Light Spirit Epic Chapter 28: Departure to Bingyang (li)


Chapter 28 Departure to Bingyang (mi)

At five o’clock in the afternoon, on the ice ocean north of Pantraken.

In the late autumn of the subarctic zone, it gets dark very early. It was still evening, and the sky was already dark.

Using the cover of darkness, a scout ship sails quietly in the thick fog. This is not a thick fog formed naturally, but a phantom fog created by the reconnaissance ship using magic. In this way, the ship can avoid the eyes and ears of the Vikings and arrive at its destination safely.

In the cabin, a group of knights were discussing in the temporary combat conference room. The cabins have excellent soundproofing, and the knights can discuss strategic deployments with impunity.

“This is the underwater temple a month ago.” Tactical staff officer Jack spread out several photos on the table, “Then, this was taken by the patrol boat yesterday.”

The photo is enlarged to the size of a slap, and the print quality is not high. Arthur can only vaguely see the outline of the underwater temple:

The ancient stone buildings sleeping on the bottom of the sea have long been eroded by a large number of sea creatures and turned into reef-like existences, and the exquisite carvings on them are difficult to identify. The overall shape of the building is square, only the columns are cylindrical, and there are few minaret-shaped roofs of modern buildings. These ancient buildings are said to be reinforced with photons mixed in the stone, making the building materials as hard as the enchantment of physical weapons, so that the core parts of the buildings can still stand under the continuous washing of ocean currents for thousands of years.

Compared to the old photos, the underwater temple in the new photo seems to have been severely damaged, and there is some kind of dark shadow around it. This is obviously not a shooting error, but the result of some human factor.

Kay smiled hilariously and asked jokingly, “What the **** is that? Octopus ink?”

“How is that possible, idiot.” Arthur sneered with disdain.

The shaking of the boat made him feel agitated, and the fishy smell brought by the sea breeze made him even more annoyed. He couldn’t help but want to relieve the pressure by sarcasm: “Do you really think there are sea monsters hiding at the bottom of the sea?” /

“No, sea monsters exist.” The black armored knight Zach crossed his arms and leaned back on the bench, as relaxed as he was on vacation.


“Don’t you know that the main duty of the Knights of the West is to deal with the sea monsters in the West Sea? They are also big enough.” Captain Zack continued, “Some scholars once hypothesized that the concentration of photons in the depths of the sea is higher than that on the ground. Hundreds of times higher, where the organisms affected by the high concentration of photon currents will become gigantic——“

“Epic photonic creatures!” Bedivere exclaimed.

“No, it’s not so beneficial. The appearance of the epic level has to meet very strict conditions. However, strictly speaking, those sirens are indeed [photon-adapted creatures].” The captain said, “second only to the existence of the epic level. .”

In this world, human beings are only the lowest level [non-photon-adapted creatures]. They will be punished by petrification for using magic, and they have to worry about their own safety when using magic.

Slightly higher [photon-adapted creatures], such as orcs, can adapt to photons and use magic without being punished by petrification*.

(*Note: However, the orcs can’t use other magic except for the magic of transforming the form. The types of magic they use are strictly limited by their own genes.)

The most advanced [Epic Photon Creature] can even accumulate inherent photons in the body. By consuming the inherent photons, they can even unleash extremely powerful magic in an instant, which is the huge power gap between humans and these [epic-level].

Arthur recovered from his meditation and said indifferently: “That’s not what we should be concerned about now.——So, the task this time is to fight off the sea monsters?”

“No, it’s more tricky, we’re going to covertly investigate the underwater temple. We suspect the Vikings are secretly training sea monsters as weapons, and if that’s the case, it’ll be a huge threat to the Pantoracken.”

“Vikings? Ha, those idiots still know how to train sea monsters? They can’t even chase livestock!” Kai said contemptuously.

The Vikings knew how to fight except fighting, they were pure mindless fighting machines. Kay said this, I believe no one would object.

“Tsk tsk, you’re thinking too much.” Jack turned the pen and said disapprovingly: “——The Vikings certainly wouldn’t, but their allies would. You forgot the real king of Iceland. —Oh no, [Queen]—who is it?”

“Mermaid?” Arthur frowned slightly. He finally knew the source of his uneasy feeling.

The only thing that came to his mind was the image of a beautiful creature with a woman on the upper body and a fish tail on the lower body that he saw in the drawing book when he was a child.

In the icy ocean, thick fog entangles small islands. The mermaid in the painting is singing gracefully on the reef, but behind it is the sinking ship. No one knows how the ship sank, but most agree that the merfolk were to blame for the sinking of the ship.

I find this creature beautiful and terrifying, both seductive and deadly. Arthur wouldn’t want to deal with these beautiful mermaids if he could.

Jack’s words interrupted Arthur’s thoughts: “That’s right, mermaids. Lovely ladies, photon-adapted creatures who are proficient in hypnotism. Their hypnotism might be able to control those beasts.”

Is it hypnotism? Indeed, using hypnotism to fascinate sailors and sinking ships is the usual trick of the legendary mermaids. Arthur had very little understanding of hypnotism, and it was difficult to make a judgment without confronting this kind of special magic.

However, if the merfolk can control the Kraken and form an army of Kraken this will be a huge threat. The Krakens are huge in size, and most of them have various powerful magic talents. It is not easy to fight these big monsters.

The war between humans and orcs is on the verge of breaking out, and now there are mermaids coming to participate in the last one. This autumn in Pantoracken is indeed an eventful one.

Kay’s thoughts changed. Unlike Arthur, the red-haired knight always had optimistic expectations: “Great, I wanted to meet a living merman a long time ago.”

“Muscular idiots like you, be careful to be hypnotized by mermaids!” Arthur said sarcastically, his mouth was cruel and merciless. “They specialize in hypnotizing stupid men with weak willpower who are seduced by beauty, and then drag them into the sea of ​​ice. Drowning——“

The werewolf boy flinched.

“That’s not bad!” Kai showed a wretched smile, “Dead with a peony flower, it is also romantic to be a ghost, do you understand?”

The tactical staff officer Jack went on as a mischievous sentence: “They also cut off a part of the trophy and frozen the remaining men’s bodies in the eternal glacier to ridicule the stupidity of the men. It is said that the frozen men actually still Sentient, they will feel pain in some part forever!”

“This…” Kai’s face turned pale, and his lower body was inexplicably sore: “It’s not funny at all.”

As if to dispel their unease, the knights on the ship laughed out loud at this not funny joke.

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