Light Spirit Epic Chapter 186: Bewilderment is far away


Chapter 186: Dazed in the distance (Part 1)

When Arthur heard the words of Duke Hall, he was startled.

“What? Impossible! Orcs just want pieces of him. This kind of thing just needs to dig out the heart and freeze it. There is no reason for them to keep Bedivere’s life and give him a chance. Run away.” Arthur said.

“There’s only one shard on his body, Arthur,” Hall analyzed. “We have the other six pieces of the key to the Wall. If the orcs are smart enough, they’ll make good use of that kid. life, maximize the benefits. That is to say——“

“They saved Bedivere’s life in exchange for the other six shards,” Arthur continued with wide-eyed eyes.

Bedivere is still alive! There is still a chance to save him!

All of this, maybe it’s not too late!

“…Humph!” Arthur kicked the Rabbit Man flying, and Ryder slammed into the stone wall of the prison, “Dead Rabbit, you’re lucky. If it wasn’t for the Grand Duke Hall’s gang You beg, I’ve already chopped you up. — Count Cador, I’ll leave this guy to you to take good care of, don’t let him escape until we get to the bottom of the matter.”

“Yes, Lord Arthur.” The Gaia knight Cador replied.

“Yes, yes?!” Tristan’s eyes glowed with hope as he looked at Arthur. But he immediately lowered his head again, “I don’t have the right to be so happy. If it wasn’t for me being against you, everyone wouldn’t be ambushed and Bedivere wouldn’t be caught.”

“It’s not your fault,” Arthur said. “I didn’t stand up for it. I foolishly asked Brady to flip a coin to decide his own destiny. It’s all my fault.”

“…When Brady comes back, let’s apologise to him.” Tristan said, “For now, I’ll try my best to find a way to save Brady and come back.”

“Hmm.” Arthur looked at Tristan and said seriously, “You know what? It’s really his luck that Bedivere has a friend like you. Please continue to be Beddie’s friend in the future. Keep guarding him, okay?”

“Of course.” Tristan wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes.

Late at night.

Bedivere quietly got up from the bed, glanced at Coves, who seemed to be asleep, and walked out.

“No.” Corvez’s voice made Brady shudder suddenly, “You can’t escape. It only takes me ten seconds to run a kilometer. If you can escape several kilometers in an instant, try it. If you can’t do it, just stay in bed with me. If you don’t, I’ll tie you up.”

“I just want to go to the toilet!” Bedivere angrily said, “Unless you’re going to make me pee on your bed!”

The next morning.

A knight knocked on the door and woke Arthur: “The Duke of Hall has invited your Excellency to breakfast.”

“Huh?” Arthur rubbed his sleepy eyes, “Okay…I’ll be right there.”

It’s still four in the morning. What are you doing so early! ? Is Hall crazy? !

“Huh…” Tristan seemed to be invited too, but he didn’t wake up at all. He was still dozing off while feeding bread into his nose.

“Sorry, it’s so early in the morning.” Hall looked like he was in a hurry. He quickly ate the bacon and bread while delivering the food to his stomach with orange juice. “Hurry up, too. , we’re going to hunt soon.”


It’s five in the morning.

Arthur follows Hall suspiciously out, walking quietly through the jungle under the cover of the early morning fog.

“That’s right, Arthur.” Hall lowered his voice and said, “I saw your duel earlier, and it looks like you’ve used your mind’s eye skills to perfection, but there’s a huge loophole in the way you fight.”


“You are too reliant on the mind-eye technique. Just relying on the enemy’s hostility to perceive the enemy’s attack, if you do it well, you can successfully predict all attacks and make effective evasion. But it is a passive tactic after all. If the enemy’s speed is faster than your body’s reaction speed, or if the enemy is also using the mind-eye technique, your fighting method is very disadvantageous.”

“I know that,” Arthur agreed, but he couldn’t help but mutter, I wouldn’t want to do it if I could. But the thin body can’t keep up, so it can only win by skill. This may be the only way to fight.

“Speaking of which, there are many animals in nature that use mind-eye surgery.” Hall pointed to the swallows circling in the air to prey on flying insects, “These swallows are masters of mind-eye surgery, and they can sense their surroundings. The photons waved by the hostility of predators in space, and subtly change the flight path to avoid the enemy’s attack. If you don’t believe it, try shooting them.”

“Really? If you shoot them——“

“Don’t worry, you won’t hit.” Hall said.

Arthur raised his crossbow suspiciously and fired several arrows. He deliberately aimed every arrow at the swallow’s flight path, and there was no reason why he could not hit it.

But the Swallow really seemed to know Arthur’s attack in advance, and flew flying, deftly avoiding the attack of the light arrow.

“It’s my turn.” Grand Duke Hall raised his light gun, only fired one shot, and the light bullet hit the swallow. No, it’s the other way around. The situation looked more like a swallow slammed into a light projectile. It has no way of detecting Hall’s hostility, so it can’t avoid Hall’s attacks.

Arthur looked at the stunned Swallow and asked in surprise: “How did you do it? To predict the Swallow’s trajectory, and suppress hostility to attack that place? This is really Is it possible?”

“No, that would have been impossible.” Hall said with a smile, “As long as people have the intention to do something, there will definitely be a ripple in the world of photons. It will have an impact on the world to a certain extent. What I can do is to get rid of all the distracting thoughts in my heart and act only by instinct. That is combat skills ——-[Wuxin] (Heartless ).”

“Intentional?” Arthur gasped. Hall simply throws the thoughts out of his mind, and his attacks become unpredictable. Unpredictable attacks, for Arthur, are like a bottomless dark world, and there is no way to know what terrifying killings are lurking in this darkness.

“Why tell me this? If you suddenly use this combat skill in a duel, I will die.” Arthur said, “You told me this to even out the gap between our strengths? ?”

“It’s to make you better face the battle you’re about to face, but it doesn’t have to be the duel between us.” The Duke of Hall said mysteriously.


“Anyway, that’s all I have to tell you, I have other things to do — oh, just about it, it’s here!” Hall lowered his body and hid in the grass .

Not far away, in the thick fog, there is the figure of a big grizzly bear.

“That guy has been attacking passersby recently. He is the most heinous murderous grizzly bear.” Hall drew out his kendo, “Probably addicted to cannibalism, so this guy is helpless. I’m here to hunt him today. .”

Arthur does not speak. A dignified heavenly knight, but he has such a leisurely interest to hunt grizzly bears, what kind of medicine is Hall selling in the gourd?

“You flank from both sides, but don’t shoot. I’m going to cut off his head nicely,” Hall said.

Arthur and Tristan reluctantly followed the directions and went to both sides. Then they rushed out together and surrounded the grizzly bear. The distracted grizzly bear didn’t react, and its head fell to the ground.

Indeed, as Hall said, the incision is as smooth as a mirror, and the attack is crisp. This incision…how does it look so familiar?

“His Royal Highness Prince of Iceland, can I ask you to freeze the bear’s body?” Hall said.

“Huh? Oh…” Tristan, still half asleep, answered vaguely while casting an ice magic, freezing the bear’s body firmly in the ice. .

“Very well, our mission has been completed, let’s go back.” Hall said while carrying the huge ice cube.

Arthur looked at Hall, “Grand Duke, you came out to hunt early in the morning, shouldn’t it be to explain to me your combat skills and bear hunting? It’s as simple as that? What are you trying to do?”

“No it’s that simple,” Hall denies.

“The way you cut off the bear’s head is exactly the same as my swordsmanship. Why did you cut off a bear’s head by imitating my swordsmanship? Is it for fun?”

“Hmph, Arthur, you are really a keen man.” Hall laughed, “Well, since you want to ask the question to the end, just follow and confirm with your own eyes. But you need to buy it first. Things, take a little detour.”

It is ten o’clock in the morning.

When Hall said “a little detour”, it turned out to be a “shopping spree” in town. Arthur followed behind Hall depressedly, carrying countless shopping bags, large and small.

It was the contents of the shopping bag that puzzled Arthur the most. A dignified heavenly knight went shopping in the town. What he bought was not swords and armor, but a lot of children’s toys, children’s clothing, and books. Clothes are also divided for boys and girls.

This amazing amount, it seems that Hall’s family either has a dozen or twenty children, or he is a person who loves children very much. Looking at this middle-aged man, Arthur couldn’t help but have more doubts.

“I’m sorry, but I need your help with something, heavy? We’ll be there soon,” Hall said.

It’s really coming soon. Hall stopped in front of a church-like building. As Hall freed one hand to ring the doorbell, Arthur realized it was an orphanage.

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