted the body of the iron as if complimenting an old friend: “This iron monster can reach the speed of sound at the top speed. However, there is no driver who can handle that speed. No matter how the body is trained, the internal organs cannot be strengthened through exercise. Those who want to reach the highest speed will suffer damage to the internal organs due to the [photon buffering effect]* and bleed to death.”

(*Note: In this world, objects and the environment are full of photons, and the organism is no exception. When moving at high speed, the photons in the environment will have an effect similar to resistance to the photons in the object, causing the object It cannot be effectively accelerated——this is the [Photonic Buffering effect] (Photonic Buffering). If the acceleration object is a living creature, the internal organs will be subjected to additional burdens, and in severe cases, internal bleeding will result in death.)

“Understood, I look like I’m about to die now, thank you.” Bedivere vomited again.

“After spitting up, wash your face quickly. You’re dirty.” Arthur turned his face away and threw a water bag to the werewolf boy.

“Arrived?” The werewolf boy Bedivere drenched his head with water, and the water slipped from the hair on his head to the tip of his nose, bringing a hint of coolness that made him feel a little more comfortable.

He took a breath: “Where?”

The knight shrugged and replied, “The Tower of the Archmage.”

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